I’m HORRIBLE at interviews…..

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brikachu :  The best thing I use to do to prepare was look up a TON of those “situational/example” interview questions and have a response ready. Ones like, “What’s an example of conflict in the work place in your past and how did you handle it?” You can find tons online and it will help you feel prepared. Kind of like how you usually have an answer for strengths/weaknesses. So think on those questions you’ve been asked before and practice better answers.

For example: How do you handle stress?

Possible answer: I tend to have a relaxed personality naturally, and I think that comes from knowing how to tune out other distractions and face things head on, one at a time. That way I don’t feel overwhelmed and can give my full effort to each task.

You don’t have to memorize your answer (you don’t want to sound like a robot!) but having a general answer in mind keeps you from blanking.

Also, make sure to go over the job position details and deliberately come up with examples/experience you have with every requirement.

And about being nervous, just remember EVERYONE gets nervous. And the more you do, the easier it gets. Often your interviewer is also a little nervous! It sounds weird, but one thing I try to do to help is imagine that the interviewer is just as nervous to meet me. Then I feel the need to want to put them at ease, which makes me smile and talk more naturally and comfortingly. It’s a weird mental trick but it usually works for me when I’m nervous!

OH! And don’t forget: it’s perfectly fine to take a moment and think on an answer! No reputable interviewer will take away points for actually thinking an answer through thoroughly. You can start with a filler like, “Oh, that’s a very interesting question! I’ve never been asked that before. Let me think on that for a moment.”

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I usually try to write down the questions I’d like to ask in the interview, for that portion of the interview where they give the floor to you for any questions you might have. By the time I get there I’m so nervous from having to answer all of their questions that I’m fumbling like an idiot and have forgotten everything I want to ask! 

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brikachu : before an interview,  I have recorded myself answering standard questions, and listen to them.

Once I had an interview with a fast talker, and I picked up his speed– not good. I didn’t give myself time to think. I have to do my own speed. 

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CloverBells :  This x1000.  Whenever I have a big interview, I go through the job description to highlight major points (ie. works independently, attention to detail).  Then I brainstorm how I’ve demonstrated those points in my work history.  Then I study the shit out of that package of pages I’ve just created. 

Always have a few questions to ask them at the end of the interview as well.  I like to ask them what they’re looking for in the successful candidate, and then tell them exactly how I fit the bill for whatever they just said.

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Others have posted great tips, and I’ll add another. If you blank when you are nervous, jot some notes down for yourself to reference. Jot down a couple of lines about examples that will jog your memory. That way you’re not left struggling for answers. It will also show the interviewer that do preparation.

Also, another tip that I got from a book once was to just be upfront about the situation. If you are nervous, just mention that you are a bit nervous. They will understand.

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brikachu :  Peak Interview is your book! Helped me so much. Also if you can’t get air and your heart races take Propanerol. 

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I totally relate to this. I repeat myself so much and my first interview I had I started tearing up I was so nervous 😅 following for tips!!

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Following for the tips as well 😂 

I’m in the same boat. I go completely blank during interviews so I feel your pain! 

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Preparation is the key…

I’m usually pretty good at an interview. I’ve gotten every job I’ve interviewed  for except for one and the one I didn’t get, was the one interview I didn’t ‘study’ for. 

*I read up on the company/business I’m interviewing for.

*I try to familiarize myself with the important people at the company.

*I look at the  selection criteria for the job and think of answers that demonstrate how I personally meet it by giving examples of where I’ve demonstrated that in my work history.

*I look up all the typical ‘interviewing 101’ questions that most interviewers draw inspiration from and formulate how I can answer them to match in with the selection criteria and present myself in the most favorable light.

* think of a few questions that you can ask them during the inevitable do you have any questions for us portion if the interview

*smile and show enthusiasm for the job and company you are applying for. Let them know how excited you are and how much you want this and why. Genuine enthusiasm counts for a lot. 

*dress well and look the part. People judge on appearance first unfortunately. Messy appearance or ill selected clothing can cause people to prejudge negatively. They think disorganized appearance means disorganized mind and work skills.

Hope this helps and good luck. 

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Take a moment to breathe! Interviewers realise you’re human/have mind blanks etc. I always ask for a glass of water at an interview. If a question comes up and I have a mind blank, I take a drink of water, buying my brain a few seconds of panic time. Or I say “oh, I’m just thinking of which example is the most relevant to use so I don’t go off on a tangent”. Makes it sound like you have too many ideas rather than none!

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brikachu :  hey, bee! I see this was posted a couple of days ago—what have you done to prepare over the weekend? If you have someone near you, ask them to roleplay the interview with you. Find some frequently asked interview questions for your position, study your answers, and have someone play as the interviewer. During this session, also be recording yourself on your phone or something so you can evaluate how you sound. Just keep improving from there!


I sincerely wish you the best of luck tomorrow!

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The best tip I ever received and used, was to remember that you don’t have to blurt out your answer immediately. Take a few seconds to organize your thoughts. Employers like employees who don’t necessarily spout off the first thought that comes to mind, but instead take the time for a reasoned response.

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I used to get super nervous for interviews until I was a lifeguard – where the interview was LITERALLY them judging you on how you respond to first aid emergencies during a training.. after that, face-to-face interviews have been a breeze.

i may not have the most constructive advice but I’ve always been a firm believer in not just “being yourself” in an interview, but being confident with who you are. It’s not so much about WHAT you answer, but I think more so about HOW you answer. I feel like lots of employers can see when you’re being insincere or “bullshitting” an answer just to give them what they want to hear.

I’ve kept that philosophy for every interview I’ve had and I’ve been offered the job at every single one I’ve been to, except for one. 

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for me, an interview is where you can literally brag about yourself but present it in a way that your interviewer would promptly believe in you without you sounding arrogant or too over the moon. allow yourself sometime to respond to the question given to you rather than answering it right away just so to avoid them waiting but what comes out from your mouth has no content.

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