(Closed) I’m having a really hard time staying team green

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It was REALLY hard around the time of our anatomy scan… especially b/c of all the other springs moms that were finding our and posting around that time! UGH!

By the time I was actually going in for the scan though I was freaked about accidentally finding out. lol

Don’t feel bad… it’s not easy to not find out. Especially since EVERYONE does =/ You can totally stick it out & then I promise after the scan passes and the other expecting moms around you are done finding out, it won’t be that bad & you’ll actually enjoy it.

I had another lady the other day gave me a stink eye look & “Uh… ohhhhhh kay” when she asked what we were having & I told her we didn’t find out…. I just love how it trips people up & they don’t know how to react. LOL

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Have you talked to your Hubby about this? I’m not pregnant but the idea of being team green really excites me but at the same time I don’t think I would be able to do it!

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A couple of friends who are married split it. She was team green, he found out from the doctor. They were both happy, and no one let out the secret. Would you consider doing that?

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I wish you support in whichever decision you choose.  But… even if you or you and your Darling Husband find out the gender, it wouldn’t mean you had to tell anyone.  He could still announce it to family/friends the day of the birth!  (just don’t register for any gender specific items!)


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@Schatzie821:  agree 100%. You could always just not tell anyone.

Besides, you have your whole life with this child ahead of you to be surprised. If you feel this strongly about finding out, I would do it. 

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i totally understand why people are team green, but it would kill me. i’m the worst secret-keeper and keeping-secrets-from person ever. good luck though! if you really want to remain team green just remind yourself of the reasons why and stick it out!

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I agree with amnystik – it’s hardest to stay team green around the time of your anatomy scan.  Once you get through the anatomy scan without finding out, it’s easy peasy from there.  It’s just hard when everyone else is finding out and you don’t get to make a 20 week announcement.  Just think though, it will be so much more exciting to make that announcement when you actually have a little baby in your arms!  🙂

I don’t know if your medical centre does this, but ours doesn’t mark down the gender on the file or put it anywhere in the notes.  If we wanted to know, we needed to ask the ultrasound tech at our 20 week scan and she would tell us, but the gender doesn’t go in the notes from the scan.  We didn’t want to know so we didn’t ask and now we have no option of finding out the gender before the little one arrives as we don’t have any more scans.   Once we got through the 20 week scan, it was a sigh of relief that there were no slip ups….and knowing it’s not written down somewhere means that we can’t crack at any point and ask what it is.   

It’s totally up to you what you want to do but just weigh up the pros/cons of finding out now vs finding out when the baby arrives.  Honestly though, if it’s only you who finds out and you can’t even share it with your husband, wouldn’t that take away a lot of the fun of it?   You wouldn’t be able to discuss anything gender specific, nor would you be able to do any gender specific shopping – it would just be this huge secret you have to keep to yourself for the next 20 weeks.   I’m a terrible secret keeper and that would be impossible for me!   But it’s totally up to you – good luck deciding!

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Be strong and stay Team Green!!  Although most people decide to find out nowadays, I think it’s so much more exciting to wait until the baby is born!  I did it with my daughter, and we’re doing it with this pregnancy, as well.

I think you should think about WHY you want to know.  If it’s to help with planning and organizing and whatnot, but your husband absolutely does NOT want to know, then if you find out you won’t even be able to do anything with the information!  

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Once you make it past this scan, especially with everyone finding out, you’ll make it.

I faultered at the scan, but stayed strong. Remember, no surprise will compare and you can tell him or her the story and they’ll love it. 🙂

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