(Closed) I’m pregnant, what do I do starting now?!

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First thing would be make a doctors appointment! No smoking or drinking (buts its really your personal choice). Stay healthy and active! Usually people make the announcement after the first trimester, but its really up to you.

And of course, congrats!

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congrats! so excitng. for now i would take a prenatal and research what to eat/not to eat and what is safe to do during pregnacy. heres a good site that has a lot of info that has lists of stuff hat hsould help with taht.  http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/

once agian congrats!

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Lay off the coffee (at least until your drs appt), make sure you are taking a prenatal vitamin! They can be purchased OTC at your local pharmacy. You may need some additional vitamins like B12 so I would discuss that with your dr after your first appt…the gyno likely won’t see you until you are 8 weeks so this first appointment will be with your primary care physician to confirm the pregnancy via urine test! Good luck and congrats!

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Vitamins and minerals are the big thing, if you’re eating a healthy vegetarian diet you should be fine but it can be harder to get certain nutrients like b12, iron, calcium, and zinc. Make sure you are getting enough because pregnant women need even more than regular. It’s good to talk to a Dr. about any supplements you are going to take though. 

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Disclaimer: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.

…Just a pregnant lady. And I’ll give you some recommendations below but in general, don’t freak out. There are plenty of young women who don’t realize they are pregnant until they’ve been preggers for a good month and within that time they haven’t been living as model citizens–and they go on to have perfeclty healthy babies. So it’s great that you want to be in optimal health, but it’s not worth stressing yourself out over. 

1. Make an appointment with your doctor/ob-gyn. THey probably will not do much (mine has me pee on a stick again and then said, Oh, here’s your due date. Get some prenatals.)

2. Start taking prenatal vitamins (I got the fancy ones that include extra DHA pills (I have Rite Aid generic for Women’s One-A-Day), but if you choose to buy prenatals and DHA separately, read the labels and make sure the dosage of the DHA is the same). 

3. There really isn’t a need to substantially change your diet–yes, you shouldn’t drink, smoke, or do hard drugs, but being a vegetarian is usually not a big deal (I’d say there’s a little more effort you’d have to make if vegan). I mean, there’s a list of foods to avoid–I don’t subscribe to it very much and if you want my reasoning as to why I choose to ignore most of it (*), I’ll tell you, but in the US, they recommend the following:

-No alcohol

-Less than 300 mg. of caffeine per day (which is 2 cups or less, or 1 grande Starbucks/day)

-Avoid raw meats, poultry, eggs, and seafood (like sushi*)

-Avoid luncheon meats, hot dogs, and smoked fish* (unless you heat them until they are steaming)

-Avoid raw/unpasturized cheeses (brie, blue…there are others, I forget)

-Don’t smoke

-Avoid high-mercury fish (swordfish, shark, king mackerel…)

-Lower mercury fish/seafood (which includes canned tuna and shrimp) can be consumed 2x per week

-Reduce junkfood, sugar, white flour*

If you want to be extra good to baby, you can increase your folic acid and folate intake (hel-lo kale!).


Now, just so you know, the reason why I say take all that food stuff with a grain of salt is because I–like many ohter women–had really terrible morning sickness the first three months, and while I really would have liked to have been the spinach queen, the only thing I could stomach was a diet of popsicles, lemonheads, and flat ginger ale. I kid you not. And it went from that to a cheese-and-crackers diet for a while before I felt good enough to eat something that actually grew out of the ground. When I asked my doc about this, he just said as long as I was taking my prenatal and it was staying down and as long as I wasn’t showing signs of being dehydrated/malnourished (fainting, that sort of thing), it was okay. 

One other thing–if you get tired, it’s best to allow yourself to sleep, if you can. And you will get fatigued pretty early on.


Congrats momma!

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Congrats!  Ditto the PPs advice.  Also, your OB will go by your LMP as the “start” of your pregnancy, so you’re actually probably 4-5 weeks at this point.  This will be important when you call to make your appt so that they don’t make you wait an additional two weeks to be seen.

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@brendainflorida:  (sorry, this is one of those “rules” that annoys me because I’m a coffee drinker)

The recommendation to curtail caffeine comes from a study in which they found there was a slight risk of miscarriage during the first trimester if the mother consumed at 5-6 cups of coffee a day. And that’s a slight risk. There haven’t been any studies that demonstrate premature labor, birth defects, or miscarriage caused by caffeine consumption of 300 mg. of caffeine or less per day. 

It’s still up to you whether you want to drink your tea and there are plenty of women who do forgo their lattes, but I believe in women having information before making decisions. 

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Sounds like the ladies above have given you some great tips.  The only other thing I might add at this point is try to avoid hitting the hot tub, or super hot baths. Congrats!!

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Newly pregnant gal here. One thing you might do is make arrangements to have a test done at a clinic or doctor’s office to make sure it’s not a false alarm. (That’s what I did two days after I took a home pregnancy test that turned up positive.)

Second, like Ashley B said, get a doctor’s appointment. (I’ve had one so far.)

Third, I don’t know what your financial situation is like, but if money is especially tight in your household at this time, you might look into a program called WIC (Women, Infants, Children) where they give you vouchers for certain foods. From what I understand, after the baby is born the baby is included in the program and the mother stays on for another six months to a year depending on whether or not she opts to breastfeed. After that, it’s just the child that’s on the program until he/she reaches a certain age. (They also do certain check-ups for the mother and/or child.)

Fourth, get some prenatal vitamins if you haven’t already. I know with the ones I normally take, it’s recommended that they be taken with food. If the prenatals end up making you nauseaus or something, another alternative might be two children’s vitamins each day (but each one would be taken at separate times).

Fifth, if you drink coffee or anything caffinated, you may want to at least cut back on it. I think the recommended limit is something like 1-2 cups a day. (I used to drink coffee every day, and indefinte amounts at that, but since the pregnancy, I’ll generally just have a mug’s worth on Saturdays or on days that FI feels up to having some himself, which happens maybe once or twice a week.)

Sixth, whatever you do, don’t skip meals or go too long without eating, however tempting it may be at the time. The latter especially can trigger nausea.   

And finally, speaking of nausea, I’ve heard that some things that might help with that are ginger snaps or having something like unsalted crackers by the bedside at night to be eaten before getting out of bed in the morning. (The latter has worked somewhat for me.)


That’s all I got for now.

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Book suggestions: Mayo Clinic Guide for Pregnancy and Panic Free Pregnancy

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