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Busy bee
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aw babe im so sorry. that sucks to hear constantly…and shes annoying cuz 5 weeks along pretty sure it cant sit on a bladder if its the size of a bloody thumb???? Dummies. rubbing her stomach, cant lift two lb boxes?!?

i think you should just tell her that, cuz annoyed/hurt me CERTAINLY would!!!

Big hugs bee * <3

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Sugar bee
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I would respond just that if she continues to annoy.  I’m sorry you’re struggling, you don’t need people to be like that at any time, let alone when nursing an open wound.  

FWIW my SIL was the same way in early pregnancy.  She regretted it later when everyone was SO OVER her being pregnant and incapacitated.  No one offered to get her a drink or lift stuff for her when she was actually big and uncomfortable.  

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Sugar bee
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Oh man, that sounds incredibly frustrating! I’m sorry. And she clearly has no understanding of biology if she thinks her sesame seed sized baby is sitting on her bladder – lol. Maybe this video will cheer you up? 

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Buzzing bee
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sheclicksherheels:  She doesn’t seem like a very smart cookie.  1. telling a coworker when you’re only 5 weeks and haven’t even confirmed a heartbeat  2.   Her “baby” is the size of a sesame seed, so the science of her baby sitting on her bladder is missing (yes, early pregnancy can result in frequent urination but it’s mostly a hormonal response at that point).   

If I were you, I would totally set her up to get fired for a big mistake, like in a TV show or movie. JK.  I know what you’re feeling and even though none of them are that bad, I have a group of female coworkers who circle up and talk about their babies/ pregnancies and nothing else. They’re not even friends otherwise, but the fact that they’re all procreating suddenly makes them all super close.  I am just an outsider trying not to cry because there’s no way for me to join in the conversation even though my best friend at work is in the circle. What do I know about pregnancy or kids? I lost both of my sesame seeds at 6 weeks and that is certainly not a discussion they’re interested in having.

Hugs for you, if you like sushi and alcohol (or even better, if SHE does) then I’d just talk non-stop about all the amazing sushi and wine you’ve been having.      

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Busy Beekeeper
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Sorry she’s trying to milk it for all it’s worth. That definitely rubs salt in the wound, not to mention being highly unprofessional and generally offputting. How well do you know this co-worker? If you asked her (nicely, of course) to lay off it, would she?

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Busy bee
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Good for you for NOT smacking her in the head. All of my suggestions for what to do are just plain rude so I won’t share lol however, every time you resist smacking her in the head, you should reward yourself with something.

Since its so frequent, perhaps a dollar in a jar every time she’s annoying. That’d be a nice baby fund reeeeeal fast.

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Honey bee
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At 5 weeks there is no baby yet, just a sac, the fetal pole shows up around 6 weeks which is the size of a grain of rice. There is no baby sitting on her bladder. Frequent urination is a thing, but she’s being pretty over dramatic about her pregnancy. Sorry you are dealing with that.

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Helper bee
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sheclicksherheels:  Ditto to what everyone else has said!

I’m sorry she’s such an uneducated insensitive dweeb, and I’m sorry that you’re going through this!

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Bee Keeper
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sheclicksherheels:  Drinking game– shots every time she mentions the baby!! And at some point you’ll be so drunk it wont matter what she says.

I’ve been TTC for 4 years, so I totally understand your heartache. But one of the ways I tried to deal with it (because all my closests friends all had kids during this time), it to imagine they were surrounded by baby energy. When ever I got around them I tried to “suck up” as much baby enerygy as possible. I even rubbed their newborns on my belly to help me get more baby energy.

Obviously I wouldnt do this with your annoying co-worker. If I got to close to her, I might stab her…

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Bumble bee
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sheclicksherheels:  ugh. I’m really sorry about your being hostage to this type of behavior. I know how you feel. I don’t really have any advice or words of encouragement. I can just let you know that I and many other women have had to deal with these types of things and it never really seems to go away. Some days it hurts a little less but the feelings of frustration  and dare I say inadequacy never really fade. Thinking of you in this difficult time. 

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Buzzing bee

Oh, honey, I’m sorry. What a selfish, attention-whoring twat. You are more woman than I could ever be as I would have exploded by now with her ridiculousness.  ::HUGS::

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Bumble bee
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KoiKove:  LOL with the drinking game idea. Fantastic!

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Bumble bee
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sheclicksherheels:  Here’s an idea, watch out for something to brag about within the next week or so. It can be something as small as the fact that you found a lucky penny. Then just constantly talk about it to her with anything she says. Mention that penny, even if it makes no sense. Do this for a couple of weeks and by that time, she will be so sick of hearing about the penny that only two options can happen; (A) she gets tired of it enough so that she stops talking to you altogether (yay!) or (B) by that time she will have realized what you were doing and will recognize how annoying she’s been and apologize.

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Honey bee
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Ugh.  I’ve been TTC for 3 years, so I totally feel your pain.  If someone at work was acting like she is, I would have snapped by now.  Luckily I work with men, and the only other woman here is a 65 year old so I don’t think she’s TTC 😉

Does she know you’re struggling?  If you’re comfortable with telling people, do you have any other colleagues that could mention it to her and to maybe be a bit more sensitive when discussing her sesame seed with you?  Or do you feel comfortable enough to tell her yourself?

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