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Honestly, its different for every woman and every woman has a different degree of tolerance when it comes to pain/uncomfortable feelings. 

Most things I read when TTC were to stay laying down for a few minutes after sex…legs in the air is unneccessary but if you want to tilt your hips up, go for it. Honestly, I think it becomes more of a mental thing more than anything else. 

I think I had a tiny bit of implantation bleeding but I only noticed because I was looking for it (like a crazy obsessive lady). It was so little though that it can be easily missed or some people don’t have any. So if you don’t have any, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And “bleeding” is too strong, for me, it was a tiny spotting

Google the timeline from conception to implanation. It’s impossible to “notice right away” that you’re pregnant. 

When my period should have been due, I did have crampy feelings. Like the kind you might feel when you’re period is going to start soon. Those feelings stayed around for a few weeks. It alternated between light cramping feeling and general discomfort. Again, this varies person to person.

I’m almost 4 months and have not had bleeding. I’ve had some spotting which is totally normal and my doctor was not at all worried. But full on period bleeding? No. 

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I did not experience implantation bleeding. Bloating occured around 4w, but no major weight gain until 14w. I never vomited, but had debilitating nausea from 4-13w. 

I did not know I conceived until I took a test. I just knew it was the day my period would logically start so I tested and was surprised. I didn’t experience a lot of cramping till 5-10w. 

I have not had one single drop of the blood this entire pregnancy, but I have known people who have spotted, etc. So like a PP said, every woman and pregnancy is different. 

I always got up right away to pee – it only took us 3 months to conceive. I’m 27w today. 


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Well for me, I did not suspect I was pregnant right away.  I had the tiniest bit of implantation bleeding, but like a PP if I wasn’t looking for it I probably wouldn’t have noticed.  I think I had a bit of cramping, but assumed it was just related to my period.  I took a test because we had been trying, and I wanted to know before I went on a trip.  I was very surprised (happily!) when it was positive!  We conceived the first month, and I did lay down for a couple of minutes before getting up to clean up.   I didn’t put my legs in the air though.  My best advice is to not go too crazy with symptom spotting- a lot of the symptoms of pregnancy are the same as pre period, so just relax and wait until you can test.  

At around 5 weeks I started having some nausea, which got constant by 6 weeks.  I never threw up though.  At my first appt at 8.5 weeks, my doctor gave me diclegis (unisom and b6) and that helped me immensely.  I haven’t spotted during at all, but I know people who did have spotting and now have healthy babies.  I have not gained a ton of weight (yet) and I’m 15 weeks.  

It’s certainly an adventure!  Just don’t be afraid to ask questions and remember that each pregnancy is so different….”normal” is so subjective.  

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I had no real thought that I was pregnant til I missed my period as we’d only just started trying. In hindsight I had some light cramps but just put that down to my period starting.

I got horrendous morning sickness from about 4 and a half weeks (constant nausea, 10+ vomits most days). The vomiting finally stopped about week 10, still nauseated now though.

Ive had no spotting at all so far and I’m a bit over 12 weeks.

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I had sore nipples almost immediately and I thought I experienced implantation bleeding, I had spotting for 2 days, although based on ultrasounds I didn’t conceive until 2 days after. Although ultrasounds are not entirely accurate. I noticed slight food aversions very early, before I knew I was pregnant, but I had a lot of cramping so I thought my period was coming. Cramping continued for a few weeks into early pregnancy but no spotting or bleeding at all, except after a pap test. I had nausea and food aversions in the first trimester but no vomiting (came very close a few times).

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I felt exactly like I was getting my period.  I thought for sure it was coming (a little crampy, bloated etc). Didn’t feel one pregnancy symptom till about a week or 2 after my missed period/bfp.  But like the other posters say, everyone is different and some of my friends felt symptoms and knew they were pregnant days before their missed period.  

I didn’t have any implantation signs or bleeding.  I did however bleed (like a period but only for a short time, followed by spotting) and spot several times throughout my first trimester which was scary.  I would go to the doctor every time after, and the baby would be perfectly fine.  The dr told me some women just have bleeding and it’s totally fine.  I could even understand how someone not trying or not paying close attention to their body might not know their were pregnant.  If I were not paying attention/ttc I would just assume they were short periods.  

I stayed laying down for a bit after BD but never put my legs up.  Good luck to you 🙂  

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Obviously it varies per person, but I regular period cramps so I assumed I was getting my period again. I wouldn’t say I knew I was pregnant before it happened. It took us 4 months of TTC. The first month of TTC I didn’t lay down after sex but the others I did. I don’t think that made a difference though. We usually BD every other day but didn’t really plan it. I also didn’t use OPKs or temp. I never had an implantation bleed, I think they aren’t very common.

I had very tender breast for weeks 5 and 6. I had all day nausea from week 6 to week 18 with one week off in week 13. Terrible acid reflect that made me sick. My only food aversion was chicken, which sucked because that is my main meat source. I did have that metallic taste in my mouth for many weeks. I was also very exhausted in the first trimester. I did bleed a very small amount after sex in the first trimester only. My CM varied in colour in the first trimester but it was never red or pink. Besides the first trimester I’ve actually enjoyed being pregnant. I’m almost 31 weeks now. I’ve had a really healthy pregnancy. 

Best wishes to you on your TTC journey!

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Not only does it vary by person, but it also each pregnancy is different.  I have been pregnant 5 times.  3 live births, one mc and I am currently 30 wks pregnant.  The symptoms or lack thereof varied widely each time. 

One of the pregnancies I did experience bleeding the entire time, and it was due to having a subchorionic hemorrhage.  Although scary, my daughter was born healthy and fine. 

As far as laying still, putting legs up, etc… Neither one is necessary, but if you are ttc and it makes you feel better – I would just lay there as long as you are comfortable and then clean yourself up.  I also know many people who use Softcups while TTC.  You insert it right after, and the cup essentially catches and holds all of the semen right there by your cervix, rather than letting the excess leak out.  You can leave it in as long as 12 hours or so, giving all of the little swimmers PLENTY of time and opportunity. 

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Yes, I felt like I was about to start my period both times.  Regular menstrual cramps.  The only unusual thing was I had increased cervical fluid instead of my period showing up.

No, I did not notice right away.  I didn’t find out until I was 8 weeks with my first.  With my second I had some minor fatigue/hunger in the beginning (after I found out with a positive test) but it was really really mild.  Other symptoms didn’t show up until 6 weeks along.  NO symptoms other than regular mentstrual cramps before a positive test.

I had implantation bleeding (a lot) with my first but it was around the time my period would have been due.  None with the second.  No bleeding otherwise with either pregnancy.

I don’t think you need to lay around or put your legs in the air.  It doesn’t hurt anything obviously, but really not necessary.  I never did either time.

The whole morning sickness thing usually doesn’t show up until ~6-8 weeks for a lot of women

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What were your experiences after conceiving? I didn’t actually think I was pregnant until I hit the five weeks along mark when the morning sickness kicked in. We had been TTC, but happened to be NTNP the month I conceived. For real, I thought I had another kidney infection!

Did you feel like your period was about to start but never did? (Like cramping, etc)
Had some cramping, constipation and lower back pain…but I thought I had a kidney infection :-p

Did you notice right away that you were pregnant?
Nope, took five weeks. I had maybe an emotional ‘inkling’ at three weeks…but dismissed it.

Did anyone still see bleeding for months while pregnant?
I have had a few instances of spotting for sure! I’m currently 15 weeks, and had my last occurrence of spotting at the 12 week mark.

When I was actively TTC, after intercourse I’d pull my knees to my chest and slide a pillow under my bum to elevate my pelvis for about 15 minutes so gravity could help things out….but the month I conceived we didn’t do any of that and I still got pregnant!

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