I'm in a spooky mood rn. Has anyone here ever experienced anything paranormal?

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Mrs_Beer :  wow that crazy that you have so many of those! Recently just had a similar experience. 

I usually don’t dream much, but one night I had a pretty  that vivid dream that a woman very close to me had a miscarriage. I assumed it was my sister because I knew that she was trying to conceive but in my dream this lady didn’t necessarily have a face (or I just don’t remember it). About five days later, I had lunch with my best friend and she told me she had a miscarriage like 2 days before I had my dream (which I didn’t know about). Good thing is that she wasn’t intentionally trying nor did she even know she was pregnant. She said this happened a couple days after she realized she was late, so she wasn’t sad at all.

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Ok everybody I’ve got some stories! Honestly these are going to sound fake but I promise you they are not.

1. My Aunt has an old farmhouse, I don’t know how old but old enough to have a “tramp room”. A tramp room is usually in the attic, usually with a lock because it was for homeless people or wanderers who would help out farmers for a place to sleep and food. My Aunt has always said there is a ghost in the house. She has lived at this house for about 40 years now and has had several crazy experiences. She always hears footsteps coming from the attic, at one point they were doing some rennovations to the house and I remember her saying the ghost does not like it, she could tell because she would hear it stomping around upstairs louder than usual during the renos. She also thinks it didn’t like one of her puppies she got. One time she came home after being at market and found the puppy crying after being stuck against a corner of the room because her huge heavy couch had been pushed against the corner trapping the puppy there. She said it was especially weird because there were no scratched on the wood floor and if the couch had been pushed instead of lifted there would be scratches. She said no one had been in the house and the couch is too heavy for one person to lift. 

2. Same Aunts house. My whole dads side of the family had gathered there for some celebration when we were pretty young. My sister was always a really sensitive kid and would hide and cry if she got upset. She was around 4 at the time but says she remembers this vividly. We all must have been playing around and she peed her pants and we probably laughed at her and she got upset and disappeared. No one really noticed at first until my older cousin hear her talking to someone upstairs. They went upstairs to comfort her and opened the bathroom door and she was sitting there by herself! They asked who she was talking to and she said “the man in the attic”. Apparently (and she remembers what he looked like and everything) she was crying in the bathroom and he appeared before her and asked why she was crying and she talked to him until my cousin opened the door and he disappeared. 

3. Same side of my family. Apparently it’s well known in my family that my Grandma has some sort of gift. My other Aunt told me a story of when she was about 10 going to camp. She said at this camp there was a seperate cabin for the food. She was alone in the cabin when a black bear walked in. She said she hid and was terrified until she heard her moms voice (my grandma) say “don’t be scared, everything will be ok” next thing she hears is a gunshot and the bear runs out of there. When my grandma picked her up the first thing she said was “see, I told you everything will be ok” and smiled at her.

4. Same Aunt as story #3. She is now older, married, pregnant with child #3. My grandma would sometimes see this old phsycic who was blind. She insisted on my Aunt going to see her because the phsycic asked my grandma to send her to him. She said as soon as she walked in, before announcing who she was (seperate occasion to when my Grandma was there) he said he had two things to tell her. 1. The child she was carrying is a returning soul and 2. her husband has a secret and is not who he says he is. She took it with a grain of salt as she didn’t really believe him. 20 years of marriage later he comes out to her that he’s gay and just married her because he wanted a family and thought it would just go away, they got divorced. The returning soul bit I will explain in point 5.

5. My Aunt from point 4 has my cousin Cheryl. Cheryl was born on the same day as her great grandmother Emma. Not weird in itself but as Cheryl gets a little older she started saying weird things (around age 3) like “remember when you were a baby and I used to hold you?” “remember when you were a baby and I would brush your hair?” again kids say weird things, not necessarily anything. Then Cheryl gets older, it all stops, and she starts babysitting me and my cousins when we’re young. My cousin Sam HATED Cheryl for seemingly no reason and also refused to call her Cheryl she would only call her EMMA. No one knew why, no one knew how she got that name, it was really weird. Eventually Sam grew out of it as she got older and doesn’t know why either.

6. Another cousin, Cheryl’s older sister, gets married, moves to Toronto in an old house in an area called “The Beaches” has two kids. Her oldest, son, is about 3 and her youngest, girl, isn’t 1 yet. She said her son and daughter would sometimes both just look at nothing all of a sudden, stop, stare, and then go back to what they were doing. Then her son started talking “to himself” and would stop whenever one of them went into his room. They asked him who he was talking to and he would tell them he’s “not aloud to say” and was very weird about it. One day he got a balloon and ended up letting go when they were home, it floated to the top of the roof. He was upset, my cousin tried and tried to get it but couldn’t reach the string, the shape of the house was like ^. She gave up, told him they would have to wait until it deflated and stuck him on the toilet before going downstairs to check on her daughter. She said she was gone for maybe 2 minutes before going back upstairs and loe and behold he’s sitting on the toilet holding the balloon! She said he refused to tell her how he got it. She said it would have had to float down, across the hallway, and into the bathroom, no explanation for how this happened.

7. My dad was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. The night of his passing me and my siblings had all been sleeping in my parents room beside him because we knew it was coming. The nurse had told us he would pass within a couple of days. For some reason, that specific night, we all ended up going back to our own bed throughout the night for various reasons, me I suddenly woke up and felt crazy sick, jumped up, and went to my own bed just in case I did throw up. I left my door open just in case. I woke up around 3:00am and heard footsteps downstairs, I assumed it was my brother but then he opened the upstairs bathroom door and went into his own room. Then I heard voices coming from the turned off baby monitor in my parents room and clear as day heard my dad say “What?” and then “Okay”, he hadn’t sounded as clear as that in about 3 weeks. The weirdest part was that I felt incredibly calm! Usually I would freak out if I heard any noise in the house let alone unexplained footsteps and voices from the baby monitor that was off. It would usually have me in full blown panic mode like hyperventilaton but no, this calm feeling washed over me and I immediately fell asleep. About 10 minutes later my mom woke me up to tell me my father had died and to come into the room to say goodbye while she called the coroners. The next day two of my best friends told me they dreamt about my dad the night he died before they knew.

There is honestly more stuff that has happened to me, and members of my family but those things are the ones I remember the most. I know this was really long but I wanted to share some of my experiences!

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namsayin :  wow. That’s crazy. Me, my mum and my sister are quite similar but it happens to me more often. My phone will always be on silent but most times when I think I will message one of them I pick up the phone and they are already ringing me. 

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