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@LilMsMicro:  Exactly. Think of the relationship that your ring symbolizes versus hers. *Shudder*

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First world problems. It’s a ring. Who the hell cares? I agree with other posters, it isn’t a pissing contest. Stop crying and move on with your life. It isn’t worth your time.

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Buzzing bee

Wow, I pity her. She’s stuck living with herself for the rest of her life …

@Dell79:  I don’t get the whole “mine is bigger” thing when it comes to moissanite…and I don’t mean to offend people but we are talking about a couple hundred dollar difference from one carat to the next…its not the same with diamonds where there are thousands of dollars difference in size

Actually, that kind of attitude is pretty idiotic when it comes to diamonds, too. “X spent thousands of dollars more than Y on a piece of crystallized carbon.” So X … wins?

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Actually, allow me to revise: I pity their child. Poor kid. No idea what s/he’s in for.

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Really?  Everyone thinks this other girl is in the wrong?  For all we know the OP could have chosen a solitaire- she said it was very simple.  So if a friend has a solitaire (or any type of ring because let’s be honest most rings are variations of each other), I cannot also have one?  Or if I wanted one, I should make sure it’s at least smaller?  No one else finds this ridiculous?? 

Did the OP actually tell the friend the specs before she made the “husband didn’t want her walking around with only a carat” comment?  And yes, it’s not the most polite thing to say ‘mine is bigger’ but I wonder if she was saying “except mine is smaller” it would be such an issue for the OP.  If the OP was really as ok with the size of her ring (that she spent hours choosing the perfect one) why does she care the friend’s ring is ‘an upgrade.’  It seems to me that the issue very much is that her ring is bigger, which you shouldn’t care, right, since anything over 1 ct will look “silly” on your finger? 

Honestly, if someone said “oh they match” I think a more appropriate comment is “yes, we have good taste.”  Say it before she can say hers is bigger, or just tell her it embarrasses you when she says hers is bigger.  Maybe she doesn’t realize it does since you were so particular about the size you wanted.  You are this girl’s friend?  It doesn’t sound like it with the comments you’ve made about her marriage and her husband. 

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@KCKnd2:  idiotic, maybe but the whole point is that, that type of attitude stems from the fact that diamonds are ridiculously expensive and are very pricey as you go up in size. The fact that she is open to a less expensive alternative and to try to act superior that her Fiance won’t have her walk around with anything less than a carat does make it more absurd IMO.

IMO and I do emphasize IMO I compare it to someone getting a cz and saying their Fiance would never have them walk away with a cz less than a carat (yes I am aware moissy is not a cz)…

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You know why your ring is more special: because you and you Fiance did it together. They are just copying off what you and your Fiance is doing. Your relationship, ring, and Fiance is original and that should make you happy. Her ring maybe bigger, but after medical school she will not matter, but that beautiful ring you and your Fiance picked out togther and your relationship will. Let her have her fun now, but you have something more special and that ring means more for you then for her.

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To make it better when people are like “Oh they match” she makes sure to say “No mine is bigger”. 

Wow, that’s pretty tacky.  Nice “frenemy” you’ve got there.  If I were in your situation, I would be DONE with her as a friend. And because I don’t put up with bullshit from anyone, I’d be inclined to respond to her bragging with either of these two options:  

Response #1:  “Yes it is, but I have the better man and that’s more important”

Response #2: “Oh, so it’s a size competition? My FI’s c*ck is bigger and I don’t have to share it with all the sluts in town.”

And that would be the end of that friendship in the most spectacular fashion. Single White Female much? Good riddance. 

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@Zanne54:  Response #2: “Oh, so it’s a size competition? My FI’s c*ck is bigger and I don’t have to share it with all the sluts in town.”

HAHAHA!  That would be priceless!

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@Zanne54:  I would pay good money to see that!

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@missjewels:  Oh. My. God. Wow. just wow… I am so sorry your future women in laws are so… I don’t know. Wow… I can’t believe!

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