(Closed) I'm afraid having a roommate was a horrible mistake….

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IMO it’s always a bad idea for a couple to have a roommate, but I think the best solution chores-wise is to make a chore schedule. Then, everyone has the things they’re supposed to do and has to take responsibility when they don’t do their job.

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I feel for you! My hubs and I got a roomate (with a 10-month old!) after we’d been married 6 months. It was only supposed to be for 3 months and its turned into 8+. Bah! Like you, she is a really good friend of ours which I think makes it harder sometimes. It sounds like you guys have talked already which is great. Communication is huge. I’ve found that being direct, honest and kind when discussing expectations goes a long way. Hope things go more peacefully from here on out!

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I know how you feel as I’m going thru it now. My husband is in the military and lucky me that means i have to move. We’ll at first i wanted our friend to live with us since he has a baby on the way amd we can both save up money. Then i decided against it because my parents & my husband’s told us both it was a bad idea. My husband decides he wanta our friend as a room mate and basically gives me no choice. Either i could wait and move in when he moves out or i could put up with it. Great choices i know -.- so wanting to be with my husband i said yes and drove 18 hours by myself to come live with him.

The rule was our room mate was suppose to pay half of all bills that involve the apartment (rent, electric & internet) he is not allowed to use any of our things without asking. Well here i am today 3 month’s later. Telling you that


He doesnt clean up after himself. He invites his friends over doesnt clean up his dishes AT ALL. He has cleaned dishes 2 in the 3 month’s we’ve been here. He DEMANDS i cook for him as if he is my husband or child. He doesnt pay half of anything. He only gives 200. Our rent is 750. He leaves lights on allllll the time. Raising our electric bill. He pisses all over the toilet and doesnt even wipe it off. He has never cleaned anything in this apartment. 


It causes alot of issues in my marriage actually. Im at the point where im just done. With everything. He has definitely over stayed his welcome considering he was only suppose to be here til the 1st of October.


I want him out now. And my husband doesn’t seem to get why im mad, upset and frustrated all the time. 

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my husband and i share a house with 2 single men, but the two single guys live in the upstairs of the house and have their own bedrooms/bathrooms/living room/entrance…and my husband and i live in the downstairs with our own entry, bedroom, bathroom, and living room. the only room we share is the kitchen, and its working out quite well!

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I’ve dealt with difficult roommates quite a few times, twice with Fiance.

1)March-June 2011

I moved in with my friends that had a young daughter. They jacked the rent up at the last minute. Okay..whatever. Then, I didn’t have housekeys for weeks. I also wasn’t allowed to have guests. Even if just my then-bf came, he had to wait for me outside. Needless to say, I wasn’t there a lot. 

2)May-December 2012

This is when I first started dating Fiance and moved in with him and this guy Mike that we’re both friends with. Mike has a history of drug addiction (they met at a clinic) and would often leave pots boiling, leave syring tips around, and other unncessary shit while fucked up. He even neglected his diabetes and went to the hospital like six times when I lived there. Once for an OD.  He was also combatative in this state. While we never proved either because other people were over, money and other valuables went missing over time. Mike was known to sell his things in a local Red Light district when he was on binges. We still hang out with him sometimes, but, he truly is day and night depending on how his life’s going. He can be an awesome guy believe it or not

3) January-June 2014

This started out great and I was good friends with the family we moved in with since last Summer. I never heard anybody complain and gossip more than these people once I actually lived with them. I also had clothes and other belongings mysteriously disappear including money and other personal belongings, household items, and phone chargers. I often found myself being patricized for pointing things out and speaking up. <br /><br />For example, I had my purse on the kitchen windowsill like I always did and $4 went missing when a guest of one of my housemates was over. I spoke up as I needed that money for food and basically got told I was starting trouble.   Some house rules also didn’t seem to apply for everybody. We finally had a blowout, some of which turned physical, and just left a day later. We weren’t on the lease or anything. FI’s car was broken down nearby still as he didn’t have the money to fix it and later went away for like 3 weeks for mental health issues and an opiate relapse. The insurance lapsed and we still needed a tow truck to get it to a repair shop. It just wasn’t in our budget at the time.  One of them wrote “Wash me, I’m a douchebag.” on the windshield and smashed his mirrors when we went to go clean it up when he just decided to sell it. There was no cameras in that spot so we couldn’t do anything.


[Edit] For the on this year, I almost forgot nobody in the household would sign my papers for me to get foodstamps and health insurance because it would supposedly effect them to prove my address. They can’t claim me on their taxes and I paid for my own expenses. They were just being spiteful. 

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