(Closed) I'm addicted to fast food. Advice appreciated

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That sort of food full of salt and sugar is addictive. It makes you crave more of it. You need to break the cycle and after a week or so the cravings will stop. You just have to get through that initial period. Plan your weekly meal plan ahead of time and have all snacks pre bought so there is no need to purchase anything for lunch while you are at work etc And that way you will lessen the temptation to go to a fast food place for lunch. Once your body has had healthy, nutritious food for a while you will honestly gag at the thought of eating KFC or maccas. I was never addicted to fast food but after eating very well for a while I have no desire for that sort of food and I find the taste of salt really unappealing in takeaway. Eating it makes me feel sick and bloated now, so I don’t ever feel like ordering it. You crave the healthy stuff instead 🙂

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This is drastic, but can you afford to go to a health spa for a week or so to detox?

The first bit is the hardest, seriously. I have been losing weight for 6 months, and have one a week I allow myself to have fast food (which happens to be today). Darling Husband and I got chicken burgers and I feel so sick and unwell, I have had to take off my pants and lie down because I am so bloated. This feeling will keep my away from the drive thru window for quite some time! 


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the first thing i would do – is accept that you need to go slowly and in steps. 

– if that’s all you want to eat right now, start there. you love burgers and fries? great – make homemade burgers, and buy oven fries. for a milkshake – make a smoothie of banana, cocoa, and milk = chocolate shake. 

that switch to making the meal will have waaay fewer calories and salt, will cost you less etc and has you eating at home, while still eating your favourite things. 

once you’ve been doing that for a bit – still eat a burger, but with a salad. or have the burger and fries, but with water. then make the ‘burger’ salmon, falafel, portobello mushroom etc. and make the ‘fries’ sweet potato. try making a change of one element of the meal – then two etc. 

soon you’ll remember how great other things are, and you’ll still be able to enjoy your favourites healthily once a week or something.


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@PinkMermaid:  First of all, it’s great that you are starting to notice this habit after you gained 10 pounds, and not 60 pounds, which is what happened to me.

I lost my weight/learned my good eating habits by doing Weight Watchers. I really think that healthy eating as an adult is a learning process. We all know that fast food is not the best choice, but it’s hard to teach ourselves to get into the habit of healthy eating on our own. It really is a habit… like a PP said, the bad stuff is addictive, but when you get into the HABIT of eating the good stuff, that can stick just as much as the “bad” stuff sticks. 

I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but Weight Watchers is great, even if you don’t want to lose weight really, because of the support group aspect. Getting support and motivation in a meeting is so great!

Anyway, the food journal thing is great… but what I would suggest would be give yourself a small, attainable goal with regard to fast food each week. When you’re addicted to something, it’s not really effective to just say “I’M GOING TO EAT HEALTHY THIS WEEK,” because that’s a HUGE step, and isn’t really quantifiable. You could set yourself small goals like: “I’ll eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal” or “I’ll order salads with my burger 3 times this week” or “I’ll have a shake only on Tuesday and Thursday.”

Goals like that are easy to monitor, and if you succeed, you’ll feel motivated to make more changes! 

But the biggest thing is, be kind to yourself! If you slip up, just try again the next day, don’t beat yourself up. Beating yourself up is what will likely throw you into a binge!

Good luck!!!

(BTW I lost 63 pounds on WW and have been keeping it off for a year and a half)

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Do you cook? if so, Pp’s have given you great ideas. You can Recreate your favorite fast foods at home But healthier. I think you’re craving garbage foods because you aren’t getting enough nutrients in your diet.  I would take a multiple vitamin, drink plenty of water, and eat foods high in protein and fiber They will help you feel satiated. 

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You need to find some self-control. You want fast food? Tell yourself no. Don’t go to those places. It really is that simple. I used to eat only fast food for years, and it is really hard to stop, but seriously, once you start eating real food, fast food will make you super sick if you try to eat it.

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I would say don’t go cold turkey. It makes some people spazz out and eat, smoke, drink double what they were trying to quite. instead say have a cheat meal, something to look forward to during the week. Dont make it a reaward for eating well, that is a bad habit to get into. Just have one meal per week where you have whatever you fancy like a buger and fries, pizza etc. It will help to know that it’s not gone for good, just for a little while. 

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@PinkMermaid:  I used to be just like you. I even lived a block from jack and the box and would go there at least once a day, I also love McDonald’s!!!!! The way I was able to stop was to stop bringing money with me places. I had a credit card that I would have FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY. So I would just not have money to buy the fast food and I wouldn’t. I also brought food/snacks EVERYWHERE I went and that helped a lot.

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@vorpalette: once you start eating real food, fast food will make you super sick if you try to eat it.

This is EXTREMELY true! I still have fast food a bit more than I would like but still a WHOLE lot less than I used to. I don’t get burgers at mcdonalds or chicken sandwiches at BK anymore because they literally make me sick. My stomach hurts for hours after eating it & the worst part is I’m not even full from it!
If I get fast food now I stick to like, an arby’s ham sandwich or wendy’s chicken ceaser wrap or if I go for breakfast I will get a BK crissonwich (however they spell that) even though those have a lot of butter that I can taste so I know it’s not good for me (that’s probably my worst fast food craving lol!)
I try to avoid putting myself in the situation to NEED fast food. I pack my lunches for work, eat breakfast at home, and pack snacks to bring with me (Chewy bars are my current fav!)…when I get fast food it’s because I’m hungry and in a hurry. Another big reason I started avoiding fast food is realizing how much freaking MONEY I was wasting! Eating at home is soooo much cheaper!


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Try looking at it from a financial point.  Eating fast food, you’re probably spending a minimum of $5 a day.  That means you’re spenind $35 a week.  In 30 days, you’re spending $150.   If you spent that $5 every day for a year you’d be spending $1825.

$1825 is practically a vacation!  That’s a lot of money to be wasting on fast food.  And if you spend more than $5 a day, just think it could be $2000 – 2500 you’re spending on fast food!  You have the right to spend that kind of money on fast food, but a vacation or something for your home sounds a lot better!

Maybe you ought to pick a vacation destination or something you’d like for your home that’s around $2k and put a photo of it on the visor of your car, your keychain or beside your money.  Make youreself stop and think about what you’re giving up when you indulge.

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the PPs have some great advice about cooking this type of food at home for much lower calories.

Here’s another thought–fast food makes you stink.  Like BO stink.  The same way that someone who is hungover stinks or someone who smokes.  If you think you don’t smell, you’re wrong. I’m not trying to insult you, just giving you another perspective.

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@PinkMermaid:  Leave your money and debit/credit cards at home. Make and eat breakfast at home. Pack a healthy lunch and snacks that are ready to eat so it’s easier to eat what you brought than to go out for FF. Plan out dinners and have them ready to cook when you get home. Detoxifying for a week should help with the cravings too.

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@peonyinlove:  Love this advice, especially since you recognized that the changes need to be SLOW.

OP, if you cut it out completely, cold turkey, chances are you’re going to binge on it at some point, and be back to square one. Don’t rush this! You obviously understand that you need to cut this stuff out of your diet, but it doesn’t have to happen overnight.

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