(Closed) Im so upset.. what motivates you for the gym?

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Sugar bee
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First of all its all about health eating, and excercise in moderation, dont over do it.

They say 30 minutes of excercise a day. Does it hurt to walk? How bout walking each day, on days that you feel good, head to the gym once a week or how bout going to the local pool? swimming is a good toning, even walking through laps in the pool is great excercise.

Im sure you will look great on your day. Chin up! keep going! baby steps…

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Bumble bee
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If “going to the gym” is hard to keep up, can you try incorporating moving around more into your daily life?  I live in NYC (without a car), and we walk everywhere.  I always walk to work now (there’s no convenient subway by me now) but in my old apartment, on days I couldn’t make it to the gym, I would skip the subway and walk the 4+ miles to work.  I had to get there anyway, so I just factored in my workout.  My mom lives a few blocks from my gramma, and instead of driving like she used to, she snaps a leash on the dog and walks over, visits for awhile and walks back.  Some people go to the mall just to do laps and window shop.  Maybe try adding non-traditional “exercise” to your daily routine.

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Blushing bee
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I am not a gym rat myself.  I can probably talk myself into going for a month, then I stop.  There are plenty of excuses, to cold to go out, raining, to far, to late.  So, I bought a wii fit.  I know it is not a substitute for a gym, but with all my excuses there is no excuse, why I can’t turn my wii on for 30 mins.  I also bought some work out dvds such as the 30 day shred.  I would NOT suggest getting the 30 day shred since you had some medical problems within the past year and pain when you work out.  I just got through an injury with that game.  I must have “pulled” my achilies tendon doing the dvd, could barely walk for 3 weeks, but as of yesterday I am better and back on the wii!

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Buzzing bee
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I’d start by finding a workout that doesn’t hurt – water aerobics can be a great workout that doesn’t cause too much stress on your joints, if your gym offers it. Otherwise walking or the elliptical (running can be jarring to your ankles, knees and hips) can also be low-impact. Once you get into a rhythm, it won’t be so hard to motivate yourself because the workout endorphins will kick in with their “feel good” mojo.

Also, I swear I read something recently how people who workout regularly have a higher pain tolerance – anyone else see the same thing? So even if it doesn’t feel so good now, in a couple of weeks you might feel tons better.

Good luck and update us on your progress!

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Bumble bee
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Have you spoken to your doctor about the pain that you’re having?  It might be good to rule out anything that could be non-workout related before you start an exercise program.  They might be able to recommend an exercise program that will not hurt as much.

I like water aerobics- it’s a great workout and it’s very low impact on your joints.  I know that it can feel a little awkward getting into a pool and jumping around but know that everyone feels the same way 🙂

Good luck!

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Bee Keeper

Have you tried going with a buddy? I go with a girl I work with, and I always feel like I disappoint her if I don’t go. She feels the same way. So on the days we each don’t want to go, we motivate each other to go…it definitely works for us knowing that the other person is waiting for us or wouldn’t go b/c I would go.

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Buzzing bee
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My best friend is in the exact same position.

For her, she is in pretty regular pain after the years of trauma on her body (extra 200 pounds, now the trauma of surgery). She has maintained her weight loss by choosing activities she enjoys: playing on the Wii, taking dance lessons, walking the dogs, etc. She never goes to the gym. I think part of it is she still has a lot of skin sag issues, and hates unstructured clothing.

Are there activities you really enjoy? Playing the Wii or dancing or bowling are not the most aerobic activities, but two hours of them will match 30 minutes of pretty much any super-aerobic activity.

Another thing that may help is choosing something that feeds your spirit along with your mind. I personally enjoy the empowerment of weight lifting. Many people find pilates very relaxing. Same with yoga. If you join a bootcamp or boxing program, you could really come to love the comraderie.

Basically, think about your emotional needs along with your physical. I’m not trying to be new-agey (at all! not into that), but it just makes sense that if you find emotional, mental and physical harmony in an activity, you are going to do it.

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Buzzing bee
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Ouch!  Definitely speak to your doctor about ways to manage or eliminate the pain.  No one should have to live with chronic discomfort.

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Bee Keeper
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I would talk to your physician, and possibly a physical therapist, about a regiment that will work for you. Otherwise you may end up putting yourself in more pain, which is no good! Once you do that, I recommend getting your exercise down to a pattern. If you don’t feel like working out for an hour one day, just do a 20 minute workout video. It may not be perfect, but at least you stuck with it! Your endurance will go up over time. Good luck!

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Busy bee
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I ditto PPs about talking to your doctor & (after doctor talk) doing water workouts.

But I’d like to share that working out is really only 20% of what helps to lose/keep off weight…another 10% is inherited & the majority, 70% has to do with what you eat, how often you eat, & how much you eat.  Try to eat a variety of foods (add more protein, veg, & fruit – limit sugars & saturated fats)…the more intense the color, the more nutrients it contains (bright, deep colored salmon, deep colored beets & berries, sweet potato rather than spuds).  Minimize proportions (eat meats & proteins that are the size of your fist (fattier meats) or flat hand (leaner meat), carbs also size of fist; veg the rest of the plate).  Eat often – every 3-4 hours – including a complex carb & protein with every meal & snack.  The increase of frequency speeds up your metabolism; the better quality foods give you more energy & support areas in your body that need assistance & keep you healthy; the smaller portions help you keep a healthy amount of calories without gaining too much weight even if you’re NOT working out for health reasons. 

Just doing those things I mentioned, I’ve lost 4 inches & 4 pounds.  I haven’t worked out in about 9 days because I’ve been under the weather, but eating healthy helps me get to a healthier weight.

Good Luck and hope your body gives you less pain soon!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I agree with others that diet is the main way that people lose weight.  I really believe in counting calories.  It really helps to see you eating habits and making sure that you are really eating the suggested serving size and not 2 or 3x more (most people eat way more cereal than the serving size).  I would try to walk as much as you can since you can’t tolerate more vigorous exercise and I would talk to the doctor about your pain since that is a quality of life issue.

I really hope you lose the weight you are hoping for.

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Blushing bee
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I hired a personal trainer who used to come at my place and drag me out of bed and make me work my butt off. Its a lil expeonsive hirng someone like that but it really helped me.

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