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omg he thinks STAG is spelt STEG. Seriously? Drives me mental. 

And tells people he “seen them” all over the place. NO you saw them. 

But if i say “me and so and so” he freaks out and says “so and so and I”

screw off lol

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@FionnaCake:  Bahahah, mine does the same thing! I try to close doors to confine him into one area of the flat, but there is no escaping his nervous pacing when he is on the phone. Although I do remember it was something I found cute at the beginning of the relationship 🙂

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He sits and watches me prepare dinner no matter how much there is to do- for god sake get of your arse, chop a salad and make the drinks!

 Also he’s very one track, if he is talking/ranting about something he’ll start looking it up on wikipedia. This doesnt sound that bad but it happens right before we’re about to go out, right before I’m about to make dinner, right before we’re about to watch a film together…

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@stardustintheeyes:  And this. A thousand times over. We went to a really fancy dinner dance at the weekend and I took extra care and started getting ready extra early. He sat there researching and playing games until about 5mins to go “oh shit I should shave, should I wear proper trousers? Which shirt? Actually I think I’ll have another shower….”

And it was only this morning I was saying to someone that he is way to good for me. Hmmmm 😛

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He burps. A lot. Out of curiosity one time I counted to see how much and he managed 12 in a 10 minute drive. I HATE it!!! Everything else I can handle but some days this just makes me want to snap… Sometimes I just say as calmly as I can “that’s gross” and I think he gets the hint but I’m waiting for the day when I’m PMS’ing really badly and he does it. Not good, lol.

Another thing was that he used to go for breakfast at this one place every Saturday and it would make him sick to the point where Saturday night all day Sunday were a write-off. He knew it was that place but he still kept going. Eventually I told him that if he keeps going there I won’t be home all weekend. He got the hint and doesn’t go anymore, thank God!

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I married mine but…………..


If he throws another bottle or can in the garbage- I’m going to freak!  We have a huge recycling bin outside and stack all the recycables on the counter until we take them out.  If they have already been taken out, instead of putting them on the counter for the next time, he just throws them in the garbage.  Drives me batty!

He believes that you use “and I” for everything.  Do you want to go with Lolasmomma and I to the store?”  “Could you pick up some wine for Lolasmomma and I?”  I’ve tried to tell him that sometimes you need to use “and me” and he seriously thinks that I am crazy.  He’ll say “You always use ‘and I’ ”  That has been a constant battle for the past 6 years………

He drinks the heck out of some diet coke.  If he is working outside, he will pour a big glass over ice, take a drink and leave it on the counter when he goes back outside.  He will then come in an hour later, pour another big glass of diet coke with ice, take 1 drink and go back outside.  I will say “There is your cup from earlier.  Why do you have a new one?”  Him “That one is full of flat sode from the ice.”  Ummmmm…………how about you only pour half a glass and put the soda in the fridge so it’s cold and you don’t need ice?

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Two things…

One, he CAN NOT end a conversation, like if we run into a friend on the street it takes him FOREVER to say like “well, nice running into you, see you later!” and it makes us late for things all the time… it’s so awkward too!

Two, he always says he WANTS to be a vegetarian, but will never do it… so when I order meat, he just eats mine, but won’t order his own because he WANTS to be a vegetarian.

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Mine takes his shoes off and leaves them in front of the closet instead of putting them inside..drives.me.nuts.

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My fiancé will take off his dirty clothes and them drop them on the ground DIRECTY NEXT TO the hamper. Drives me nuts. Extend your arm a few more inches, then drop the clothes. Anyone seen Illinois lottery commercial about the man that does this? Exactly my life, only my fiance can’t figure out the error of his ways Like the guy in the commercial.

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@bretonvirgniia:  dark and light clothing washed together – drives me nuts! i typically go clothes shopping for the both of us since it’s one of my favorite things to do. i refused to buy him new white socks until he promised to stop washing our darks and lights together. i think he grew tired of walking around with dingy looking socks so he doesn’t do that anymore. but you’re right, i am thankful to have someone who doesn’t mind doing laundry!

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I hate when he gets a cold drink from the fridge and leaves it out . Or when he puts trash in the trash can even though it doesn’t have a plastic bag, i hate that Lol.

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@stardustintheeyes:  I think our husbands may be long lost brothers. He does the exact same thing when we’re trying to get ready to go somewhere. Infuriating! Also does the TP thing. I’m going to give your method a try and see if it cures him of his lazy TP issues.

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@stardustintheeyes:  OMG this is my Fiance, too!!


I think it would kill my Fiance to take two seconds to wipe crumbs off of the kitchen counter.  I think it would also kill him to throw expired food (or old leftovers) away from the fridge.  Urghhhh!!

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@bunnymama:  if he gets stuck one time on the pot without TP and has to hear a lecture before he can wipe his ass i guarantee you it will work. I  vowed to do it every single time until he starts making an effort not to be an annoying beast when it comes to stuff like this. Im on strike! this is war! I do EVERYTHING. and I work full time. the only thing he does regularly is throw the trash when I say “garbages are full”. every other kind of household anything, I do it. So I am going ot make things hard until he realizes what a small thing it is im asking him to do by just putting the effing roll on the dispenser!!!!!! *shakes fist*

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@FortiesFlare:  hahaha, I was thinking this EXACT same thing!!!!

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