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It hasn’t been back on the market for very long so that’s probably why not many people are on it yet.

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Implanon has been available in Australia for quite a while, so I may be able to help here…

I decided to get implanon because I had been taking the pill for a few years and I was getting increasingly bad at taking it at the right time/remembering to take it at all etc. I had some issues with severe iron deficiency anaemia, and my hope was that I would be one of the 20% of people who stopped having periods entirely whilst using the Implanon.

Unfortunately, I belonged to the 20% of people who get a continuous period. For 6 months. Not great. I mean, it wasn’t like..full on heaving bleeding, more like consistent spotting. It was very unpredictable and all my nice frilly knicks got ruined.

Having said that, here are some things that may help inform your decision:

  • My doctor’s advice was that it takes between 3 and 6 months to settle down after you first have it put in. If after 6 months things haven’t settled down, they are unlikely to (like in my case).
  • There are a couple of options if you are having issues with spotting etc. The first is that you can tae a short course of oral antibiotics, which for some random reason can help to regulate things. The second is that you take an oral contraceptive pill for a month or two, and see if that helps to regulate. Because Implanon only contains one hormone, the second hormone in the pill can help get your cycle back to normal (sorry, can’t remember if it’s the oestrogen or progesterone that does it
  • I didn’t gain any weight whilst I had it inserted
  • Not sure what its effect on period pain is since my periods went haywire. Although, part of my reason for being on the pill has always been pain control, and I can’t say I noticed a big increase in nasty PMS things with the implanon
  • I know two other people who have had good experiences with Implanon. The first had no real teething problems after getting it inserted, and she stopped getting her period. The second has had hers for 5 years (she liked it, so got a new one inserted at 3 years). She had normal periods in the first 3 years, and then randomly they got a bit unpredictable when the new one was inserted.

To be honest, even though it was no good for me, I’ve been considering giving it another attempt because it involves no effort or remembering and it’s very very reliable. Also, in Australia, it costs about 30 dollars to buy, plus the cost of your doctor app, and it lasts for 3 years… compare that to a new pill box every four months for 40 dollars, and the difference really mounts up (not sure what the costing is like in the US). It’s not painful to have in your arm, though you can feel it if you touch where it is. I think that could be a bit disturbing for some people.

Anyway, sorry that was epic. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I did my share of research when I first got it, and I think that it really is a good option if it works out for you. Good luck, whichever decision you make.

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I was on Implanon too and just like so said ellie I had continuous periods. I tried Implanon for basically the same reasons – I was forgetting to take my pill and wanted something I didn’t have to think about. Plus I was told by my doctor it would more than likely make my periods lighter or I might be lucky enough to not get them at all! Initially it was okay, I had light spotting and normal periods but eventually I had my period ALL THE TIME. It would cycle through, heavy, normal, light so I thought it was going away and then BAM straight back again! In the end I was having to take extra hormone tablets to regulate my cycle (apparently my body wasn’t producing enough naturally to stop my period) and in the end I figured if I was having to take a tablet every day I might as well be back on the pill. Another thing I found while on the Implanon was that no matter how much I exercised or was crazy with my diet I couldn’t loose a gram! It sucked big time!!!

I’m now having Depo Provera injections and I’m loving them! I haven’t had my period in about 4 or 5 months, I have no yukky side effects and I only have to remember to show up at the doctors for my injection every 3 months. It costs me about $30 every 3 months and it’s been fantastic!

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I am on Implanon and love it!  I got it inserted just over a year ago and still haven’t had a period. I was previously on Deprovera (around 9 years) and loved that as well, but kept forgetting to go get my shot ever 12 weeks.  So I decided to try something differant and the Implanon is even better. 

I haven’t had any goofy side effects from it and would recommed it to anyone.  The only thing I can suggest is get it and if you don’t like it, they can remove it. 

Good luck!

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I have implanon.  Got it at the end of march.  I like the fact that I don’t have to remember ANYTHING.  I am having spotting issues right now but since I’m just at the 3 month mark now I’m going to still give it a chance.  The spotting isn’t really a big deal though, very light.  It has made my cramps, bloating, nausea and PMS go away…which is great since I don’t have to use up 1 sick day every month to stay at home feeling like crap.  No weight gain.  Cleared about 95% of my acne.

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I’m on it & I love it because I don’t have to mess with anything, nothing to remember (except to go back in 3 years). It hasn’t affected me much. It did feel really wierd (at least for me) for the first few weeks in my uterous area, but it didn’t really hurt.

Only complaint is the side effects are the same as if I were pregnant, see here:

Implanon birth control… how would I tell if I’m pregnant?

I’ve had slight nausea (getting better with time) & sometimes I have cramping. I haven’t had my period in about 2 months. I’ve had Implanon since early April. Its great, it works better than surgeries would. I was really paranoid when I read online that a few women got pregnant with it, but Nexas-6 on weddingbee clarified that the only women who have gotten pregnant while on it either didn’t wait the week for it to “kick in” or were already pregnant, or it came out (very rarely does it come out & you would definately know). So feel free to read my post! I highly recommend it!!


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i’ve had it for 2 days now, and i already hate it!  my breast are super tender, and my husband said that there was a slight color changed.  and of course, my arm is bruised from the insertion.  PT is going to suck today!

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