(Closed) I'm not sure if we should get married anymore…

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Busy bee
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@MyHeartIsBreaking:  Sounds like he’s not a good match for you. 

If you have trouble letting him go just remember you aren’t the one putting him on his Mom’s couch… He is!  If he doesn’t want to live with mom he should man up and get a job.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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You need to leave. You’re not responsible for his happiness. Getting married won’t magically fix anything. It’s unfortunate that your son is so young, but you know what you need to do. Hugs!

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Busy bee
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you are not happy, you’ve tried hard enough, and it’s not working out. is a councellor an option? if not, I would leave. you just sound so unhappy, like you’d be better off single. 🙁

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Buzzing bee
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It sounds like you’ve made the decision, both in your head and in your heart. Now you just need to do it.

If he’s not fighting for you, your family, then he’s not worth any more of your time and energy. A real man steps up for his family and I’m sorry but he sounds like a giant moocher. He didnt want to take a bus to a job? yeah, no. You’ve given him a home, a family, and 100% supported him. What has he given you in return?

A partnership means 2 equal players, each giving it their all. You and your child deserve better.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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((((( GREAT BIG HUGS )))))

Cause I can tell you are hurting.

First you need to realize & accept this statement


Hard cold truth

I understand your conflict… I have been in your shoes.

I loved my Ex-Husband (an Abusive Alcoholic) very very much… TOO MUCH for my own good.

I stayed because we had kids… I stayed because he was all I ever knew… I stayed because I THOUGHT he was my whole world

I stayed because I thought I could fix him… or find someone / something that could

In reality that wasn’t true…

Leaving was hard… staying gone was harder

Being gone was a struggle… a greater struggle than just living with him and putting up with the familiar

BUT I was miserable and unhappy WITH HIM (not all the time… but too much of the time !!)

My life was heading no-where cause I was being sucked into the vortex that was him.

I knew I had to go for my own sanity

It sounds like you have come to this realization too

Sometimes as they say LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH

There are a lot more components that go into a good relationship / marriage…


Your relationship as you describe it seems to be lacking on a lot of these fronts.

So ya, my best advice is that you make a break… and go

You will find someone who is BETTER FOR YOU (promise)

And can be a stand-up Father to your Son.

You need to sit down and work on your LIFE PLAN… and make a list of what you want out of life and how to get there !!

Dr Phil has an excellent book on how to do this… “Love Smart ~ Find The One You Want – Fix the one you got”

Definitely worth a look see… there are I believe some passages / exerpts on-line… and as it has been around for awhile you might find it at your local Library or on Sale.

If you borrow one from the Library, photocopy the workshop pages, as you’ll no doubt want to do the exercises and keep track of your answers over the long term as you get yourself back on track / re-established… and moving in the right direction to finding MR RIGHT.

Hope this helps,

(( HUGS ))


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Bumble bee

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@MyHeartIsBreaking:  I can tell you care about him a lot but I don’t think this relationship is good for you nor does it make you happy. You’re pushing to get something out of this relationship that isn’t there. You want something different but want it to come from the same man. Unfortunately, I think you need a different man. Or to be alone for a little while.

It is heart breaking, and very difficult. But no matter how much you care about him you can’t “fix him” or “change him”. It just won’t happen.

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Honey bee
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You say you love him, but you don’t say much in your post that shows that. I’m sure you care about him after all this time, but it honestly sounds like you pity him more than love him.  You’ve said yourself that you’ve tried to help him, but at some point, people have to be willing to help themselves first. It sounds like he needs professional help. Please don’t stay with him because you feel bad about his situation. Do something good for yourself and leave. 

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Blushing bee
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It sounds to me like he is ambivalent and doesn’t really care either way. He didn’t fight for you? He sees you as a pretty easy ticket off of his mom’s couch, even though that is where he might belong. That’s okay if he struggles for a bit after you break up with him, maybe he needs to hit rock bottom before he can get his act together. You are NOT responsible for his life or his feelings. What you are responsible for: you and your child and your child’s future. He is his own person and makes his own choices and you do not own those choices.

He won’t do what he needs to do because he doesn’t have to. It sounds like he has a pretty sweet life for himself – and he has to do minimal work to maintain it. I don’t even think counseling is a solution – you’ve already said he realizes that he needs to change but isn’t willing to put in the follow through to actually do so.

You and your babe will be okay in the end. Good luck. As previous posters have said, marriage isn’t going to fix anything. It will probably only make things worse in the long term and will be even more difficult to leave.

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Sugar bee
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Sorry you are going through this. All I can say is sometimes love isn’t enough. If I were you I would take a good chunk of time, like six months. Take a break from him, take time to heal yourself, and work on your own life. It’s been nine years and he had ample oppertunties to change, at a certain point you have to look at him and his behavior and understand that if you stay with them that you are signing up for a life like that.


Six Months will allow you breathing room, time to live without him, and you may be surprised at the peacefulness in your life without having him around dragging you down. He may get himself together in that time or not, but you will have I think a clearer head to make a firm final choice about your life and relationship.

Remind yourself, that you arne’t responible. It sounds like you been cleaning up his mess for years, at this point he is a grown man and he needs to decide if he is going to sink or swim on his own.


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Sugar bee
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There doesn’t seem to be very much of a question here. You need to leave him. All the guilt, etc, that come with that will definitely affect you when you make this decision, but do it now. There is absolutely NO benefit to prolonging what you already know you must do. The person you need to be thinking about is your child.

I really wish you well. You have a hard road ahead of you, but I think you can walk away with your head high. You tried harder than most would have.

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Bumble bee
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@MyHeartIsBreaking:  I’m so sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you dont need advice because you have already made up your mind. I think its just following through with what’s in your heart and it sounds like you’re hoping for some support to do that. Well thats what everyone here is for! 🙂

I also think that one of the things you feel bad about is that you say he loves you in his own way and you have tried to tell yourself that should be enough. One of the key things in this life is that you can’t change is how someone defines their core values. How someone defines love, what it means and what it entails is not something you or anyone else can change. So yes, he may love you. But his definition of love is clearly not the same definition as yours.  That is NOT something you should feel guilty about. You deserve someone who defines it the same as you, who gives the same as you and who strives and fights for the same as you. 

You are NOT responsible for his life or his life choices. You are only responsible for yours and teaching your son how to strive for the best in this life and be true to himself as he grows up.


*sending lots of hugs and strength*  


Edit: I just read your update and I think that just further backs up what i said above. He does not sound like a bad person and I think he does care about you. It just sounds like the things that you both view as important and care about are categorically different. Especially how you go about defending, fighting for and ensuring these things. (ie. love, ambition, spirituality). It doesnt make you right or him wrong – just maybe not right for each other. And yes, you absolutely still do deserve someone who has similar core values to you and defines them in the same way. 


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