(Closed) I'm getting married! And my parents are separating?? :S

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I have not but I am sorry you are going through this.

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I am so sorry. Just because you are an adult doesn’t make it hurt less. I hope you can find great people to process your feelings with. 

I am so sorry. 

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My parents separated for the first time when I was 18 (just after I graduated HS). They went back and forth until I was about 25. Right before my first wedding, my father got engaged to his girlfriend, THEN divorced my mom. It sucked. Because I was older, they weren’t as careful on what they said in front of me. It was extremely stressful with it being right before my first wedding (which I think I might have called off had I been in my right mind at the time, between the divorce, a death in the family, and several other things, I wasn’t at the time). 

I lived two miles from my mom, and about 5 from my dad. Proximity made it worse. Hopefully, you can remove yourself from it and not get sucked in. I’d explain to them that you love them both, are there for them, but will not take sides. I think they forget once we hit adulthood that we’re still the kids, and we don’t belong in the middle. 

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This really sucks. My parents went through a rough patch and kind of separation, a couple of years ago. The best advice I can give you is to stay out of it.  I kept telling them Mom/Dad I know you having a rough time and I hope it gets better but I prefer not to know. My mom did get pissed a little bit at me, but I told her I would be there for moral support but I don’t want to know the details.  I told her if you need to vent call your sister/best friend because I love both of you and I’m not picking sides.

Hopefully it works out with your parents. I think mine raised five kids, then worked a lot, and now that their life was slowing done a bit they had to learn how to live and love each other again.

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I’m sorry- my parents split the year before my brother got married, and it’s just a crappy situation all around, to have this happen around a wedding.

I was 17 at the time and was often in the middle. Because you’re an only child, you have to be firm with them- “I realize you may not love him/her anymore, but *I* do and you can not talk that way about him/her in front of me.” Repeat as often as necessary. “I can not spend time with you if you don’t stop saying negatives about him/her.”

They’re going through one of the top ten life stress events- and so are you. If you don’t already do yoga, it’s pretty phenomenal for helping deal with stress.

If a separation does occur, my advice for the wedding (assuming your January date is correct) is to seat them at two separate tables, and NO DATES. Emily Post’s etiquette books are great for figuring out how to seat them/handle the invites, etc. 

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this on top of the wedding- it’s a lot to deal with- it will get easier in time.

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So sorry you have to go through this, expecially now.

We had a similar situation, except that it was my Future Father-In-Law and FSMIL.  He moved out of their house about 1 month after we got engaged.  My FH took it pretty hard and kept saying “you should walk away, my marriage genes are bad” (this would have been the 2nd failed marriage for his dad and his mom has been through 3 divorces).  I just kept saying “i’ve got enough for both of us” since my parents just celebrated their 45th anniv.

Luckily they have worked it out and are back together.

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My Fiance has gone through this.  He’s 25 and they told him that they decided to separate.  We were engaged for maybe 3-4 months when they told us.  We heard about all their fights, as much as we told them that it was between the two of them. 

Fast forward 2-3 months and they’re no longer separating, but getting a downsized house together next year and expecting a card for their wedding anniversary tomorrow.  I hate that they cried wolf with FI’s emotions- they really shouldn’t have announced it to him (he’s an only child of his parents) until they were filing paperwork.  For some reason they didn’t tell FI’s half sister (his dad’s daughter from previous marriage who is 40s) until 2 months after us and then turned around and told her “Actually we’re staying together.”

What a mess.

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Yes, I can relate… Long story short, my parents were avoiding each other during my wedding (I asked my parents to make a joint speech together, which they couldn’t manage to do, didn’t listen to each other for most of the trip they made for my wedding…it was overall a very stressfull trip for them), got in a huge fight the day after my wedding, and my mom moved out. It was a long time coming, and I live pretty far away from my parents so it hasn’t affected me too much. They haven’t decided if they will get divorced and I think the separation is good to at least sort through the feelings going on. I do feel bad for my sister who is taking it harder (she lives closer and has to deal with it more), so I try to be there for her. 

I really have been limiting my conversations with them about it. I check up on my mom so I know what friend she is staying with at least. Otherwise I’ll listen to the surface for a few minues, but once it turns into bitching about each other I just say “don’t put me in the middle of it” and try to change the subject. 

Good luck, and remember your relationship has nothing to do with theirs. 

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@jlc3:  Sorry for thread jacking, I haven’t really talked to anyone about it and haven’t really wanted to start my own thread to vent, cause my wedding was so perfect that I don’t want to focus on the negative…yeah, I wasn’t quite on my honeymoon yet due to work, so I was still around although my friends and family mostly tried to shield it from me. The day after the wedding they went to my apartment to pick up their stuff, had a huge fight – my dad left for his hotel, and didn’t even say good bye to me before he left the country. I came home to my mom and my sister, and my mom told me she was leaving directly for the airport (they were supposed to travel together for another week). It….was really something I didn’t need to be in the middle of literally a day after my wedding (and even during my wedding for parts of it). If it is that bad, I’m relieved they are taking a time out to seriously consider how they are treating each other (and the people around them).

The good thing about being an adult and going through this is you really have a voice to call them out on their behavoir. You have a right to ask them not to put you in a situation which you feel you need to take sides. It’s not your job to be supportive of them while they go through this separation, it’s one of those things you have to stay neutral for your own sanity. 

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@jlc3:  I am so sorry you are going through this!  I hope they can pull it together for your sake and not ruin the whole experience!

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