(Closed) I'm going to end the relationship. (Cross necklace spinoff).

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@242beauty:  “But honestly what’s the harm in believing in God??”

Are you genuinely asking that question? Because there are some serious and legitimate answers to this question that it’s kind of ridiculous. I’m sure even believers understand that God and religion can be used negatively.

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@EmilyInIdaho:  I haven’t read the other posts, so I’m just going to reply to this one. I’m also not going to mention on religion or my faith, because I don’t think this is necessary to you. 

If you feel this is a valid reason to end the relationship, end it. 

In all honesty, I’m not sure there is a way to break up with him that isn’t going to hurt him. He’s essentially losing someone he loves, so naturally, he’s going to hurt. Try to be as open and honest as you can be with him and say that it’s too much of an issue for you. Don’t put it on him, just keep saying it’s you and your issue because in all honesty, it is. 

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@dicapriosimaginarywife:  please stop calling it a flounce post. She didnt even say she was leaving the board. It’s also against TOS to accuse others of causing trouble:

iv.      Please refrain from name calling.  Whether it’s directed toward another community member with whom you’re having a disagreement, or toward someone you suspect is only here to cause trouble (a.k.a. a “troll”), it’s never acceptable to call another member names on Weddingbee.

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Wow, OK… IMO you don’t seem to desrve him. As far as we know he hasn’t done anything but be loving, caring, and thoughtful…my opinnion is based on your post & you having explained your reasoning behind your leaving him. Therefore, I think you’re doing the right thing by leaving him. I hope you find someone who is perfect for you and shares every single one of your beliefs. Good luck!

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I suppose the ultimate question is:

If your fiancé started to go to church more, read the Bible more, pray more, meet with other Christians more….would this bother you?

I am not talking about forcing his beliefs onto you but more him starting to have a more personal belief system for himself. Would you respect his desire to attend church? 

I think if you are unable to support him and allow him to carry out his faith, wherever he may be with it…then I think leaving him is the right thing to do for both of your sakes. No one should be asked to compromise on their beliefs (whatever they are)…not him and not you. However, as many others have pointed out before you are perfectly happy for him to become an atheist but you couldn’t even consider changing your beliefs. That’s fine, but if you won’t do it then why should he?

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@Raggedy_C-3PO:  “If you would have just realized you weren’t compatible, that’s fine you know, whatever. You post on here that you gave back his religious gift then gave him a book on your own beliefs. And now that you know you can’t change his mind, you don’t wanna be with him. I sense a disturbance in the force, somethins not right about all that. He’s probably better off without someone like you who will always try to cripple and undermine his faith.


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@Fluffmallow:   “I do think many posts here are downright nasty and uncalled for…not exactly “Christian” I daresay. Interesting.

My posts probably fit into your category of “nasty and uncalled for” and I’d just like to point out that I’m an Agnostic – more towards Atheism then Christianity.

I agree with what

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@arabbel: said: “I don’t think people are in arms so much because she doesn’t like Christianity, but because she is stating that she is uncomfortable at the thought of someone trying to convert her or even secretly wanting her to convert, all the while seeing no problem with doing the exact same thing she doesn’t want done to her….I do think the way she went about all of it was fairly hypocritical.

However I disagree with this: “I mean, while I totally agree with her that they should split and can 100% understand why an atheist could not reconcile being with a Christian…


As I said, I’m Agnostic, my SO is a Christian (in the way the OP makes her Fiance out to be – doesn’t regularly attend church, doesn’t try to make me read the bible or pray with him etc.) and we’ve spent over three happy years together; dealing with a miscarriage and multiple deaths of loved ones in very different ways, yet we’ve still managed to respect each other and the opposing views we have.

It’s only impossible when one person in the relationship decides that they cannot love, respect and spend their lives with someone, because not each and every one of their beliefs are perfectly aligned.

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@SoupyCat:  This is trouble not a joke. The last posts were closed and they caused alot of drama (probably because of religion) and she made another  one an guess what? Happens again! While i dnt think shes a troll, she delibritley is causing the drama now by posting this. Therefore, i have flagged the OP. I DIDNT call her a troll. I said Flounce post! Flounce post! I am not violating anything. It is what it is. So im flagging it again. Also pick on the ones that are actually calling her names, not me.




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