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  • poll: Which degree would better suit me, based on the pros and cons?

    B.S. Corporate Communications

    Masters in English

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    This thread is intense. I can’t believe it is still going on. Maybe everyone should just look back to the initial question about whether she should get another bachelors or go for a masters (or whatever the question was). Even if the poster is a horrible teacher, there’s no use in being degrading and mean on WB. I had lots of horrible teachers throughout my 16 years of schooling and I’m just fine. Stop being mean. 

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    I voted Master’s because a second bachelor’s is rarely going to help you get any job. You can probably apply to communications jobs with your current degree, so it’s not going to benefit you at all. Maybe look at Master’s programs in another field though, because I agree with PP that a Master’s in English is not the most profitable either.

    Also OP, you sound rather jaded about your current teaching situation. Maybe try moving to another district? If that doesn’t make you happy, then maybe you are on the right track with changing professions. Though I wouldn’t choose you new profession based on what classes are cheapest or the courses are easy (as that seems to be your main concern), because they sound like a set up for a useless degree with no job prospects.

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    @peachacid:  I think you have articulated everything I wanted to say. And I’m a Philadelphia native and from the “ghetto.” 🙂 Oh and I’m black…


    I want to say that I will soon be pursuing a PhD in English and I speak in African-American vernacular (or I guess you would call it “ghetto talk”) whenever the hell I want. Doing so is not an indicator of my education level or professional standing. I think my 7-page (though entry level) CV speaks for itself.

    OP, do yourself a favor and get out of teaching. Corporate communications might be a better fit for you, but you will still find fighting and drama there too. It’s part of human nature. It’s part of working. It’s part of life.

    There is no reason to pay for a second Bachelor’s. It will not prepare you for the work world. Maybe look into MBA degrees. There might be more opportunities.


    Now time for me to get the hell up out of this thread before I curse someone out. Good day!

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    Wait…do I know you?  At what school do you work?

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    @beelicious26:  Because honestly in this day and age a Bachelor’s degree is the equivalent of a HS diploma 20 years ago. It’s seen as more of a test of motivation than specific training for a field, unless you are in a hard science or engineering. Though your history degree is not relevant, your teaching experience shows you have communication skills and most likely the basic computer skills required for most entry-level business/communications positions. You’d be amazed how many people have degrees not remotely related to their jobs!

    I’m not guaranteeing you will be hired without experience in the field in any way, but rather saying that getting another Bachelor’s is not going to make you that much more attractive of a job candidate, because you lack experience regardless. If you really want a shot to get hired, since you probably have summers off as a teacher, what about trying to get an summer internship in the business/communication field? That may get you useful experience that could either get you hired, or just see if you even like the field!

    You are much better off getting a graduate degree such as an MBA or some other field. Like I said that a Bachelor’s is the modern equivalent of a HS diploma, and graduate degree shows much more motivation to better oneself than multiple undegrad degrees.

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    None of the above. A communications degree is virtually useless..and you don’t seem particularly into the English idea either. Find something you’re passionate about and interested in. Going back to school for anything less is a waste of time and money.

    Why don’t you try and find a field you’re interested in, and apply for internships? You may need to start at the very bottom but it’s a good way to make connections in a new field without necessarily needing a new degree. A new BA is pointless – most employers who are only looking for Bachelors level employees will hire any degree. Don’t go for a Masters unless you’re in a field that you’re A) sure of and B) requires it. 

    And I second the others who said you need to stop teaching. Clearly, your heart is not in it, and you can’t be an effective or respected teacher that way. The world has enough people teaching for a paycheck and not because they truly care about educating young people. You’re doing your students a major disservice by continuing to be their teacher. Your entire initial post just reeks of resentment toward your students, and if a bunch of strangers online can sense it, the kids can too. It’s time to move on from that career.

    I taught in Harlem (NY) so I (and several other posters) are familiar with low income areas and the problems that usually accompany teaching in such a place. But I would NEVER call those kids or their families “ghetto.” Not to their faces or online. Very disrespectful and unprofessional.


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    @beelicious26:  example, “I be american”. This is wrong

    Different wrong, and I think that is the root of what a lot of people are taking issue with here.

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    I agree with the PP in that this board has lost sight of what the original question even was!  I think everyone can agree that the students that hurt/shot/degraded adults were in the wrong and it is inappropriate behavior.  Some people didn’t agree with your response to the situation and your wording of previous posts, but that is neither here nor there.  Bottom line (as I see it) is if you aren’t happy teaching (for whatever reason it may be), then a career change definitely should be something to consider.  I agree that another bachelor’s might not be the best route, but instead trying out internships to gain the experience and then working towards a masters.  Follow your heart and where you think you’ll be most happy and content! That’s what really matters in the long run 🙂 

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    A general MA in English, which is typically in literature and theory, may not get you what you want, as these tend to be focused on either progress towards a PhD or for high school English teachers increasing knowledge in content area.

    BUT, there are other Master’s degrees in English. You could look at a MTPC (master’s in technical and professional communication) or a standard MA but focusing on Rhetoric and Composition. Both of these are more the philosophy of communication, and both lead to corporate jobs, esp. the MTPC. The MTPC program at the university where I did my PhD had a nearly perfect job placement rate for its graduates (PM me if you want to know what school). The students I was friends with often got technical writing jobs, and they’re all doing extremely well.

    You’d almost certainly be able to TA while doing the degree, and depending on the program, you might have classes to yourself and not just be assisting a professor, so you could keep teaching for a while.  

    ETA: I just answered the original question, and ignored the stuff going on in previous posts, so I have no idea what’s going on with those. I might go back and read them now, but I was just interested in helping out the OP.

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