I'm in a spooky mood rn. Has anyone here ever experienced anything paranormal?

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I don’t know if this counts but I had just watched Paranormal Activity 3 like the week before and then one night I was alone in my apartment. I turned the tv off and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I came back out the tv was on. I just thought, “Huh, that’s weird, I thought I turned it off.” So I turned it off, making sure this time, and went into my bedroom. From my bedroom, I heard the tv come back on. I ran out of that apartment like my ass was on fire, didn’t even stop to grab shoes.

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unsolved :  To me personally, not so much.

Other than when i was young, we use to live with my grandma and i had zero problem sleeping there. Sometime when i was around 9  (had since moved out) i couldnt sleep there anymore, i was terrified. I would just go into the living room and watch tv or lay there awake for hours. I eventually told my mom and she said “oh thats your grandpa, tell him to go away youre trying to sleep” – so i did and it worked! lol He had passed in the house the year before, so who knows if it was just me or if he was keeping me up. 


I have heard weird stories about my grandma (same as above) she is from a small village in the cook islands and they believed she was special. Her mom went into labor on the day a huge hurricane started and it lasted for 7 days. When she was born, the hurricane stopped and she was blessed with a name from the elders of the village. Her mom disliked her for the attention she recieved and that she was her dads favorite (maybe it was the 7 days of labor?) he left on a fishing trip once and told her mom not to be mean to her. 

she was, of course and beat her. The boat went missing and they didnt come home for a week as there was a huge storm. When he came home he marched up the beach and said “i told you not to touch her! I told you to leave her alone!” Her mom didnt touch her again. 

There are instances of her seeing people that have passed. People would let her know so and so had passed and she would say she already knew and they came to visit her the night before. In fact my mom said she saw one one time, a lady came and asked if her mom was there and she went inside to tell her mom, but no one was there when they came out. They learned the following day her great aunt has passed. 

and also the name that was given to her is sacred and apparently some other people on the island thought it was pretty and used it without seeking permission, i heard that none of the other girls survived past childhood for various, unrelated reasons. 

More strange/unexplained than “scary”. 

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Nothing “paranormal” but I have feelings/thoughts that end up coming true. For example. Hmmm: I wonder if my delivery will turn up – mid-sentence the buzzer rings. 


Hmmm this burger joint looks like it’s going to burn down – 3 days later it burned to the ground.


The other day (without knowing my friends due date or even seen her for a long time) I thought, I bet my friend has her baby today. And she did. 

Weird shit like that happens too much. Obviously, could all be coincidences. But other people have noticed how weird it is. 


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I was at my brother in laws house a few months after my sister in law died and I swear I saw her out of the corner of my eye in the next room as I was holding her baby

I also went to a psychic medium a few times after she died, the psychic left the room to have me shuffle tarot cards and I got the chills and goosebumps on the right side of my face. The psychic came back in and I asked if my sil was there (it was my second time going) and she said “oh yeah, she’s here, she’s standing right there” and she waved her hand towards my right shoulder


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I’m the second owner of my house, as it was only built in the 1990s. Nothing nefarious ever occured there that we know of. However, occasionally I’ll hear the sound of glass breaking. I was home alone the first time, but couldn’t find any windows that were broken, or any glassware, etc. I even looked through my entire kitchen, checked my car outside, checked other cars in the neighborhood, etc. My only neighbor didn’t have any broken windows either. Second time it occured when my hubby was home and he heard it too. Same sound of glass breaking, but nothing was found. It happened again a couple weeks ago in the middle of the night and was loud enough to wake both of us, but again, nothing broken was found.

Secondly, we live in a remote part of Nevada, and both my hubby and I travel some pretty deserted roads late at night. We’ve both have had some pretty weird feelings through the same mountain pass, even when we’ve traveled seperately. One time we even thought we saw a hitchiker really late at night going through there, but he was only there for a split second, but long enough to clearly see he was wearig a red jacket and blue jeans. Friends of ours have caught some pretty spooky trail camera footage near the same mountain pass as well.

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Not paranormal but super creepy.

I had just moved into a new flat, it was temporary and I didn’t really know the area or anyone locally.  I’m lying in bed one morning right before my alarm goes off and I hear an old woman walking on the pavement below my window (I was like the 4th or 5th floor) and she was shouting my name in a super sing-songy creepy way. Imagine ‘Suuuuuuuu-saaaaaaaaan, Suuuuuu-saaaaaaaan) My name isn’t super unique but it isn’t super common either so I was a little freaked out but tried to ignore it.  I heard it most mornings for the next week or two and then I got a new roommate and I told her how weird it was, the next morning I hear the woman again and my roommate texts me to say “omg I hear it too?”. 

I felt validated that I wasn’t going crazy and this really weird thing was happening.  This continued for another few weeks, then one morning the name calling sounded really close, like really close.  I open my bedroom door and my roommate is already in the corridor.  We both immediately went to the little peep hole in the front door and this old lady is right outside our apartment door that you need to swipe your fob 3 separate times to access!  I was so freaked out. 

Luckily at this point I had already signed a new lease with my Boyfriend or Best Friend and was moving within a few weeks, I don’t know how much longer I could have stayed there. It was so creepy. 

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The night my mother died, she came to me in dreams and we had a long, long conversations.  She looked so happy and at peace in that night.  I didn’t know she was dead for several more hours.  

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I once stayed in the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which is the hotel that Steven King stayed in and based “The Shining” off of.  We were in CO for a destination wedding (in January…in the mountains…and there was a legit blizzard, lol), but we really wanted to see that hotel.  After the wedding, we got back to the hotel and drunk me REALLY wanted to see the 4th floor, which is supposedly the most haunted spot in the whole hotel.  So my boyfriend at the time went up there with me and we just sort of poked around for fun for a few minutes.  There’s a super creepy attic/crawl space up there and a few other somewhat sketchball things, but nothing really that weird.  We had fun and didn’t really think another thing of it.

BUT.  Then we went to bed.

I knocked right out because I’d had a good amount to drink, but then I woke up maybe 2 hours later STONE SOBER and completely, utterly awake.  The blackout curtains were pulled so I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face, but I was 1000000000% sure that there was a man standing next to the bed.  I knew he was right there, and I knew he was maybe in his late 30’s-early 40’s and I somehow knew that he wasn’t there to hurt anyone, he was just observing or something.  But my perception was that he just stayed there, standing right next to the bed for like 2-3 minutes.  And then I felt him just go away.  Like he just left, and I was so confused and freaked out.

Naturally my boyfriend was like “you were drunk,” “you just had a weird dream,” etc etc, and I don’t blame him for it.  I’m not one to get super excited about ghosts and stuff – I don’t really care and I don’t believe in most of it.  But still, it’s one of those things where I KNOW what happened and I know it was NOT a dream.


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My family bought a house in my hometown when I was in High school. The previous owners died, though not in the house. They left a rotary phone plugged in in the hallway. Right after we moved in, we would hear that phone dialing. My mom took it out pretty quickly, but they have had many such things happen over the years. 

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Several years ago when my husband and I were dating (didn’t live together but I slept over occasionally), I had a very vivid dream where we were in bed asleep at his house and I was startled awake (in my dream) and saw the dark shadows of two intruders/strangers at the foot of his bed, bottom right hand corner on his side, between the bed and the armoire. When I woke up this dream remained vivid even though I woke up before anything more than this happened. 

I thought it was odd that they’d be standing at the end of his (right side) of the bed instead of mine because my (left side) of the bed was closer to the door (which was a few feet beyond the bottom left corner on my side). 

It wasn’t until a few years ago, after we had some home renovations done, that I recalled this dream and now with the renovations the position of the intruders made perfect sense- in my dream they were standing exactly where our sliding glass doors onto our large deck opens. This freaks me out a bit, I don’t know if it’s a premonition- possibly one that can be altered since I always triple check the door is locked when we’re not out on the deck or in the backyard. But when I originally had the dream, neither the deck (built 3 years ago) nor the sliding glass doors onto the deck (installed 2 years ago) existed. There used to be a wall and a window (the window opened up toward the headboard, not down where the intruders in my dream were) and without the deck’s existance it also would have been several feet from the ground as we have a back-split- so it made no sense until after the renovations about 3-4 years later. 

It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s unsettling to me even though I love all things spooky and paranormal. 

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I’ve known my fiance since we were children, so I’ve also known his older brother. He’s very “gifted”. 

He once dropped my fiance and I off at my aunt’s and wouldn’t come in no matter how much everyone insisted. (My family’s just like that, if you stop by you get a plate lol) Like wouldn’t even come up the porch steps. My fiance has always kind of made fun of him about it and was like “oh what is it now ghost whisperer?” And bil just said “Frank”.

Frank was my aunt’s first husband who was very abusive, he killed himself in the house when she threatened him with divorce. I was maybe 1 (so bil was 6) when it happened, I didn’t know about Frank until that night while everyone was trying to figure out how he knew. 

He later told me he could tell Frank didn’t like men in the house, which is very on-brand with the behavior my aunt talked about.

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zzar45 :  WHAT?! So you never found out if this lady was a ghost or some random old lady who knew your name?! Ahhhh…. 

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I remember once in late fall it was super chilly out and my brother and I were in our backyard at night with my digital camera (this was when I was about 13 so like 2002) and wanted to see if our yard had ghosts. So we were standing about 20 feet away from some bushes. We both blew our breath to make the fog and took a picture. We wanted a test picture of what breath looks like on the camera so we could know the difference. As you can imagine, it obstructed the view and all you saw was white.

So we took another one of the bushes and we held our breath while taking it. I shit you not, there was this white figure of a head in the bushes (20 feet away). We ran so fast back inside! So I zoomed in on the figure, it was a distinct face – long, bearded, long hair, almost holes for eyes – like it was black where the eyes should be, a nose and mouth.

Wish I kept that picture!

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zzar45 :  THIS is absolutely terrifying. The first experience alone would have had me out of my mind! I don’t know how you stuck that out :-O 

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