(Closed) I’m thinking about waxing and I’m scared…

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I’m not sure about the waxing your armpits, but a friend of mine did electrolosis and loved it.  

On a side note regarding waxing, a co-worker and I were talking about waxing (down there) and she had bought a gift certificate for a friend of hers since she’d never done it.  She told the girl (i’ll call her Betty) to wait three days before allowing her husband to see it or even know she’d had it done.  After the three days, let’s just say he was a big fan!  Not that I’m trying to persuade anyone to do it, I’m just saying.  I also know I understand why so many people pay a total stranger to do it – I tried one of those do-it-yourself kits at home once, and only got through one strip.  It hurts – you need someone who isn’t feeling it to get the job done.  

That being said, I don’t know how painful it would be to get your armpits waxed – I guess it depends a lot on how sensitive you are in that area.  MY eyebrows don’t hurt anymore, but that’s due to years of building up a tolerance for it.  

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I haven’t ever heard that if you wax your armpits (or anything) that the hair won’t come back. I have heard that it will grow in lighter, though. Also, there won’t still be a little hair there, like there is with shaving!

I haven’t actually gotten my armpits waxed, but I do get my eyebrows, upper lip, and brazilian regularly. I will say that the brazilian definiltey hurts, but the pain only lasts for about 5 seconds (assuming there is no allergic reaction or anything like that). It’s a little weird the first time, but I love it! I just feel a lot cleaner, and I don’t have to worry about razor burn or anything, so I suggest you try it! Also, I’ve seen creams that you can use before you get it down, and they’re supposed to help with the pain (though I’ve never tried them). Also, depending on where you go, they will have no problem with using smaller strips, so it won’t hurt quite as bad, but it’s kind of nice to just get it over with!

As far as electrolosis goes, is it safe to get anywhere? I was considering getting it done on my upper lip and bikini line…but I’m not sure if that’s common or not! Armpits would be another nice place to do it!

For how long before, I would say at least a month. That will give you enough time to recover if you do get a reaction, and it will also give you enough time to regrow your hair and get it done again!! Good luck!

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I haven’t done my pits but I get my brows and upper lip done periodically.

Those typically last about a week till a little something shows. I get pretty red but it goes away after a day or so. I will probably get mine done 4-5 days before the wedding.

I would recommend trying it out first to see how long it lasts on yourself and how long it takes for the redness to go away. Remember that its better to grow it out a little before so the entire hair is removed (thus no stubble)  

 Also make sure you go to a good place, I have been burnt before so ask around for a reputable person. 

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Just to reiterate what TallBride said, you definitely want to let the hair grow out for a while, no matter what you’re getting waxed. You’ll get better results if the hair is longer!!

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waxing hurts.  Not only are you having your hair ripped out (in delicate areas) you’re having hot wax slathered onto those delicate areas.  I do it regularly (lip, brow, bikini, and I used to do my legs too) and there are two rules I follow:

1. NEVER get waxed the week before your period.  I forgot about this rule once and I nearly died it was so painful.  Tn fact, I couldn’t continue with the waxing.  I went home and waited 2 weeks.  (Of course, your mileage may vary on this rule.)

2.  Always take about 4 ibuprofen or aspirin before the waxing.  This might be mind over matter but I swear that when I don’t take the drugs, it hurts worse.  Again, some people might not need the drugs.

All this said, I usually get sugared now instead of waxed.  It’s all natural – literally only sugar, lemon juice, water and guar gum – you can eat it.  So, there’s no chemicals.  And it’s not smoking hot.  It’s room temperature.  So, it’s nice to not get burned by hot wax!  Your hair doesn’t have to be as long for the sugar mix to "catch" it so you don’t have to be as hairy before you go!  And finally, except for getting hair ripped out of your skin (that’s NEVER going to be comfortable) there’s something kind of soothing and massage-like to the application process of the sugar.  They sort of rub it onto you before ripping it off.   *It really is a million times better than waxing.*

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I had my armpits done right before the wedding, and I had heard lots of horrible stories about how it would be "the most painful thing ever" yada yada yada, but that definitely wasn’t the case for me! Of course, I had my privates waxed right before she did my arms, so I might have been in so much pain already that I didn’t notice what was going on with my arms 🙂

 I’ve realized that the secret to having a good waxing experience is having someone who knows what they are doing. I paid good money and went to a fancy spa right before the wedding and it was the best eyebrow, armpit, brazilian I have ever had. 

Definitely do the brazilian once before, not only to see how your body reacts, but to make sure that the person waxing isn’t going to give you a rash of ingrown hairs. Technique makes a huge difference in the outcome.

To answer your 3 questions more succinctly:

1. I had no hair visible for at least a week after waxing my armpits

2. Compared to bikini/brazilian I think it was less painful. More painful than having eyebrows.

3. I can’t remember.

4. Definitely try to have it done at least 2 days beforehand if you can. More than a week and you may have stubble. 

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I am a HUGE fan of the brazillian wax! BUT I am the biggest wimp when it comes to pain… but if I can do it, anyone can. I think the best thing to do for a first timer is go to a place that is highy professional and recommended. It was kind of a scary experience for me, but I went to a very clean place and they were really nice and professional so it wasn’t that bad.

I’ll post about some waxing experiences I’ve had soon!! =)

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I also have dark hair and pale skin and so I have had my underarms waxed and it is totally tolerable. And if you have a professional they will do it fast. I get it done frequently and hair grows back thinner, the darkness gets better but it won’t go away with the one time you wax. I would recommend you getting waxed and ask the aestition- I know I am not spelling that right-any questions you have. You can always take some pain meds like ibuprofen or something if you are sensitive to pain in general etc. But I don’t take it. I would get your underarms waxed way before your wedding so you can see how your skin reacts and how fast it grows back and starts to show, everyone is different. Then you can make your decision on how soon to get it done I wouldn’t do it the day before though! Good Luck and you will like the results of waxing the pits!

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I’m a regular waxer and honestly I don’t know what all the hoopla is about major pain and taking asprin, etc. I guess everyone has different pain thresholds but honestly if it hurts that bad then you are with a bad person.  Go to a good professional who knows what they are doing. At least for the first time it’s worth paying extra for a good pro.  After you get use to it you can start bargain hunting. It should be a quick momentary amount of pain that quickly subsides. 

 Also…there is NO need to wait 3 days before showing anyone the waxing. After you first get it done you will obviously be red so you should wait a couple of hours to 24 hours for the redness/iritation to go away but 3 days is overkill.  You will be wasting all those days of softness and shorten the time before your hair grows in. 

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Underarm waxing is not very painful, in my opinion.  People kept telling me it would be SO painful, but I find it to be TOTALLY worth it, since I always have some sort of stubble, and my uniform in the summer is tank tops and linen pants.  The only problem is the down time when you have to let it grow in (I love explaining that part to my boyfriend).  Also, to prevent ingrown hairs, I exfoliate my underarms in the shower (use the same stuff I use on my face every other day).

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Like some of the prior posters, I find ibuprofen helpful.  Just be sure to take it 20 to 30 minutes before the waxing.  

There are lotions you can use before and after to help prevent ingrown hairs and other issues.  One is called Tend Skin. 

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