(Closed) I’m nauseous with stress and crying

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Since you seem to be friends with him, can you just ask him? Tell him that he’s put your in a tough spot and see what he suggests? Does he have friends that can do it? Can he suggest another salon or someone that might be not-as-good-but-still-pretty-good? Go with that route first. Then maybe break down and cry and see what he says? ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

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I got ditched too! I found this award winning stylist who has even done runway shows around the world. I put down a deposit and then she moved across the country with no notice, no apology, and no refund. I was crushed! Then I found another woman who was highly recommended but she’s not returning phone calls and refuses to sign a contract. Yikes! No suggestions for you, just know that I can sympathize ๐Ÿ™‚

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Miss S, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I know you have planned everything so carefully and things unravelling now seem awful. Ask your family and friends for recommendations including your old stylist like jma suggested. Also try posting for help on the knot board, they might have some local recommendations.

Just try to remember that you have an awesome gown, jewelry, shoes lined up and your hair is just one factor in your total look. You are going to look gorgeous no matter how this turns out. I’ll call my friend in Vancouver and ask her if she has anyone good to recommend.

Keep your chin up! We’re all rooting for you

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You are nauseous and crying over this? Imagine how other gals feel when a family member falls deathly ill before a wedding. Because other such girls are on this board.

 I realize this is important to you and that it’s upsetting… but jeez, a little perspective!

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Oh man. What a serious bummer, and what short notice! It sounds like it’s really stressing you out. I would ask him to recommend someone to you and see if he can call in a favor. It sounds like he owes you big time.

Good luck!! And I hope you feel better when you wake up in the morning, after a good night’s sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

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DrS, thanks. Seriously.

It’s hard for those who haven’t gone through, for example, the sudden and unexpected death of their future father in law two months before their wedding (like my Fiance and I two weeks ago) to put into perspective.

I try to have an open mind because I wouldn’t wish what we went through and what we’re going through on anyone. People have their own crisis’ and deal with it their own way, and I certainly hope the biggest problem they have is the double-booking of their hair person or their cousin planning a wedding a week after theirs. Because trust me, feeling guilty for even having the damn wedding and breaking down uncontrollably while finishing up invites because your FFIL’s name is right there in blue and white and you don’t know how you’re going to get through what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, that isn’t fun at all.

Thankfully, WB is a place for all of us to vent the large (or seemingly large) and small (or seemingly small) issues, so we can all make it through to happily-married-land in one piece! 

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That absolutely sucks!!

Any chance you could still get him to do the trial, take tons of pics, then take them to another stylist to copy?  This may be a little expensive, having to have 2 trials, but could be money well spent.  I love my hairdresser (in vancouver) email me at [email protected] if you want her contact info.   

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Oh hun I’m so sorry I can’t believe how horrible this must be.

If you’re good friends with him like you say – you booked him first and that should come long before a better deal – you know? I would talk to him about it. DOn’t let it slide by on e-mail. He should, I feel, find someone else to do the other job, pay for any extra cost out h=of his pocket and do your hair as originally planned. It’s his fault that he double booked, and he should fix this at all cost. 

Keep us updated! 

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Blushing bee


Sorry about your issue. I’m sure things will work out.


I’m sick of people coming here teliing others what is and what isn’t important enough to stress over.

ALSO SICK OF  THE "my tradgedy is much more worthy of sympathy".



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yes, mascott, i agree. often, the things i stress about are those that i KNOW are rediculous. i find myself crying over the small things because of all the big things that have built up, taken the brunt of, and then boiled over.

most of the time when i am stressed, i can already see the perspective. i can see that it could be worse, i can even see that it will probably all be okay just a mere day (or week or month or whatever) from now, but as for RIGHT NOW, i’m stressed and that won’t change, ya know?

haha, sorry for the rant, it was just on my mind from some recent moving stress. i made my friends help me carry furniture, load my car, unload, etc last night even though i could have waited to have stronger help just because i was spinning my wheels and stressing and just needed to feel like i’d gotten something DONE. (we drove down the street with a mattress on top my car. haha)


ANYWAY, Shortcake: i think the biggest reason this sucks so much is because you considered the hairdresser a friend. i majorly cry when i feel that friends have treated me badly, i’m very sensitive to stuff like that. so, addition to the stress of needing a new hair set-up, i totally understand the disappointment. ::hugs:: i’m sorry, i hope you work something out.

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I understand how you are feeling, but just know that everything will fall into place….it always happens


And I TOTALLY agree with mascott25 *five*

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this sounds hopeful! something will work out. its hard to see it right now, but it will.

i agree with others above. certain things stress others differently. its what this industry has done to us. you keep things in perspective, sure, but you still have to find a hairdresser! your priorites are not skewed. this is the bad thing happening to you right now. you deserve sympathy and suggestions.

its a wedding board afterall……

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