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Wow – so I came on here because I needed some help because I’m in the same situation – although, I think i really am going to get rid of my first dress! πŸ™

I went to the salon TODAY to look at veils because I knew my dress hadn’t come in yet, and to my surprise it had arrived that MORNING!  So I tried it on again, and all of the doubts that I had since purchasing it were just more amplified.

I COMPLETELY agree, with the other girls.  Once I stopped looking at other dresses I felt better about this one I had purchased.  I was just going to wait until it came in and try it on again to see how I felt… Well, that time has come and I’m not 100% sure still.  Nor did I really leave the salon happy or content.  I feel like you should be THRILLED!?  Right??? 

I called my Maid/Matron of Honor to tell her the sitch and she calmed me a bit.  She was saying that the “worst case scenario” would be if I found another dress & missed my first one… meanwhile I was thinking that the “worst case scenario” would be if I KEPT THIS ONE!  That should NOT be my mind set…

Ugh!  I don’t know what to do!!!  Does anyone know of any sites to sell dresses on??? 

I’m going to go try on some more dresses I think…  But I almost want to bring THIS dress along with me!!!!

So confused! πŸ™

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Honey bee

I’m not going to say anything other than follow your heart. If you aren’t happy with it, then sell it and leep looking. It needs to be a dress that you won’t regret.

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I love your dress and you look stunning in it.  Its all well and good looking at pictures in magazines thinking you prefer them dresses but 9 times out of 10 those dresses wont suit you.  I picked a dress i wanted out of a magazine and took it to the shop i knew stocked it.  I loved it on the hangar, but when i tried it on it looked awful – it just wasnt for me.  Ive ended up with something completely different to what i originally said i would have.  Are there nicer ones out there – sure, but not for me.

Have you tried any of the other dresses on to see what you think? 

No matter what you decide to do rest assured that the dress you have already chosen looks gorgeous x

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Blushing bee
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Ooh look at your face!  That answers it for me, you are just beaming πŸ™‚

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The wedding dress doubts are all too common. So many women buy a dress and immediately second guess themselves. And how can we not? We are under extreme pressure to find THE dress and spend more money than we ever have or ever will on one item of clothing. And if we don’t do that, then we have somehow failed.

And then when we do finally buy a dress, we inevitably miss the whole shopping process. We wish we had went to more stores, we wish we had tried on just a few more dresses. We mourn that the most memorable and magical part of planning is over. And by some cruel joke, we then doubt our decision because we are still bombarded with images of 20K dresses that well, make ours seem a little lacking.

The truth is, you could have easily fallen in love with any number of dresses, because all wedding dresses are beautiful. But on that day, for some reason, you fell in love with that dress and bought it. Trust your gut. You are beautiful no matter what you wear down that isle.

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@ TwinkleToes: Those are true words!

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Worker bee
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Can we make TwinkleToes’ post above a sticky on the dress board?  That was very well put!

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Busy bee
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@TwinkleToesJMU: You speak the truth!

@NurseLindsey: Please take twinkletoes and the above posters words to heart. Your dress is beautiful, more importantly, you are beautiful and you will look gorgeous on your big day πŸ™‚


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now this is a dress from the magazines! it is really stylish and really modern, yet very romantic! dont change and stop looking at other dresses, you will get more confused! i had the same problem.. i thought my dress was too much over the top, but you know what? as soon as i put it on a second time, i fell in love with that again! u look beautiful!

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Helper bee
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I know everybody else told you to stop looking but… I’m telling you that if you look and still doubt your dress to be the one, than it isn’t the one!!!

It’s like with me: it’s only when you keep looking and yet you find nobody/nothing better that you can be sure the one you have gotten is the right one. Otherwise it’s just illusion…. it’s like saying my husband is the best because he is the one I’ve got… lame, In My Humble Opinion.

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I think your dress is absolutely gorgeous! But I felt exactly the same way about my dress so I can understand your anxiety.

I loved it, then i hated it, then i loved it again. Its unreal how much I fluctuated on this decision, especially since I had already ordered it and my friends and mom loved it.

I took the advice of some of the girls and went to a different boutique this past weekend, ALONE, where I didnt know anyone and I could make a decision with a clear mind and without everyone’s opinion.

I tried on at least 6 more gowns and at the end tried on the one i actually ordered and would up fallingin love with it all over again. Try to see if there is another store local to you that has your dress and do the same.

Dont beleive that you will find “the one” and will know as soon as you put it on that its “your dress”. I did it by a process of elimination and know many other brides who did the same and grew to love it. The idea that there is only one dress for you is a romantic idea that holds that bar too high sometimes and leaves many of us disapointed although I also knew others girls who tried on “the one” and immediately stopped looking. Even those girls were just as anxious the day they got the call that their dress was in though! It is normal to have doubts. It does not mean the dress is not for you.

If you feel you need to rule more dresses out to feel 100% like I did then do it!. Dont tell anyone you are going. The worse case scenaria is that you find the dress you love and then you can worry second abotu how you will cancel or retrurn the order or have to find a way to sell it on your own.

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Heya! My name is Lindsay, too πŸ™‚ Funny story, I’m going through the SAME thing right now only in reverse!? 


I was pressured into buying a dress from DB the week after the proposal (it’s a 18 month engagement) and am now completely positive I don’t want it anymore so I’m set to go back and try on more dresses–so I understand completely! Congrats btw, since you’re wedding already took place, lol.

Funny part is, that the dress I’d like to replace my first one with is this one you’re replacing, haha! The first one I bought is just too “princess” and not really what I wanted. This one is unique but still has the train and ballgown feel- perfect for my park ceremony and reception πŸ˜€ so, we’re kindof reverse dress twins.


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