(Closed) Input/advice please– should I be suspicious? :)

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  • poll: Should I get my hopes up for something happening this spring, or am I cuckoo?
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    Yes it sounds like something, but also no it doesn’t… Confusing?  I know!


    While you have an overall timeline, seems like you have an entire year before engagement is a must.  And if I know anything about guys, it’s that they procrastinate!  So the timeline means it’s coming in the year, not necessarily this Spring.


    RE the RHR.  If he’s starting to look at rings, he WILL ask questions!  Yay, he’s looking!  Doesn’t mean the proposal is coming soon though.  My SO has been asking me about rings/shopping with me for one for about a year.  He’s starting to ask questions but it probably doesn’t mean he’s made a decision and has the ring.  He’s going to want it to be perfect, so it’s not a decision he’s going to make quickly.


    The birthday thing sounds promising… however!  I thought the same thing about Christmas, especially since we had already shopped for rings, he didn’t ask me what I wanted and he said it was a surprise and something special.  Turns out it was jewelry, but a bracelet.  Which I totally love by the way, but when you are expecting an engagement ring, anything else is disappointing.  He could have bought me a Ferrari and I still would have been disappointed.


    The third thing, maybe your friend knows something, maybe she doesn’t.  She could be trying to help you by being vague and not getting your hopes up.  If she gets all excited for you and it doesn’t happen, she knows you will feel bad.  So she might be trying to keep you grounded so you aren’t set up for disappointment.  On the other hand, maybe she knows something?


    I’d say you have some great signs, but don’t get too excited yet.  If you go on vacation and expect a proposal and don’t get it, it kind of ruins the vacation.  So try to just tell yourself it’s not going to happen and enjoy the vacation.  Then if it does happen, it will be a great surprise and if it doesn’t, you still had a wonderful vacation with the person  you love.


    Hope this helps!


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    @Creiddylad:  Yay, glad I could help!  When SO and I had kind of made the decision that a proposal was in the near future, I started reading into every little thing!  It drove me half crazy and mostly just set me up for disappointment.


    It’s funny that now that I know the ring is being made, I look back at all the little things I read into and realize I was acting crazy.  Maybe with some couples it’s a complete shock, but SO and I are so on the same page that I feel like I’ll know exactly which day he’s going to propose.  Right now I estimate 2 weeks to 2 months… A 6 week window.  We’ll see if I’m right πŸ™‚


    I think the hardest part will be when I know he has the ring and he hasn’t proposed.


    It sounds like you guys are moving in the right direction!  Congrats on your timeline, for some women it’s almost impossible to even get that πŸ™‚

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    @Creiddylad:  You never really know and if you get your hopes up and then you are disappointed then whatever he has planned will be ruined.  Best to leave it for a surprise and stop looking for signs that he is going to propose.

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    It definitely doesn’t seem out of the question, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Every time I think someone’s pretending to ignore my birthday or Christmas or whatever because they’ve got a big surprise planned, I get disappointed. This year, Fiance was all, “I’m going to surprise you with your birthday gift!” – and it turned out the surprise was more like “surprise, I forgot to get you a birthday gift!” (Which I found out as he dragged me around Macy’s on my birthday. Ha!) I assumed he’d come up with some brilliant surprise, and I think he assumed that he would come up with a brilliant surprise in time. Yeah, not so much. πŸ˜‰

    And it seems like your friend might not want to get your hopes up too much. I know sometimes when I have a friend who’s getting excited about something that might not happen, I just get uncommunicative. I don’t want to pee in her Cheerios by being like, “um, I don’t know if this is gonna happen” but I also don’t want to help her get worked up into being sure that something *is* gonna happen… so I just sort of nod and smile.

    But on the bright side, it sounds like it definitely IS going to happen! Just maybe not right away. Keep in mind that you know for sure that he’s the one and he’s going to propose – that’s all excellent stuff! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. πŸ™‚

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    The “how many carats is it?” definitely sounds like there is a plan in the works, but the hush hush birthday stuff could go either way.  It definitely sounds like he has some sort of plan in mind, but don’t let yourself get disappointed if it isn’t for your birthday.


    It still sounds very exciting!  Don’t get down if you don’t get a ring for your birthday, but if you are getting excited and hoping for something it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get a manicure as a birthday gift to yourself.  you never know if you’ll need to show off your fingers! πŸ™‚

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    These are good signs! I hope this is it for you!

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    Yeah, talk yourself out of thinking anything’s happening.  It sounds like it’s happening and “soon”- but we never know what a guy’s version of soon means.  No clue if he asked abt the size of your RHR stone after he already bought your e-ring, while in process, or before. 


    Every sign I thought told me my gfs knew abt the proposal plans was completely wrong & then they ended up knowing stuff I never ever expected.  It is fun trying to guess, but try to talk yourself out of expecting it so it won’t be a disappointment if it doesn’t happen then & so you’ll be surprised if it does.  Good luck! πŸ™‚

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    @Creiddylad:  Sounds suspicious, but I thought my SO’s behavior before Valentine’s day was incredibly suspicious and, well, I was seeing things. So don’t over-think it and definitely convince yourself that nothing is happening!


    I secretly hope it’s happening for you though hehe

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