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UGGGHHHH parents like that make me want to have children less and less. I don’t want my kids to be influenced by that.

Can you imagine what chaos their house is like on a daily basis? It sounds like there has been very little structure or rules in that house and now it’s to the point it is out of control!

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that is so annoying.  i don’t know how or why parents think this behaviour is acceptable in public.  those boys were old enough to know better and shouldn’t even have to be told.  i can only imagine the chaos that would go on in their own home.

if the kids were that rambunctious, i personally would have said something to them or the parent.

even when he was young, my son never acted out like this in public.  i would just have to give him “the look” and he would settle down.  btw, that “look” works on my husband too, lol.  


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I feel bad for the daughter…..

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I totally agree.  Story for you…


About  months back I was in a coffee shop.  It’s a fairly standard coffee shop but has a very adult atmosphere.  People go there to work away on their laptops, drinks coffee with their girlfriends, have meetings, talk about y’know adult things, and just relax.  It quite clearly an adult environment.  Anyway, I’m in there for an informal meeting  and I’m trying to chat to the person I’m meeting with and there’s this mother who has brought her 4 kids (yes 4), all ages under 12, with her to the coffee shop.  They are running riot.  And I mean riot.  They are screaming, and squealing, and then they start diving under the tables playing hide and seek – even the tables people are sat at.  They are running around the backs of chairs – again with people in the chairs – and grabbing on to the backs of chairs to steady themselves.  EVERYONE in the coffee shop was getting a bit sick of it.  I repeatedly had to ask my client what he had said due to the noise.

Anyway, it was driving everyone mad and the mother is just sitting there chatting away on her phone, completely oblivious.  So the manager of the coffee shop comes out from behind the till, takes one of the children by the hand and frog marches them over to the mother and just says “control your children or leave.”

There was no apology from the mother, just her saring blankly at the manageress but from that moment on, not a peep was heard.

It was the single greatest thing I have ever seen.

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Rude behavior on this parents part, those children are old enough to behave themselves. It used to drive me crazy when I worked retail and parents let their kids run around the story unsupervised.  I personally would have told the children they aren’t allowed to run in the halls and should remain in the sitting area.

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Lol, maybe it is because of my age (I’m over 50)… but I am not shy about speaking up anymore when these kinds of things happen…

This “new generation” that Parents in this style needs to KNOW that they are INCONVENIENCING / IMPOSING on a lot of people !!

I know what I would have said in regards to the suckers at least… and right in front of Mom too boot.

“Taking things that don’t belong to you is STEALING… these suckers belong to this office, and are meant for the chilldren who come here for treatment… now your Mother is going to have to pay to replace them…”

And then I would have glared right at the Mother… lol, probably with my hand out !!

Of course this would have forced her to pay attention, react.  You may or may not have gotten the offer from her to actually pay for the suckers… but she would have felt extremely awkward.  And no doubt would have then taken more interest in controlling her kids, as now the CONSEQUENCES have landed in her lap !!


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@This Time Round:  Ha! I love this! I wish parents who don’t bother to parent were called out more often. 

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I try to be understanding of parents (probably because I am one). I admit that it must be very hard to handle 3-4 kids at a time, and I know that kids can be unpredicable, so I don’t expect kids to behave 100% of the time, and I don’t expect parents to be confined to their houses because of it. HOWEVER, it is really frustrating when a parent ignores the behavior. If I see a parent doing something, anything, to try to control the behavior & reprimand things that are inappropriate, I’m pretty understanding. When they just ignore it, especially when kids are getting in other people’s personal space (this happens all the time- WTH?), it is very annoying. I mean, the least the parent could do is reel the kid in & apologize to the offended party. Although, I find this inconsiderate nature to be common, not just for parents. It’s the same to me as standing in others’ way at the grocery store (bring this one up all the time :P). It sends the message that what I’m doing is not as important as what you’re doing.

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@anahappilyeverafter:  That.  Is.  Awesome.  While I know we all question whether it’s our place to mention unruly children to parents, the manager had an absolute right to say something.  Those kids were disrupting her paying and repeat customers.  Can we import her to the States?  Lol!

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@This Time Round:  i agree whole heartedly they need to be told! it’s like when babies have babies and the first babies don’t and never knew what to do.  Not all people but enough people to find it frustrating.

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@This Time Round:  I think your generalization of this “new generation” is rediculous. I am a very young mom and my kids are better behaved them most kids I know. There are good and bad parents of every generation, including your own.

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Helper bee

My mother was like this for a few years when I was growing up. Only, there were NINE of us (2 of hers, 3of her husband’s, 1 nieghbor kid that we practically raised and who was always with us, and 3 of my cousins whose mother was incarcarated). It was an animal house!

I absolutely hated it. I was the oldest girl, and I was constantly embarrassed by all the other kids’ reactions. I used to get in trouble for “tattling” on them so much!

I used to have a hard time concentrating and doing my homework because it was crazy hyper craziness all around me! Our house was ALWAYS a disgusting pig sty…I feel ashamed just remembering how bad it was! People would complain left and right when we were in public. I hated going places with all of them. I actually because antisocial for a period.

My heart goes out to the 12 year old girl in the story.  🙁

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I will say something if we’re out eating and a parent allows their child to hang over the booth and bother us. I normally say to the child, really loud, “no thank you.” HAHAH! I hate that. It’s so annoying. Control your kid and if you can’t, take them to Red Robin where it’s expected they hang like monkeys off the booths. ARGH!

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