(Closed) I’m Just About Ready to Buy MY OWN RING and Marry MYSELF!

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Helper bee
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Girl… i FEEL your pain.  My SO has been assisting me with pre-planning our wedding ever since he bought the ring, in DECEMBER.  WE set the stone and sized the ring last weekend… and it’s sitting in his underwear drawer (because I put it there)… we live together. UM HELLO?!  Where the F*CK is my proposal.  I am so excited and antsy to plan the wedding but I refuse to do it before he proposes!  LIKE COME ON!  He had me help to pick it out, had me come with him to set the stone and size it, what is he waiting for.  ANY MAN who thinks that the whole thinking about being engaged thing is going to go away is kidding themselves!!

Sorry to rant on and on… but know that I completely feel you misery and misery loves company.  GOOD LUCK huneebee 🙂

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Helper bee
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I most certainly will… I think he likes having the control. Which just blows because I totally wear the pants in this relationship.

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Blushing bee
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Best title ever, @huneebee.  You the coolest.

I was talking about our future (read: having a minor meltdown at the not-so-impending engagement) and he fessed up that he’d been looking at rings.  Which is both exciting to know and in no way gonna slow me down thinking about it, so…yeah. 

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Im totally with you on not understanding what he means by telling you “to stop expect it” thats similar to what my SO tells me.. and like you we pretty much are engaged and just waiting for the official proposal and ring”.. but seriously at this point can he really suprise you? he needs to just do it already!! Good luck!

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Helper bee
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@VanillaFrosting. I’m right there with ya’. He even encouraged me to wear the ring to dinner the first two nights we had it (we were on vacation). He put it in his underwear drawer himself. And that was 3 months ago. Grrrrrrr….

I am so frustrated with waiting. I don’t even know if he has a plan. I have been patiently refraining from wedding/proposal talk while secretly enjoying this board and planning in my head. Meanwhile, everyone is getting married and engaged around me.

It helps knowing you all are in the same boat. Hang in there, girls!

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Bumble bee

HUNNEBEE!!! I am in the SAME situation!!! Wow, what he said to you could not be more word-for-word what my bf has said to me.

“He also told me, he feels that proposing on holidays, birthdays, annv. and etc. is cliche and too obvious. He feels that it should be a surprise and that I am robbing him of “his moment”. He wants me to stop expecting it. (wth?)”

“How do you NOT expect a proposal, especially if you’re planning a wedding TOGETHER!!??”

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i laughed at your title, but as the other’s i feel your pain. SO helped me make the guest list and puts his two cents in when i ask and nothing on this finger. he keeps catching me on this website ahh! i need to stop being on here ha.

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Helper bee

How do you not expect an engagement when you are already planning a wedding? Boys are ridiculous!

Hope it comes SOON

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Honey bee
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Don’t hate me… but I get what he’s saying! I think he’s just asking you to stop expecting it to happen so he can actually surprise you with a proposal!

I would suggest you stop talking wedding plans, etc (to him) for the next 2 weeks so he thinks you’ve “forgotten” about it! lol guys like the hunt & they’re intrigued by mystery… if you stop talking about wedding plans I’d bet any money that the proposal would come soon! Let him think that the proposal & wedding is the LAST thing on your mind 🙂

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Bee Keeper
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I agree the title was very funny and that’s why I clicked in. But if you want my honest opinion, I think you have some guts to be planning the wedding without a ring. Because clearly you don’t feel 100% about the ‘engagement’ and clearly your Fiance hasn’t proposed for real since he’s telling you to back down and not rob him of his moment.

If I were you, I would just STOP planning the wedding. Just stop. I know it’s exciting, and you have reason to believe it will come to fruition, but you are sending the wrong messages to everyone including yourself by planning a wedding without being officially engaged. Putting the cart before the horse, buying milk without the cow, etc. You are clearly telling your Fiance it is OKAY to keep you hanging like this, which it obviously isn’t.

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Busy bee
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Ouch. That would make me batty too! I agree with everyone who suggested stop planning the wedding, try to just let it go, and wait for the proposal. It IS coming, not to worry! Wink

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