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Helper bee

Everyone’s body is different- some people need more protein, some people just need more carbs. I crash without carbs- my sister crashes without large amounts of protein. Play with your diet a bit- add more healthy carbs, add a different type of protein. The sugar in the peanut butter, nut bars, and tea may be making you crash. I’ll crash if I sugar more than once or twice a day. And keep in mind, sugar is sugar, even if it is in the form of fruit! Maybe scale back on the fruit and increase your veggie consumption. It’s really one of those things that you need to experiement with!

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Buzzing bee
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Make sure you continue to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. A doctor will be the only one who can give you perspective on your particular diet but perhaps you need to spread out your meals a little more?

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Sugar bee
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Are you eating enough calories? That doesn’t really seem like a lot of food… 

Also, you have a wedding coming up – no doubt you’re exhausted! 🙂 But seriously, I’d say it’s probably caloric intake. 

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sounds like you need more carbs! it makes me angry that they’ve been made out to be the bad guy. they are actually really important for your body.

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This may seem a little master-of-the-obvious, but I think you should probably see your regular doctor. Tell him/her about the fatigue, etc. Who knows, what if it’s not diet related? Also, they could tell you what you should be eating too. 🙂

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Worker bee

If this is all you’re eating in a day:

I’ll have tea with honey, banana dipped in pb, than I’ll have a snack of like an apple or a nut bar, and for dinner sometimes a protein shake or some carryout …

I can see some things missing, like lunch!  Depending on how large your dinner is, it doesn’t sound like you’re eating more than 1,000 calories a day.  I second that you should see your doctor, and make an effort to eat more substantial meals than a single piece of fruit.

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Busy bee
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Yep, my suggestion would be to see your doctor or a nutritionist if you want to be very specific with your diet.  From what you’ve told us in your post, it sounds to me that you are lacking in a few areas.  You need some carbs.  I know everyone believes carbs are a no-no but you should try to squeeze some in.  If you’re really concerned about weight gain, incorporate some carbs at breakfast and/or lunch and skip it for dinner.  This might be obvious but try and get carbs from whole wheats, no processed white pasta, bread, or rice.

I’m going to have to agree with those who say you need to up your caloric intake.  You really need to figure out what your minimum calorie requirements and stay around it. 

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Bumble bee
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I think you need to eat some more, girl!  I would suggest eating small meals more often, think 200-300 calorie meals 4 times a day.  I didn’t see a lot of protein in your average day, nor carbs which are not the devil (contrary to popular belief!).  Your body needs a certain amount of calories per day to function properly, and you being tired all the time is probably your body’s way of telling you that you need to feed it more! 

I think it couldn’t hurt to pay a visit to a nutritionist.  They can get you set up with a good, healthy meal plan that will help you maintain your weight. 

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Helper bee
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Are you exercising too?  It may be carbs or calorie intake.  Are you drinking enough water?  It could just be a change in diet, if you haven’t been doing it long.  Make a doctor’s appointment and good luck!

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Worker bee

Are you making sure you follow the food/health guidelines? I know you’re in the states, but here’s the link for the Canadian one: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/alt_formats/hpfb-dgpsa/pdf/food-guide-aliment/view_eatwell_vue_bienmang-eng.pdf

It tells you how much of each thing you should be having in a day. It also varies depending on what your daily activities are. If you’re a marathon runner and train constantly, you’ll definitely need more, but if you’re a desk worker and sit infront of a computer all day, then you won’t need to eat as much.

There are several explanations for fatigue, not just diet though. Go to your doctor and talk to him/her about it. They doctor will likely tell you to get a blood test. You want to have them test your iron and B12 levels. Actually, before that, are you sure you’re not pregnant? You may feel extreme fatigue due to a pregnancy as well. If those tests come back normal, you may be developing a sleep disorder, or like you said, it could be diet related. Your doctor will be able to refer you to a nutritionist

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Bumble bee
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Could it be possible that some of the exhaustion is wedding related? I feel tired all the time and I think it’s just all this planning, not getting good sleep and everything. You should talk to your doctor, but also cut yourself some slack till the wedding is over.

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Worker bee

I would suggest eating a sturdier breakfast with more protein…something like oatmeal with fresh fruit, protein shake, or eggs.   I  had the most energy when I was eating a low fat, high protein diet.  A doctor/nutritionist can help you get more specific, but from what you told us, starting with the basics may help…getting enough calories, eating the correct balance of protein/carbs/fat.

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Bumble bee
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It’s good that you have started to take b-12 supplements…I had been overwhelmed with fatigue and it was due to my diet!! I went to my Dr. and they did a full blood workup and found I was very anemic and it was likely due to very low levels of b-12.  I didn’t eat meat that often and this was the likely culprit since B-12 is in meat (the most in red meat)  I started taking the supplements and started eating more red meat and noticed a huge improvement.  I also agree with other posters that it doesn’t look like you are taking a lot in.  Another thing to note that the nutritionist mentioned to me is that a lot of times the supplements are harder to absorb then if you were taking in the nutrients you  need in food.  She recommended taking nutritional yeast which is a great source of B-12, which she said is usually in the organic/vegan aisle)  I hope this helps!

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