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Koalaclark:  KC-2722:  

I know *sigh* but I just got married so I am in ‘EVERYONE MUST LOVE EACH OTHER’ post-wedding bliss. Don’t worry it won’t last lol

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YOUR CAKE TOPPER WAS $102????? Hm. I would have used that money to go towards something else. 

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Damiansmum10:  I’m worried about you. It sounds like you’re with someone who is emotionally and verbally abusive. This sounds like a really toxic situation. I urge you to re-think your plans to be with this person. He sounds controlling and often times these type of people become physically abusive. Please make good decisions for your child, he is innocent.

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Rainstorm77:  bless you!  But I know what you mean!!  

What I would like is for OP to love herself so that she is then capable of loving and caring for her poor son.  

It would also be nice if her parents that she lives with showed a bit of love towards her and their grandson and put a stop to this dangerous relationship.

(Always assuming of course that all this is true!!)

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shazzshazshz:  shouting does not necessarily equal bullying.  If you read OPs posts in this name and her previous one you might understand why some of us are shouting in pure frustration.  

Post after post receive good and constructive advice with a lot of bees clearly concerned for her.  But she ignores everything and never answers any questions put to her.

I really am inclined to think ‘she’ is actually a very clever troll, on here to whip us all up into a frenzy!

I know find that her threads are those I click on for entertainment value!

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The biggest issue here is your little boy. He is witnessing a lot of dysfunction and poor choices. Your child’s best interests should come first in every situation, no exceptions. If you date someone and they show you even once that they are not stable or nice or responsible then you move on. I have no tolerance for parents that put their desire for a relationship above their child’s welfare. If you have one thing to aim for in life it’s to make good choices for your child. Even if you don’t have a lot of money or materialistic things you still have choices. Own it. I think if you start really considering what is best for your child in this situation your next move will always be clear. 

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Koalaclark:  Why don’t you just ignore her then? If some bees are getting so frustrated, why keep getting involved?

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shazzshazshz:  I already said in my last post that I am here now for the entertainment value. It doesn’t matter how many bees give her heartfelt advice she isn’t going to take it and instead will be back in a couple of days with another thread.

Whilst the bee is wonderful for being able to obtain advice and give it out to help other genuine people unfortunately this is the internet and unfortunately not everyone is the real deal.  Occasionally there are some bees who are here because they think it is fun to ‘troll’ and pose as something they are not.

Sometimes all you can do is sit back and watch which is what I am now doing and am saving my compassion and advice for a genuine bee who will appreciate it and use it!  There are plenty of those here thankfully.

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Honey, a word of advice. RUN!! You deserve better than what this man is doing to you. You deserve to be loved, cherished, and taken care of. You need a man to be a man – step up and take responsibility for his life. Even if you go through with this wedding, he will find something to complain about. It will not matter what you do to try and make things look better for him.  He will always find something wrong. This is not about you, or your abilities to make something look nice for your wedding day. It is about his inability to appreciate you and the work that you are trying to put into this wedding. I know you may love him, but it’s time to let him go and find a way to love yourself before you try to find someone else to add in your life. 

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I’ve also now seen in anothr thread that your son has multiple special needs. You’re marrying a man who “doesn’t like” him. You OWN words.

Do you not see how sad this is going to be for your son? He needs an extremely supportive step-father, someone who will be involved, who will be an advocate for him– not someone who is going to be removed, ultra-critical and probably mean.

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OP, you both live with your parents. Your Fiance has decided that he doesn’t want to pay his tax bill. Your first ring was repossessed due to non-payment. You have no job, he has a part-time job at best. Here’s the important part: you have a SON! IIRC, he is having some developmental issues. He needs stability, care and love. It’s pretty clear that a wedding to you means a ring and a pretty dress and that’s it. You obviously don’t care about the guests at this wedding (pot-luck? While camping?) But that is the least of your problems. You haven’t stopped once to think about what marriage entails, and what it means to your SON. 

Get your focus off the material issues of the wedding (ring, dress, cake topper) and put it toward the marriage. Do you really want to be linked to someone who criticizes you, is in debt with no plans to move forward? You say that he upsets you so much you are getting migraines. Let me spell it out for you: Neither you nor he is ready for marriage. Not by a longshot. I only hope that someone in real life can get you to wake up from your pretty princess dream where it’s all about you.

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Rainstorm77:  Congratulations! 

I wish all the advice given to this poster was helpful for her. Alas, its not. 

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Nothing that anyone says here will matter. She will never return to this thread and just post a new one in a day or so. She alternates between posting sad stories for sympathy and attention (although she has no intention of following through with any of the advice people give her) and posting questions about wedding planning again. Rinse and repeat until she starts over with a new username. We’re all just wasting our breath. 

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I’ve read this person’s posts, including the ones when she was using her old username. Seems like she mentioned about having a $5,000 budget for her wedding at first… Also mentioned that her son has all kinds of disabilities… I’m guessing she wasn’t taking care of her own body while she was pregnant (if you know what I mean). With her posts and everything, she seem quite delusional and obsessed with weddings and RINGS instead of focusing on her son and future. I feel bad for this person. She also seem to be willing to loan money just for a new ring and other material stuff… Although I don’t see anything wrong with loaning, this person seem to be extremely broke and jobless :/.

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