(Closed) I’m painting my brown cabinets white & need advice!!

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Honey bee
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I think it would look amazing! I love white cabinets! No advice, but be sure to post photos once you get it done! 

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Helper bee
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Definately go to a home improvement store and ask for their recommendation on paint & application techniquie (i.e. get a sprayer?).  Sometimes the DIY cabinets turn out streaky with brush marks or are done in way too shiny of a finish.  But if it’s done right, it can look like brand new cabinets!  If the granite a fair amount of brown tones in it, personally I’d steer away from the really, really, stark white shades and go for one with just a bit more warmth in it.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t have advice about painting but I LOVE the way your kitchen looks right now!

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Buzzing bee
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A couple of hints.. when my Future In-Laws did their kitchen, I made an elevation sketch of each elevation of the kitchen, and numbered each cabinet.  Then on the back of each door, they wrote the corresponding number.. it really helped when they were putting things back together. 

Also, it’s important to keep the hinges straight, if you are re-using the same hinges.  Put each pair in a bag with the door number that it belongs to.

I think it’s easiest to seperate it into Top vs. Bottom.  If you are not having someone come and spray the cabinets and you are doing the doors seperately.. make it easy on your self.  Start with the upper cabinets.  Label and remove all the doors.  Sand the cabinets so that the existing finish is sufficently roughed up.  PRIME and paint the cabinets.  It’s important to prime, not just to cover up color, but also, primer is a “bonding agent” that helps the paint adhere to the wood.

Then do the doors, lay flat, sand, prime & paint, flip and repeat.  Reattach the upper cabinet doors, and repeat the process on the lower cabinet.  I think it will look amazing.

Also, a dark brown table would look beautiful in that room!  Good luck.

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Honey bee
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I know you probably want to have this be a DIY project, but I have heard that you can sometimes get a professional painter to come and do these type of things for less money and time then it would cost you.  Plus you get to use all their professional tools  which leaves no streaks etc. 

My mom was having a room painted and she asked the painters to touch up her barstools.  For like $100 they took off the chair pads (the seats) and completely repainted three bar stools.  Totally worth the money!

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Busy bee
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I was going to suggest YoungHouseLove as well.  It’s our home-improvement Bible.  We are going for the same look with our kitchen as well! 

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Honey Beekeeper
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IMO, your cabinets are way too nice and new looking to be painting! I think they definitely have a country feel b/c they are a blonde wood. I think you can bring a country vibe in with other decor.

Also, is it wood or laminate? You could white-wash real wood.

Personally, if i bought a home (are you planning on selling soon? something to think about. Or, in the next couple of years), I’d use the fact that the original owners painted the cabinets as a reason to drop an offer big time, stating that replacing them all would be a huge hassel and an expense. Unless your cabinets are super fugly and/or low quality, painting something can just cheapen them.

Oh gosh, taking them apart and painting them, then reassembling them will be a pain! Make SURE this is what you really want to do and it will achieve what you want. Plan out your kitchen remodel first, all the way, and make sure painting them fits the scheme of what you want.

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Honey bee
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I agree with EJS.  When we bought our house we wanted to do the same type of kitchen (white cabinets/black counters).  I still do want to do it, but I am learning that our kitchen isn’t so bad the way it is now.

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Buzzing bee
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This is exactly what we did!  We had formica countertops and wood cabinets (in not a good color), so we swapped the countertops for plain black granite* and painted our cabinets white.  I definitely second asking someone at the paint/hardware store for advice, but here are the main things that we found to be important:

  • sand your cabinets before painting to be sure you rough up the wood enough to get the paint to stick
  • drill any holes you need for hardware before painting
  • “wash” each cabinet with a damp cloth after sanding so you don’t get gritty paint, then let dry
  • use an oil-based primer before you paint
  • use oil-based paint (this is REALLY important for cabinets if you want your paint to last), and pick a sheen that you will be happy with (ours are fairly matte)
  • use a sprayer or foam brush to avoid brush strokes in your paint (we used a foam brush – much cheaper!)
  • paint in a well-ventilated area (oil-based paint is incredibly toxic)
  • paint three coats, letting the paint dry completely (24-36 hours) between coats and use a soft cloth to wipe the cabinets between coats to catch any dust – if you use a foam bruch, switch up how you paint to further camoflauge any brush strokes (i.e. paint coat 1 up and down, coat 2 side to side, and coat 3 up and down again)
  • hang and you are done!

I absolutely LOVE the look of my black and white kicthen – very classic and stunning, plus we get tons of compliments.  I don’t know what you are thinking for backsplash, but you can add a pop of color there if you want one.  (We tiled from the counter to the cabinets in small green glass squares.)

*A note about the granite:  I really love the solid black granite we chose as it definitely makes a statement.  When it’s clean.  Seriously, the plain black shows every finger print, water drop, water rings from glasses, etc., so I clean it All.The.Time.  (Using a special granite cleaner because the sponge leaves water marks too!)  If you want something slightly lower maintenance, I would chose the granite that it slightly speckled – I think it still looks black when you are not right on top of it, but it hides marks better.  I wish I had thought of that…

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Buzzing bee
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Here is a picture, btw.  (Love how my Fiance decided to take kitchen pics while I was making spaghetti sauce in the crock pot!)


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Sugar bee
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Honestly…I think the color cabinets you have look best with the color of the granite countertops.  Especially with the dark brown table.  I really like how it looks now.

 EDIT:  I just realized how biased I was when I turned around and looked at my kitchen.  Colorwise, it is almost identical to yours!  Same granite top and light wood!

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