(Closed) I’m starting to feel like the selfish brat…

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Sugar bee
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You are NOT a spotlight stealer; your sister is being unreasonable. You have a right to get married whenever you (and your Fiance, of course!) want. =/ Don’t let these people get to you.

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Helper bee
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I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you are doing at all! You deserve to be engaged and have a wedding just as much as your sister. Just like how you deserve to have your wedding when you want it!

I know how you feel my older brother got engaged in oct 09 or around there, I got engaged this march, my wedding is this october, while my brothers isn’t until july of next year. People have said the ohhh your beating your brother to the alter, my mom has even said yea she had to trump her brother. My response I flat out say, is one my fi and I have been together 2x as long as him and his fi. also why should I have to push back when we get married because they wanted an almost 2 year engagement? Really I don’t think so, it’s my life and I want to start married life when I want to. I also flat out told my mother that if she really thought my wedding was going to be about trumping my brothers, than I’d rather just elope. She apologized after that, and told me she was just saying it as a joke, but it was a pretty mean thing to be saying imo.

Honestly I think people just love to say negative things and not mind their own business. You have every right to get married when you want to, and you are evening putting off planning until after your sisters wedding which is super thoughtul of you! You can’t put your plans/life on hold to appease others! IMO

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Honey bee
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You are IN NO WAY being a spotlight stealer. MAYBE if you’d gotten engaged after she did and decided to get married the week before her date–MAYBE then someone could possibly accuse you of stealing the spotlight. As it is, you’ll be getting married 8 whole months after your sister’s wedding! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

True story–five of my siblings got married within a 15-month span. And it was so fun–no one’s spotlight was stolen. 

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t really get the concept of stealing thunder, so maybe I’m not the person to ask, but why do you assume your sister is upset? I mean, she’s told you she realizes she only gets a day, and she doesn’t argue about it with you…did I miss something?

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Buzzing bee
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You are very obviously not trying to steal her spotlight!  IMO, you have just as much right to be excited about your wedding as your sister has to be excited about hers.  I understand how she might feel slighted if you talked non-stop about your wedding plans, interrupted her when she was talking about her plans, or changed the sugject quickly when she’s talking about her wedding…but by the sounds of it, you’re not doing that.

Maybe asking her for advice will soften the way she thinks about your upcoming wedding?  Something like, “Hey sis, I’ve been thinking about how beautiful your flowers/wedding dress/invites/whatever are and was wondering where you ordered them/how you made them.”  Compliment her choices on certain aspects of her wedding.  It couldn’t hurt to try!

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Bee Keeper
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You are doing nothing wrong and are in no way stealing her spotlight! I think people just have to comment. People will talk no matter what, please try to not let it bother you.

My brother got married in October and we got married 10 months later in August. My SIL was in my wedding and we had a great time planning together and it was great to get her input after her wedding on what to do and what not to do.

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Buzzing bee
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Umm, I don’t get why people are so shocked that you’re getting married several months after your sister. That’s PLENTY of time. I’m really a strong opponent of siblings/close friends/family getting married within 1-3 months of each other (if much of the guest list/WP will overlap), but 8 months is more than okay.

You should not feel at all guilty or bratty.

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Helper bee
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I dont think its too close, and I think your sister is being unfair to you and not considering the fact that you are waiting to NOT take the spotlight from her… how much time will be enough for her to be in the spotlight?? would a year even be good enough?  I hope you booked your venue.  I know all but one venue had the date I wanted and it was a year in advance… good luck

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Buzzing bee
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8 months?!  Anyone who says anything is 1) making an offhanded comment b/c they don’t have anything else to say to make conversation or 2) stirring up drama in which case THEY and not you are the ones creating a problem.

Either your sister doesn’t mind and you’re worrying too much or she does mind and it’s her problem.  If you don’t believe her when she says she has no issue with it – because her body language or whatever says otherwise, then maybe she does wish she had a whole year in the spotlight and knows she doesn’t get that so is slightly ambivalent.  If she is, that’s her issue to deal with. 

Basically, if other people are going to be oversensitive, it is no longer your responsibility to cater to their every need.  It’s not clear to me whether that’s what’s going on or whether you’re just being very caring and very worried that you might have upset people.  The bottom line is you’ve done nothing that should upset people, so please stop worrying about it and enjoy your engagement, your sister’s wedding, and your own wedding planning. 

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Busy bee
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It sounds to me like you’re being more than reasonable. Eight months after her wedding is a long time! If you were getting married 6 months later it would still be ok, but you’re waiting more than half a year!

It’s highly likely that after the stress of her wedding is over she’ll realize that you really did leave a more than reasonable gap between your wedding and hers. Especially since you’re trying to be supportive of her wedding and not really talk about yours yet.

I really don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. Good luck!

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Worker bee
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I can’t imagine this will last past her wedding day.  I would just let it go and not say anything to her.  If other people ask you about your wedding when you’re both together, I would answer quickly and then try to turn the attention back to your sister.  After all, it’s only a few more weeks, right?  I’m sure after her wedding she’ll be much more excited about yours.

And I’m with PPs–I don’t understand why people are shocked that sisters are getting married eight months apart.  It’s not like you’re getting married a week after her or something.  That’s just kind of weird of them.

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Worker bee
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My older sister got married in June, and I’m getting married this weekend. It was almost exactly three months between, but it was how it worked out and we are rolling with it. It was a bit odd at first because we were both planning weddings at the same time (AND we are each other’s MOHs!) but it became really fun. Our weddings are SO different, we didn’t feel like we were stealing ideas or copying each other. Just make sure you dedicate plenty of attention to her, and she has no reason to complain!

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Bumble bee
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Aw don’t worry!!  Your sister might be a bit annoyed, but its probably moreso just stress of wedding planning that is getting to her and making her overly sensitive.

Dont let the families get to you, a lot of families have crazy ideas/opinions about weddings.  My dad seems to think that getting married a whole year apart is too close together and puts a strain on families LOL… so you can’t please everyone.  Do what pleases yourself.  And honestly, you’re being really careful not to take her spotlight away, so she should see that and appreciate it.

Once her wedding is over, this will all blow over I’m sure, and then you’ll forget this ever happened, and you’ll be able to comfortably discuss your wedding openly with everyone, and I’m sure your sister will participate more then.  8 months is more than enough time, they’ll get over it.  I think people just make comments like that to make conversation, although advising you to move your wedding a whole year away, that would upset me.

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