(Closed) I'm not sure I like my new (smaller) boobs

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@futuremrste:  sorry to hear you are feeling down.  It is normal to question yourself, I do it all the time!!  I always change my mind about things, but the fact is you would not have had surgery without good reasons, and I am sure you will be happy once all the swelling has gone down and the scars have healed.  Dont be so hard on yourself (i know it is easy to say) as we are all guilty of it but you have just had surgery so let yourself heal. 

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@futuremrste:  you poor thing!  Those reasons are exactly why you needed to have it done, you cant live your life like that.  You just wont be used to the look yet, Im sure you wont regret getting it done.  I have a biggish breasts also for my frame (DDs) and get a lot of back pain.  I also just had a cyst removed from my armpit 2 weeks ago.  I have fibrocystic breast condition (as well as endo…sigh…fun and games :-), and get painful lumps in my breast.  I have had that cyst for 9 months or more.  It was cut out 2 weeks or so ago and also tested for cancer, but it was benign.  I just got the stitches out last monday and I dont like my scar (its quite small tho) but it will fade Im sure. Also we are the same in that my scar is the same size as my cyst was so it looks like it is still there but it is now pink.  At least it isnt oozing out anymore, that was horrible to deal with.

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You sound just like me when I had mine done! It takes some getting used to, for sure. I cried the first time I put on real clothes after my surgery! I just looked so different. But once you give yourself some time to adjust you’ll feel a lot better! It’s hard going from one extreme to the next! But you’ll start to love them! And in my experience just not being in pain all the time was well worth it for me!

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hugs. my boobs shrunk after i stopped breastfeeding my kids so i hate how small i am (barely an b) when i was breastfeeding i was a full c . make sure you eat and just take time to recover.

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Totally normal to feel the way you are!  In fact, when I got my braces off, I almost wanted them back on.  It’s hard to adjust to significant physical changes!  

Sometimes when I get down on myself, I read a book and forget all about real life for awhile.  This sounds kinda morbid, but if I read a book that is kind of “heavy” (think war, disease, or death), it makes me realize that my life could be worse.  Hang in there 🙂

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I don’t have any personal experience, but one of my best friends got breat implants a few years ago after being very unhappy with her chest for years (she is (and was) a beautiful girl, but was completely flat). I know she went through a period for about a year where she just wasn’t happy with implants – she thought they were too big, or too small, too lopsided, too…basically everything. Now, three (or four?) years later she’s completely happy. I would imagine with such a big change it will take a while to get used to the change. Plus, you’re still healing. I’m sure it will take a while for all the fluid to be gone and the swelling to be down – so don’t make any hard feelings about the new girls yet.

As far as the lopsided thing, it might be in your imagination, it might be because you’re still healing, and if it’s not? Heck, my boobs are perfectly even – I don’t think anyone’s are!

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@futuremrste:  I had the same surgery and I’m the same height/build as you by the sound of it. It does get easier and pretty soon you will be feeling much lighter/more free. The scars fade really quickly. I had my surgery done a year and a half ago and you can barely tell.

I have the opposite ‘depression’ type problem. My boobs are way smaller now but I STILL wish they were smaller. I sometimes look at the before and after photos though and am amazed. They do look so much better now and I can wear an exercise bra (just one!), and I am not embarrassed to be topless in front of my boyfriend.

As far as the lopsided thing goes, you are only 2 weeks into recovery. My surgeon told me that they won’t settle for a YEAR. A lot of swelling still has to go down and the shape will change. This is all normal. With that said, however, ‘natural’ boobs are usually a bit differely sized, and even after the surgery, my left one is still a bit bigger than the right. It’s really hard to tell, though. It isn’t an exact science, and you just have to try to be less nitpicky.

As far as now comparing yourself to women w. bigger boobs, you need to remember the reasons why you got the surgery in the first place. Once you really start to recover I am sure you will be excited how much easier it is to do things, fit things, etc.

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Sweetie I’m sure you look gorgeous!! And you will be so much more comfortable now I’m sure, with things like exercising! Also, I am a 34C so pretty much your new size, and I don’t usually have a problem with my cleavage being too showy with most shirts and dresses… I dunno if that was an issue for you before, but now you shouldn’t have to worry about it!! It is a fabulous size and I wish you the speediest recovery! 


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Here’s a funny pic to cheer you up

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I lost weight a few years back and it really shrank my boobs. It was horrifying at first. I was like MY PRECIOUS BOOBS ARE GONE!!! and honestly, I’d already come to identify with being big-boobed, it really was part of my identity!! I got almost body-dysmorphic for a while because I was going around complaining how flat I looked…and I was still a very full 32-C (and eventually back to a 32-D when my stress levels went down). But to me I looked flat. I also felt that my smaller boobs made my stomach look bigger. I walked around feeling like that for a while before I admitted it to someone….I told a friend with small-Bs that we were the same size and she balked (note: in my dysmorphic state, she seemed to have slightly bigger boobs than me). It was only when I started telling people and seeing them be SUPER CONFUSED that I started to see my boobs in a more realistic light.

Time really will heal this one!

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@futuremrste:  I had a reduction done about 5 years ago, I went from a 34 DDD/F to a 34 C. I had major regret right away I felt like I just looked totally different. This quickly went away once I was fully healed and the scarring, swelling went away and my breast were able to “relax”. I now love my new boobs, clothes fit much better, I can be active without back pain. One thing that made me feel better was going bra shopping for the first time and being able to buy a cute/sexy bra that didn’t have 2in straps, which I needed before to hold up my girls.


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I think it’s normal to have those ups and downs when you change your appearance so dramatically. Give it time, I think you will feel better. You will have less back pain for one thing 🙂 and your clothes will fit better for sure.

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