(Closed) I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. (rant.)

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Oh girl, I think you need to go to a doctor even if you are feeling better and tell them all your symptoms.  It’s hard for doctors to diagnose things when we only tell them the little things that are bugging us instead of the whole picture.  I hope you feel bettter soon.

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I suffer from the same thing (whatever is), without the depression.  My stomach ALWAYS hurts, I’m ALWAYS nauseous, I’m always exhausted.  i never ever feel good.  I changed my diet a year ago after my Doctor suggested that might be the problem, but nothing has improved.  I’m so tired of the tests that come out negative.

I feel your pain :/ Literally!

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Ugh, I know. I’ve been congested since the end of September! Tried everything OTC, antihistamines, cold medicines, etc. Afrin was the only thing that worked but you cannot use that more than 3 days or you get addicted and the effect wears off quicker and quicker. Doctor gave me a Z-Pak (antibiotic) in October, which helped for like a week, then back to congested. I was so busy I didn’t get back in until last-last Friday, and she gave me a steroid nasal spray and a SUPER strong antibiotic. She thinks I have a really deep-set in sinus infection. I just finished the 10 day course this morning, and honestly only JUST started feeling better at day 7-ish. I’m afraid it will come back, and…here we go again 🙁

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Yeah I’ve been feeling generally sick since August. I have been to the doctor a few times, but she doesn’t find anything specifically wrong with me. And now I want to go back but I feel like she is won’t find anything wrong again. Maybe it’s time for a new doctor.

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@KateByDesign:  This is me for nearly three years now. I’ve failed tons of med trials and all the tests are always negative. It sucks.

On top of that, I have pneumonia right now, so it’s pretty frustrating.

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Write down all of your symptoms, every time you experience them, in a journal complete with date and time and any other information you think might be important. Once you’ve collected days/weeks/months of symptoms, you and/or your doctor might be able to see a pattern? Or at least put something together based on the big picture, rather than treating each and every little symptom as something separate.

Have you seen a specialist to determine if perhaps it’s something like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, that would not show up in blood tests? The symptom journal could be helpful for something like that…

It might be worth a shot!

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hmm, sounds like me, but without the depression. I’ve been nauseous since June and I randomly get pain right above my stomach. I’ve had so many tests done and they all come back negative. You should go to the doctor anyway and tell them what’s going on, tell them every little detail you can remember because to a doctor, the smallest thing can make a difference. Good luck!

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You sound like I was.  Go to a rhumetologist and ask if you have Fibromyalgia.  That is what I was recently diagnosed with and the medicine they have me on makes a world of differnence.  It is worth a shot.

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agree to keep track of teh symptoms, even if it’s just in your planner. I use a site called Patients Like Me that has been helpful to keep track of when my pain is at its worst (I have some chronic health issues – it’s been really good for pinpointing when my arthritis is worse, which helps to plan ahead). If you truly believe that there is something wrong, don’t give up. If you don’t feel that your doctor is giving you the best attention, try seeing another doctor, or even a specialist.

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I just want to say that, not that I’m happy that you are not feeling well, but it is a relief to know that I am not alone, because I’ve been suffering with similar symptoms for almost 2 years, currently a new sickness since September.

It started with gastro-intestinal issues almost 2 years ago. I went to the gastro doctor and over the course of 6-8 months, they did an endoscopy, colonoscopy, catscan, diet logs, medication, to find out why I get pain and bathroom issues. Everything was negative (thankfully), but frustrating because I want something to help the symptoms. Knowing I’m technically fine, it can’t be anything other than IBS caused by stress.

Back in February 2011, I began headache, dizzy, blurry symptoms. Went to EVERY doctor (family doc, ENT, allergist, eye doctor, neurologist for an MRI!) and basically I was fine. Again, stress related?

September 2011 starts the cold symptoms, stuffy nose, allergy, headache, sneezing. Got a z-pack, felt good for about a week, and I clearly remember on Thanksgiving starting to feel crappy again, which is what I’m still dealing with…..congestion, sore throat, dry cough, clogged ear feeling, swollen lymph nodes, headache, dizzy. I had a fever on Wednesday, got a stronger antibiotic, fever broke, but I’m going back to doc tomorrow bc I think the antibiotic isn’t fully working (it’s probably viral)

Anway….so sorry to hear you are not feeling well, but you are clearly not alone! There must be some sort of nasty virus going around. 

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I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and went on a gluten free diet and feel like myself again for the first time in months! You should consider looking at the symptoms for this disease, it is one of the most undiagnosed diseases because there is no medication for it (therefore pharmaceutical companies won’t fund the research) it is just changing your diet! Smile

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I was going to suggest Celiac disease too. My cousin started developing a lot of weird symptoms like that a few years ago and saw a ton of Dr’s. No one could find anything wrong. She started doing internet research and came across Celiac Disease. As soon as she cut all gluten out of her diet, all her symptoms disappeared. Might be worth a shot. I hope you get it figured out and feel better soon!

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I’m glad you decided to see the dr. and that he may be able to come up with some help for the issues you’re having to make you feel better. It’s really important to take charge of your own health and to keep pushing for answers. Keeping a diary of anything and everything will also help, as people really seem to have short memories  or use the wrong words to describe certain symptoms. Even any OTC medications you take or any vitamin/mineral supplements can be contributing to how you feel.

I hope you get some answers!

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