(Closed) I'm feeling mushy – tell the story of how you met SO!

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We were college roommates. Oops.

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Helper bee
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I love your story! Crazy how a guy you meet in an elevator can pop back in to your life a year later and mean everything to you!!


Get ready for a lame little kid story 😉


SO and I met when I was 12 and he was 14. I was homeschooled at the time and went to a co-op every Thursday. 2 of my friends from the co-op( C and L) went to the same church together, and one week came in telling me that a guy (J) just moved here from Florida and is now going to their church and he is “so hot!”. The next Thursday my friend L is now “dating” J! For the next two weeks she’s talk about him ALL the time and I want to know it all. For some reason I’m very interested in hearing about him! So those next couple of Thursdays she’d updated me on the night before because they had youth group together on Wednesday nights. After she broke up with him- the day before his birthday- I decided it was time to meet him. So that Wednesday I rode with her to church and was extremely nervous to meet him. I waited and waited, church had started and I kept looking back to see if he would walk in. All I knew about him was he had long chin length hair and a beard ( he literally looked 18 at 14- it was weird), yet when a guy walked in with very SHORT hair, a clean shaven face, and an ear piercing, I knew that was J instantly!!! And it was!


He was going through a hard time so he knelt down at the back and L wanted to go pray for him so I came with and got to touch his back which was a big moment for little me who is too scared to even talk to boys.


A few months passes and I go to a lock in at the youth group. J does magic tricks and he spent the whole night wooing me with his skills and “accidentally” throwing cards at me from across the room. He even came and sat next to me and gave me an ear bud to listen to music with him.


Within that month I add him on myspace and we talk a lot on there, and a few months later we are “official”. As official as a 12 year old can be. We have been 100% inseparable since. Now we are both in college and plan to get married next year!


* And when I say he looked 18 I’m serious! When he went to my youth group one night they tried to call the cops because they thought he was an 18 year old dating 13 year old me- at a jr high youth group too. Ha!


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We met at a ski club function – he was looking for advice on where to purchase base layers, etc. in the city.  I gave him really good advice which he completely disregarded.  😛  We realized we work in similar fields and chatted for a bit.  Throughout the rest of the season I saw him here and there, he joined us for lunch once when my buddy was his instructor.  And late in the season when we were *very* into our apres ski I dragged him up onto the dance floor to dance to Britney Spears of all things.  

There was a photo taken that night, not a flattering one I might add.  So at our end of season formal he approached me to show me the photo and to chat.  I got his number straight away, and he texted me the name of a couple of books we’d been talking about (my cover for getting his number/giving him mine.)  

He texted a bunch of times after that.  I had surgery, my coworker died suddenly, a bunch of random things happened that kept us from going out.  He was persistent.  And he claims he wore me down and out of excuses so I had to go out.  :0

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We met on match.com!! Then we met up in real life after emailing for a few weeks. We had 3 “dates” and then he asked me out after coming to lunch at my house….with my parents!…on Good Friday in 2010. 

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We met at the first anti-Scientology protest in Nashville in February 2008. We started dating in October 2009, got engaged in November 2012 and got married two weeks ago!

We used our protest masks in our engagment photos, our officiant was a fellow protester, one of my bridesmaids was a fellow protester, and several of our guests were protesters as well!

Here’s one of the engagement photos, heh:

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We met at the visiting day for our Master’s program. I wasn’t sure if I was going to attend that school, as I was dating someone who lived across the country, and I was hoping to move to that area of the country for a different school.

Apparently he went home form the visiting day and told him parents and his friends that he had a met a girl, and he just had a feeling about me. His friends told him not to be stupid, that I was going to move to the opposite side of the country for my BF and he’d never see me again.

Well, it didn’t end up working out with the other school or the other guy. I broke up with him and decided to go to the school where I had met my future FI (not because of him, of course!).

He had sent out an email to everyone at the visiting day saying something like, “I’m going to X school! Let me know when you guys decide!” So I finally responded saying that I was going to X school too. I still remember his reponse: “What the heck took you so long?!”

We chatted via email and text the whole summer before school started. It was perfect–it gave me plenty of time to make sure I was over my ex-BF and ready and excited to go to X school. When we started school in September, we started dating within a couple of weeks! We were official by November, and now getting married three years later!!


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We met at a conference too! We were both sent to a photography conference in Toronto. We met breifly the first day, then later that night there was a fancy meal and karaoke (I sang… thankfully he had left already and didn’t have to watch!) and then a group of us went to a bar. He spotted me across the room and came over to talk. He bought me a drink then a few of us went out for Chinese food… at like 2 am. We stayed up all night talking, literally didn’t go to sleep and then fell asleep during the seminars the next day. We spent as much time as we could together over the three day conference then I went back to Alberta and he went to Ontario. We stayed in contact over the internet then I came to visit for a week. We went to Niagara falls and camping. We went to a butterfly conservatory and garden and there was a pretty flower with a bee on it, I guess I called to him in a particular way and he said in that moment he knew he loved me so we call that flower the “I love you” flower. I went back to Alberta and he moved out a few months later. A few months after that we moved to Japan together to teach English. Upon returning to Canada we moved to Banff to work as photographers. That’s where we are now and where we are getting married! 

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I always love these threads 🙂 

My FI and I met at the beginning of 7th grade. We didn’t hang out together much through the school year, but started walking home together in the spring since we lived in the same direction. One day, my friend was walking home with us and I told her that I had a crush on my FI. The next day, she an a few other friends talked to my FI in class as he “asked me out” at lunch recess in the school yard. As unlikely as it seems, we’ve been together without separating ever since :). Clearly, it started out as an immature middle-schooler relationship but we got closer as we got older and fell in love early in highschool! 

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I met my SO in college. We had an intro to sociology class together and even though we sat in the same row the first week we never noticed one another. The second week I was dressed in probably the most hideous clothes I owned because I was too cool to care lol! Ok they were not that bad but I did not think I looked hot AT ALL. A few minutes before class started my SO walked in and made a comment about the professor and I happened to respond thinking it was directed at the whole class. He laughed and sat next to me. I found out later that he was sitting in the lobby of the building and saw me walk in and thought I was really pretty and wanted to talk to me so the comment he made when he came in the class was directed at me! We chatted before class started and then he ignored me during lecture! I was so sure I’d blown it and I told myself that if he didn’t ask me for my number that week I would ask him the next week. Well after class he talked to me as we walked out the door and he asked me if he could have my number for “studying purposes.” I knew that wasn’t why he wanted my number, but I gave it to him and ended up giving him a ride back to his dorm since it was a late night class and he had walked. Our dorm buildings were right near eachother and he texted me that night saying it was nice to meet me. We arranged a date for a Saturday (we met on a Thursday), but Friday he told me he wanted to go out that night instead because he couldn’t wait. The following Monday he asked me out offically, and we’ve been inseperable ever since. We’ve been together almost 3 years and have been living together for 1 year. I love him to death 🙂

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We met at a bar lol!  Well there’s more to it than that really.  We had talked on twitter for a few months prior and had a common friend (friend for him but aquiantence for me really).  I was in an amateur burlesque troupe at the time and she brought him to a performance at a bar – hence we met in a bar.  Didn’t start going out until a few months later though.

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@WannaBeeMrsB:  Wow! since grade 7! how long have you been together now?


I met FI at a halloween party 8 years ago. My friend messaged him on myspace and invited him. I remember her telling me about a guy coming to the party, but he was bringing his gf. We met while I was super drunk on my friends bed (recovering). We became friends and started dating about 1.5 years later.

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@newcitylights: What a great story! 🙂

I met my FH in university, second year. I was 19 and he was 20. It was the very first day of the fall semester, and the first class was 20th Centrury Music History – a boring class taught by an awkward professor who always went off topic and talked about his wife and daughter, lol.

Anyways, the class was pretty full except for the back two rows (this prof didn’t use a mike so you had to sit near the front.) I got there and sat down and started looking around to see who was in class with me. The music program is very small so I knew everyone in the room to some degree, but FH walked in and he was NEW and absolutely HOT! I had never seen him before. He sat next to me, and I wondered why he didn’t just sit in one of the empty rows. So, I said “You’re new here, right?” (D’OHHHH) and he said “Yep, and I’ve already taken this class back home.” He told me his name, that he plays the piano and the organ, and that he was an exchange student from Serbia. Wow, a hot guy from a different country. I had so many questions for him!

When class ended FH told me that he didn’t have phone yet (at least not a Canadian number), but he asked if I’d still like to go out with him. I was so excited (my first date EVER!) and we went out the next night. Since FH had already taken a similar course, we also spent a lot of time studying together and I learned how smart he is. At the end of the school year (so in the spring) he had to go back to Europe. I was so sad and gutted even though I knew it would happen. My mom was of no support either – she liked him a lot but told me it was a bad idea to get involved with a foreigner (thanks Mom). FH and I talked over Skype and through email and text, and then a couple of months later he told me he was sorting out his papers so that he could come back to school here. I was soooo happy! So we were long distance for a few months but now we live together 🙂 I’m 23 now and he’s 24.

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@memo:  Almost 9 and a half years now! 

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Busy bee

@newcitylights:  I had been online dating for a few months, meet some nice guys but nothing earth shattering. I decided I was just going to take a break from guys. A fiend and I decided to go and play pool, but the first pub we went to was too busy, so we went to a club. There, we played against a couple of guys for a couple of hours, and one really got my interest. They wanted our numbers so I gave mine to the one I liked, and I heard from him later that night! He was taking a break from relationships too, but we figured we’d come out of our hiatus for each other! It was only by chance we decided to go to that club, so we were meant to meet. It’s funny because I thought there had been something wrong with me for not feeling a connection to other guys I had met, but as soon as I met so, I knew that I must have been waiting for the right one! We’ve been together for 6 years, and recently moved in together 🙂

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