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I totally share your vision for the small wedding!  We are struggling to keep our guest list down as well.  We also got a request from my future in-laws to invite an old friend and his wife.  My Fiance likely played golf with the guy. Maybe. Once. 10 years ago. 

I also have a lot of people saying that they are coming to our more-local-but-still-destination-like wedding.  But, I see that your wedding is still some months away.  A lot can change between now and then.  People may decide not to come once that RSVP card forces them to really make a decision about parting with their time/money/accrued vacation.  I think a lot of my relatives are claiming they are going to come because they think that is what I want to hear.  It’s possible people are telling you they are coming for the same reason.  Also, they might think it sounds like a good idea. (Who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii?)  I think you will fund as it gets closer that more people stay home for practical reasons.  

While you might not get the exact guest list you wanted, the number of guests will shrink to something that ismore manageable.  Good luck!

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i;m the same, I planned for 50 people now there are 68 the venue can only hold 70; what if people bring more?


if I had to do it all over I would have invited family and old friends first and invited friends last


my Fiance says I stress too much not everyone will come; but man, now there are more people I want to invite I have known longer or I have stronger ties with but are not on the original list



we’re singing the wedding guestlist blues


the important thing is it’s our special day of love; I can’t have any more regrets and keep it below 70


good luck to you!

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Wow I’d be upset too.  Sometimes I feel like if one person ofr the couple wants things small because they have a small family etc. they might want to give a little because the other person might have a big family.  But this is different.  In your case I sense something strange.  I can’t believe all of those people can (or are willing ) to spend that kind of money to go to Hawaii for your wedding.  Are they getting some kind of hotel discount?

I would feel a little used.  Are they looking to have a great big extended family vacation in Hawaii, with your wedding as a good excuse?  What did your Father-In-Law say about the people who "weren’t going to come" who are infact coming?  Moreover, who is paying for all of these people?  I certainly hope it’s not you.   

Where is your Fi in all of this?  It sounds like you have been doing most of the battling. 

I’m not sure if there’s much to do, at this point.  Flights have been booked.  Unless your Future In-Laws want to call these people and tell them there’s been a mistake and they will personally reimburse them for the flights.  (Fat chance.)  Hopefully some people will decline. 

As for the venue with 100 ppl capacity.  If you do really end up with 130, my guess is it wouldn’t be the first time they went over.  Maybe your Fi can get his parents to call the nice people at the venue and have them hash it out.

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Does your venue have outdoor space? Anyplace where people might overflow? Since it’s Hawaii you’re bound to have nice weather, right? 🙂

I think your feeling uncomfortable and that you’re putting on a show is quite normal, and would probably be happening to you no matter where your wedding was held. As my wedding drew nearer and people were making their plans to come from far and wide to attend, I felt guilty too about all the trouble and expense they were going to to come see me. But then I realized, they want to come. Your guests are the same. They want to go to Hawaii to see your wedding. They love you. It’s a hard thing to accept that others will do wonderful things for us while asking nothing in return, but it doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful if you relax and enjoy it. They want you to enjoy yourself and your day. I hope maybe that will assuage some of your anxiety.

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I think you might be surprised at how many people will back out or not be able to make it at the last minute.  Our "destination" wedding is in Wyoming (not nearly as far as Hawaii) and we also have a small venue that we cannot go over 80.  We ended up inviting around 140  (WAY more than I wanted to b/c of his parents’ requests).  (Yes, we invited his parents friends that I had never met and did not invite any of my cousins on my dad’s side…that’s fair, right? Anyway, that’s another story.)

As of February we were pretty freaked out b/c about 95 people told us they were "for sure" coming.  Told us their "flights were booked" and their "hotels were reserved" and "there’s no way we’d miss it."  Our venue would not hold that many people and we were considering changing it to a place we didn’t like as much to make sure everyone could be accommodated.  Little by little as the time got closer, more and more people are backing out.  The economy sucks, my friends are getting pregnant, the "strangers" don’t want to spend that much money to come to a wedding of people they don’t know.  It’s all starting to work out. 

I now have 2 more weeks before the final due date of our reply cards and we’re now closer to having 50 people.  PERFECT!

Things change.  Don’t worry yet.  You’ve still got a lot of time. 

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I would say talk to your venue and let them know the situation.  They want your business and are motivated to make solutions for you.  

After you figure out the capacity issue, you can tweak the menu to stay in your budget.


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we were in the same boat. it’s your wedding, you deserve to feel comfortable. there’s nothing bad about that!

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How did your wedding go in the end, Aloweha? I am having similar worries with our wedding and the  guest list. We too wanted a small wedding but my family is huge so it was impossible. I don’t really like being the centre of attention and we have lost contact with so many friends and family since moving countries that I felt I didn’t really want them to share my day, but felt obliged. My Fiance isn’t worried in the slightest about who is coming and who isn’t. Our list is around 20 people over the limit, so after reading these posts, I realise this could come down more, but still I worry! I hope your day was special in the end. It would be nice to hear of a happy ending or some tips for handling pre wedding stress and worries!:)

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