(Closed) I'm dieting, losing weight, and…experiencing really ugly side effects. WTF?

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Sugar bee
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1. Do you think you’re drinking enough water? I would try to double your water intake and see if that helps. You’re probably still adjusting to the change in diet and I wouldn’t worry about it too much at this point, but I do think more water would help.

2. Maybe try a zinc supplement? But *never* take it on an empty stomach or you will feel awful. Only after a reasonable sized meal.

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Well done on losing 6lbs so far…i am on a very similar ‘diet’ now having done it several times before with great results!

Whenever I start any kind of healthy eating plan, i always find that my skin breaks out for the first few weeks which i’ve been told is just all the unhealthy toxins being released. About a month in, i then start noticing massive improvements to my skin, hair, nails etc and I have more energy, even though i’m having next to no carbs.

I also always make sure i’m drinking a MINIMUM of 2 litres of water every day which tends to keep me ‘regular’

Keep going and good luck 

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ChicoryCreek:  I definitely noticed when my fruit intake goes up, my body takes longer to digest it ( which makes sense, it meant to help you sustain and be fuller for longer). Wheras beforehand I was eating a lot more processed and junk type food that I would intake and then immediately feel “empty” several hours later. Having a high fiber diet doesn’t happen overnight really, there is an adjustment period. Make sure you’re drinking a lot of water, A LOT and I mean A LOT!!!  😉


I don’t know how scientific this is, but there is a correlation between your mental state and your physical state.  Your body was used to working on one timer, and now you have set it to another. Give it a little more time to adjust to the new nutrients and activity level. 

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The cheat meal and cheat days are not going to help you feel very good. The binging is going to swing your blood sugar all over and make you bloated and possibly constipated depending on fat content. 

Also, instead of cutting out carbs (which isn’t necessarily healthy or sustainable), you should eat moderate amounts of whole grains. This will help with constipation, as will fruits, veggies and water. Definitely skip the white bread, most cereal, chips, etc. The 

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ChicoryCreek:  The constipation is a side effect of cutting out carbs.

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Ooo if you crave pasta, try making zucchini noodles – if you get a spiral slicer/julienne peeler, you can make spaghetti like “noodles”…they’re SO good. also, spaghetti squash is a great substitute. I find that both satisfy the craving, and taste very similar to real pasta.

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Congrats on the health regime and weight loss! I’m not an expert, but have heard many times that when you detox your system (cutting out junk) that all you body’s toxins get pushed out (IE. toxins are coming out and causing break outs).  Anytime you change eating habbits significantly, you body needs time to readjust.  I SWEAR BY green tea – try having a cup OR a supplement and it will help movements:)  I agree water will help too.

Good luck!


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Buzzing bee

ChicoryCreek:  I eat at least a cup of spinach per day (usually in a smoothie) and I’ve noticed that keeps me regular, like I usually go #2 twice a day (sorry TMI!)- compared to when I didn’t eat as much spinach. Leafy greens have LOTS of fiber. I also don’t eat processed or complex carbs.

No fat/Low fat dairy products and other products that aren’t naturally low fat, but claim to be low fat, are TERRIBLE for you. They’re laced with chemicals to replace the taste that is lost by removing the fat. Read this (there are TONS more articles about why no/low fat products absolutely destroy your body). I eat full fat yogurt (when it’s availble), I put half and half in my coffee (and I don’t skimp on it!), I drink whole milk (sparingly- I just don’t drink a lot of milk in general), and use full-fat cheeses. I’ve lost 10 lbs by cutting out complex carbs but still enjoying full fat dairy products. 

Your cheat day is probably what is making you break out.

ETA- the only “grain” I eat is corn, and I eat that sparingly (unless it’s like corn on the cob or something). I hardly ever eat rice (if I do, it’s wild rice), I’ll have oats on occasion, and try to avoid wheat at all costs. I just notice that I get soooo bloated and feel crappy when I eat grains. 

Maybe try adding some vitamins to the mix? You could start taking a fiber supplement to combat the constipation.

Keep up the good work!

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Helper bee

Your body is missing the fibre from grains – even though you are getting some from fruit and vege.  I suggest you take a fibre supplement such as Metamucil or Benefibre (or whatever is common where you live).  These are only fibre – no carbs.  And definitely keep up the fluids and exercise. 


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Completely changing your diet kind of throws off your body for a while, and weird things can happen while you adjust.

I hate to say it, but your one cheat day a week is throwing a wrench in there right when your body would otherwise be getting used to the new diet, making it be in a constant state of imbalance. Maybe have a single tiny cheat food item every other day, rather than a full day of junk food, so as to keep any overly dramatic changes from occurring in your body.

Also, don’t cut out carbs, as much as refined carbs. Load up on quinoa, popcorn that’s light on butter and salt, barley, etc. If your vanilla almond milk is sweet, opt for a no-sugar-added option.

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I recommend adding a probiotic supplement to help with the digestive system. I did a 30-day paleo challenge (no grains, no dairy except for a cheat yogurt, no legumes). I was all stopped up from so much veggies and protein. It Helped so much and I lost 12 lbs!

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