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All four of my wisdom teeth were impacted.  I was nervous going in to get them removed but they put me under, my surgeon was like you’ll be here about 30 minutes but to you it will feel like 30 secs… next thing I knew I woke up in the wheel chair LOL . I had a hard recovery which I don’t think is the norm, I was taking pain meds for an entire month after and it took forever to those holes to close up all the way which was just gross. BUT I remember the pain you’re describing and that was awful and you could get an infection so although the recovery was a little rough I still think it was worth it in the long run πŸ™‚

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We both got our wisdom teeth out a few years ago.  His were worse than mine, but we both just went to sleep and woke up with a mouth full of gauze.  πŸ™‚  I took two days off work – had it done on Thursday morning and stayed home Friday and I was fine for Monday, just puffy and bruised.  I was off vicodin by the weekend and off ibuprofen after a week.  Cleaning food out of the holes that are left was the grossest part, but it’s not that bad. 

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All four of mine were impacted but I had them removed before I felt any pain. I was 19, I had all four out at once with just novocaine. It wasn’t fun, but I was completely numb and didn’t feel a thing.  There was some pain/swelling afterwards but I don’t remember it being that bad.

I know a lot of people get put under for this, but I honestly don’t think it’s worth the risk of general anesthesia. But some people get very nervous so I understand why they do it.

I’ve had gum surgeries/deep cleanings as well as I’m prone to periodontal disease. The deep cleanings aren’t a big deal to me, the worst part is I have some sensitivity issues which makes it uncomfortable.

Also regarding the gum disease/gingivitis, if you aren’t using them I highly recommend using proxabrushes in addition to flossing (you can google them its a little brush you use between your teeth). My periodontist recommended them, I use them twice a day and since I have my gum problems have been greatly reduced.

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Definitely plan on taking some easy days after your sugery.  I thought I would be able to go back to work a day after my surgery and that definitely did not happen.  It took me three days before I was back to a somewhat normal routine.  I also looked like a chipmunk for at least a week.  The ice compressions they give you to wear really help.  Yes you may look a little silly but wear them!  Lots of soft food and NO STRAWS!  Just be sure to take it easy.  The overall experience isn’t as scary as you think.  You’ll be uncomfortable for a few days but they give you medication that really helps.  Hope everything goes well!

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@stardustintheeyes:  Yes you have to get it out, if you don’t it could mess up your other teeth. If you are nervous about general anesthesia. Ask if they can give you nitrous oxide instead of putting you under, it’s a lot less dangerous.

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I had mine removed this past year. Two of four impacted.  The surgery went swimmingly and I had very little pain until a few days later. Some how my cheeks had been rubbed raw on the inside and had these huge areas where they were swollen.  Dentist prescribed magic mouthwash (it’s rly called that lol) and later that day no more pain (I had been in tears that morning)!  Other than that np! Well aside from the fact that I’m never eating blueberry yogurt again.

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@stardustintheeyes:  Ugh, I’m right there with you! I have two impacted wisdom teeth I have to have removed, and I’m terrified.  I had the other two removed already, but they had already come through my gums so they just had to pull them.  They said they have to put me under for the other two, which also terrifies me, plus I can’t take vicodin so they told me I just have to take tylenol.  Cry

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All of mine were impacted and all were removed.  Unless you get a dry socket, it’s not painful at all and nothing to be scared of.  You will see a lot of blood on the gauze right after and you will swell, just don’t look and you won’t freak out.  A dry socket sucks, but they can easily and quickly give you something for that now, not to mention you can avoid getting them pretty easily (second the straws -no sucking motions).  I waited 3 days before doing anything and that’s when it got really bad.  I was a teenager, so I was just stupid.

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2 out of my 4 wisdom teeth are impacted, the bottom 2. I had 3 out of 4 of them removed at one time. Despite my dentist insisting I only do 1 at a time, but I told him you’ll never see me again if you don’t do it all now.

I like you, HATE going to the dentist. I go to my friend and his dad now so I feel a little better knowing them on a personal level. My friend’s dad did my extractions. I wanted to be put under, but they highly advised against it. 1) because it’s always risky to be put under 2) because it encourages the oral surgeon to make bigger cuts and to pull with more force since you are under and can’t feel anything. So there is risk for more damage as well as longer recovery time.

My friends who got put under to have their wisdom teeth removed all loved the experience and recommended it. In their words “you go to sleep, wake up, and no more teeth!” But my friend kept highly advising me to NOT be put under. So I listened to him.

One word of advice: bring your ipod to listen to. It definitely helped a lot to not hear all the noises. You’ll still feel all the pulling, but it helped calm me a lot. I take my ipod now for my regular cleanings too. πŸ™‚



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My dentist told me since I was 17 to get them out but I was scared and never listened. Fast forward 7 years later and one started growing in towards my cheek and was excrutiating so I had to go get it out as an emergency. They couldn’t give me anesthesia because I had strep at the time and said there was some kind of serious risk involved.

I was so scared, I was crying in the dentist chair, but laughed at myself after because it was so easy. If not for the strep, I would’ve went back to work the next day.

After I got engaged, I got the remaining 3 out because I didn’t want any problems arrising near the wedding/honeymoon.  My wisdom teeth were all at least half way exposed so they popped right out and I didn’t even need stitches. Because the first one was so easy I just opted for novicaine. I think I’m an exception but I didn’t swell or have any pain after.

Since yours are impacted, it will be a little more complicated and you will most likely need a couple of days to stay home and rest with pain meds.  But it’s worth it to avoid them causing you pain when your wedding draws near and you can’t afford to be uncomfortable and ou can’t do anything about it if you are.  They will knock you out and give you novicaine and you won’t feel ANYTHING.  

I think people make it sound much worse than it is and that was the reason I put it off for so long.  They do say the older you are, the more difficult it becomes so I would do it asap.  The scariest part is having it done and it’s really not so bad.  The worst part is discomfort after, nothing some motrin can’t fix πŸ™‚


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I had all four of mine removed because they were impacted.  I didn’t eat much solid or scratchy food for a few days, avoid straws and make sure to clean out the incisions with a syringe so food doesn’t get stuck there and infected.  I didn’t have a lot of pain, just swelling.

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I had my wisdom teeth out last July. I also have a ton of anxiety about going to the dentist, so obviously I was freaking out when I found out I had to get mine out! They weren’t impacted, but my mouth is tiny so I didn’t have room for them. Luckily for me I only had 3 wisdom teeth (weird), so I had one less to worry about. I was super-panicky the day of my surgery about the anesthesia, but it all turned out fine. I sat in the chair, they put in the IV and strapped on the monitors, and then I don’t remember anything after that. I was pretty out of it for the next hour and a half following the surgery, but when I came to I didn’t feel any pain. I actually felt great the day I had the surgery, no pain or swelling at all. The next day was a different story though… I woke up with pretty bad pain/swelling where the bottom tooth was removed, which I later found out was where they removed a cyst along with the tooth. The spots where the other two teeth were weren’t sore or swollen nearly as much. I had to take the prescription ibuprofen religiously until it ran out, but I didn’t take any painkillers. All in all, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I think it was definitely worth it, I didn’t want to risk complications with them in the future.

I had a pretty easy recovery. I was sore for about 10 days after the surgery, and eating soft foods for a week got old fast, but other than that it was fine. My best advice to you is to try and stay calm, have a variety of soft foods ready, and try to avoid the pain meds (vicodin/percocet) if possible. Those things can be highly addictive.

Good luck!!! You’ll get through it just fine πŸ™‚

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For me, the removal was the easiest part. They didn’t put me under for the procedure. I started off with just nitrous oxide but that made me feel panicky, so they just went to the novocaine. It took a while because I had fragments of one they had to fish out. Overall I think I was in there like 2.5 hours. 

I felt OK until I threw up twice that night. Because of throwing up, I kept gauze on the sites longer. 

After I threw up I didn’t take anything stronger than tylenol because I think the meds upset my stomach. I was even able to go into work two days later (had to). It took me like 2 weeks to be able to eat normally.

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