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    @LilacandRoses:  My ex showed up at my house after a year and a half of not talking to him (now two sumers ago) and I about crapped my pants. I wasn’t dating anyone or anything, but it instantly freaked me out and pissed me off. I told him I wasn’t living with my parents anymore but only doing laundry (lie!! but I had to do it) there and then going home…and I told him I didn’t get his FB messages and/or texts that he sent in the past which made him think I changed my number (hahahahaha). I think he was probably slightly drunk or something, I don’t know. If I would have been dating my SO, I’m sure he would have wanted to say some words to him. Anyway, enough of that. I am sure I could write a damn book with stuff that happened and went on. Haha.

    She loves married life. They bought a house a couple months before they got married, so it wasn’t too huge of a change by the time their wedding was! She got married the end of October…and found out she was pregnant shortly after.

    I’m so glad his step-dad is in his life and thankful for the people who have been involved in his life to make him the person he is today! πŸ™‚

    We actually have a wood house, with a spear fishing hole to look down…and then we have one with a tent-like thing over it, but we don’t use that often. It’s usually nice enough weather to sit on a bucket or small chair in winter clothing and thick jackets, etc. I have tried spear fishing but I don’t like it because you sit and stare down a hole and wait for a fish to hopefully come in, and then throw a spear (looks like a pitchfork kinda) and try to stab it….very boring while waiting because you have to be quiet and sit basically by yourself since the noise vibrations can go through the water and scare the fish. I don’t mind fishing with a rod though because then I’m not staring down a huge hole and don’t have to worry about letting the fish get close — we can talk and laugh and run around and do whateve. 

    Hahahhaha that’s hilarious! I love that he probably was shocked to hear you say something along the lines of whatever he wanted to tell you. That is so sweet – I’m glad he told you almost everything even though you told him it was okay if he didn’t. I would have been impressed with his conversation with your dad if I were you too. I love how your dad gave him approval, as well as not having to propose by November too. Eek! It will happen sooner than you think as well! Just try to keep the pressure off and by the sounds of it, you can get him to do what you want him to do πŸ™‚ Hehehehehehhehe ohhhhh how easy it is to figure out some aspects of a man’s mind and play into it. Eee!

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    @LilacandRoses:  heck yeah! I can totally vouch that living together before marriage is good and ok….you get to know someone on a different level that you need. I live with my boyfriend and it was a little weird at first since I was living with my parents before, but it has been great. We work opposite shifts sometimes….so at times when I have to work nights it sucks but it’s ok. I love being able to fall asleep next to him at night when I’m not working. I also love the time I get to myself when he’s at work too. we are very open with each other with finances and when something is wrong, etc so it works great. 

    The fact that your son has had other male influences on his life definitly helps but he will be just fine πŸ™‚ no worries. Im sure your SO and your son already have a bond that is great, so I wouldn’t be concerned. 

    I don’t really like to spear fish but I don’t mind other fishing…..my sisters and I always went with my dad, uncles eIssas well as hunting (I’ve deer singed since I was 13….so 10 years) so it is something I enjoy, although I would much rather catch a tan while sitting on the boat lol. I have never been fly fishing but I would be curious to try it somEday! I hope you guys can go fishing while you are in Canada. Lol my younger sister and I used to cut up hot dogs and put them on our lines, or throw the cheesy goldfish crackers in the lake and scoop up the fish because we didn’t like touching them. eww!! 

    I think yours will be sooner rather than later….maybe he has a ring already πŸ˜‰ you never know!!!

    im glad we are going through it together too! 


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    @LilacandRoses:  I was raised catholic and they think the same way – that you shouldn’t live together before marriage, along with the fact that you shouldn’t have premarital sex. The thing is, times have changed. I’m not saying that to be difficult or anything, but it’s true. If some people still want to continue believing that and following through, that is their choice and perfectly fine….but I’m all for living together and getting to know someone on a different level. Living together and truely knowing someone’s flaws and habits is much different than staying a weekend with each other. We did that all the time and it is/was still way different living together. I’ve gotten used to his many habits that sometimes bug me, as has he. We have discussed so much of our future together, and have done that since before we moved in together….which is alright with me!

    Okay to be honest – I got tears in my eyes reading that about your son and SO. It reminds me of how I was with ex’s daughter to some extent…and it’s adorable. I love seeing that. One of my favorite things is seeing a guy interact with a child. It melts my heart every time. I love seeing my SO interact with his godson….it makes  me know that he will be a good father.

    I have an olive tone to my skin as well, but with it not being sunny out much (and working nights and sleeping most of the time when it is nice out…bummer!) I haven’t been able to get much of a tan yet…..I’m sure I will though! I haven’t used any self tanners though – what kind(s) do you use, and what do you recommend?

    If you have time and SO isn’t hovering or something…go ahead and update me. I hope it happens during this roadtrip!!!!! That would be so fun.

    I work nights this whole weekend, so not much planned. SO and his friend went fishing and whatnot today, and hung out at our house last night…..while I was at work and sleeping. Today SO and I are going to go out to dinner (hopefully he gets home soon from dropping his buddy off, cuz I haven’t ate since like 3a at work!), and then I have to work. I think tomorrow while I am sleeping, he is going to go over to his mom’s and help her with some landscaping things. I’m not positive πŸ™‚ What did/are you guys doing this weekend???

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    @LilacandRoses:  Exactly! It gets all the wrinkles out and whatnot BEFORE the wedding πŸ™‚ It makes complete sense to me!

    I’m so glad you found that man to be a father to your little one. It is so amazing that he has taken him in as his own and you guys will be a great family, and make siblings for him πŸ™‚ If you would have asked me two years ago even if I would have been in the place I am now, I would have told you that you were completely nuts.

    My mom used Jergens lotion kind and she liked it. I could tell in her legs but you had to do it for a little while before you would notice a difference, so it isn’t an instantanious type of thing. Sometimes that is what I would like….not something that would take a week or something to even make a lttle difference. Ya know? If you find something that you end up liking, let me know!!…not that I’m pale by any means right now, but I feel like I am. The sun hasn’t been out much πŸ™

    Hahahhahahahahh SO doesn’t know I have this website either! lol. He knows I found information on the moissanite stone on here, but we ended up not going with that anyways because the stone was too warm and they weren’t making the amora stone yet. But anyways. Haha I’m excited to get updates from you along the way!

    My weekend was busy….Friday it seemed like people didn’t sleep that much, but last night was better. We made a pot roast today with potatoes, green peppers and carrots in the crock pot…haven’t ate yet but it smells AMAZING! I’m so excited. We do usually eat dinner together. Working nights is fine, I’m used to it….some days though it is hard to sleep and then I drink a lot of coffee to keep me going πŸ™‚ But that’s okay once in a while. Ahhhh getting nails and toes done is so relaxing – I’m getting a pedicure with a friend this week on Friday….and probably nails done next week or so. I loveee it. It makes me feel like a girly girl. Oh wow, that’s awesome….that’s a long time to do that kind of a career and I’m sure she is very proud of her productions along the way. I could never do that stuff, but for those who can- that’s awesome!

    I like this as well….I love talking and gtting to know someone is in the same boat as me, as well as so nice and similar! πŸ™‚

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    @LilacandRoses:  Sorry for not replying yesterday…..I got 8 hours of sleep all weekend and was just exhausted. Then today I was busy with errands and whatnot πŸ™‚ Ugh. Damn cleaning.

    I would have to say I agree on the pinching myself part. I sometimes feel the same way. Like you, I cannot wait to make a little “us” …..and for you – a few to add onto your already perfect son/family! πŸ™‚

    Definitely if you want immediate results, the Jergen’s isn’t a good choice as it takes a little time but it does work as witnessed on my mom. It looks realistic, but if I want something more instant then I would have to find something else.

    I didn’t hear about the moissanite stone until I came on here either. I did get the place we got my ring from to order a forever briliant moissanite and it was a little warm for me. Not as white as I wanted. If I would have been able to get an amora moissanite (not available right now), then I probably would have gone with that. I’m a princess cut girl, so that is what I got….and cut is what matters — it’s everything according to our jeweler πŸ™‚ I feel that I would be embarassed if he saw exactly what this was. He knows that I look at photographer sites and have been messaging people about rates and whatnot…..but this is a different story hahahhaha.

    My parents actually got a new one years ago and when we moved out, my mom gave us the one they got as a wedding gift (26 years ago) and it still works perfect. It runs a little more on the hot side, but it works great! I love crock pot dinners!! We usually make chili in there too! Yummmm. I just love how you can leave it for hours and it is fine, and typically done perfect, unless sometimes needs to be turned up a little.

    Hahah when I didn’t live with my SO, I cleaned up before he came over as well so I understand! I do like perfume, but I go in spurts of different ones. Currently I love a couple from victoria’s secret, sweet pea, and clinique happy. How about you?? I have never been waxed (and pluck my eyebrows….have for about 10 years), but someday I would love to be waxed…….or have lazer hair removal. I’m getting a pedicure with a girlfriend on Friday, and then probably nails early next week. I’m so excited.

    Sorry this is shorter – I had half typed and when my computer shut down I lost it…..and half my thoughts lol. Soooo sorry it isn’t very long! 

    Can’t wait to hear back from you!

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    Welcome! Happy to have you!

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    @LilacandRoses:  I’m gonna private message you….not sure how it all works but I assume just between you and I and then it goes to the same message area these notifications go. 

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