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Engaged in Paris:  I’m presuming by implant you are referring to the rod in your arm? And coil I’m guessing an IUD. 

If that’s the case which IUD were you thinking of getting. The hormonal one (Mirena) will give you most of the same symptoms as the implant since they both release the same hormone as similar levels. However the copper IUD (Paraguard) has no hormones so would be a better choice for you. 

I had a copper IUD for a year and just recently had it removed so here are my experiences:

Getting it in hurt like a b*tch. Not in like a stabby/something-is-cutting-you way but in the form of the worst period cramps you can ever imagine. They lasted a whole day and I could barely walk myself over to the warm baths my SO was running me. In saying that, I have a pretty low pain threshold and by the next day it was fine. It’s uncomfortable to have it put in but mainly because you have to sit there spread eagle while they open you up and put it in. 

My periods got significantly worse after I had it in. Heavier and one or two days of pretty bad cramps, nothing I couldn’t handle though. However I was getting ovulation cramps and mid cycle spotting as well (which I have never had before) so that was pretty annoying. 

Then, after about 14 months, it dropped. SO could feel the strings one night so I had a feel and they were definitely longer. Went back to my doc and she said yep they look long so I had it taken out. Which was a breeze! A slight pinching sort of cramp that lasted all of 5 seconds and it was out! 


So, would I recommend it? Yes. It worked great for us while we were travelling as you can just forget about it. Please don’t let my low pain threshold scare you, if I can get one insterted and live to tell the tale so can you!

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Engaged in Paris:  Yeah I conveniently had my PAP done when they put it in and then again when they took it out haha! Yeah definitely I think you would have to go copper so no hormones based on your implant experexperience. 

Personally I say go for it. Once it’s in, its in and taking it out is a breeze if you get heavy/unbearable periods. 

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For me, I have the Mirena. It helps STOP my migraines, and it has since stopped my period, so I’m not in horrible I-can’t-get-out-of-bed for a week pain. But that has the same hormones as the implant, so like PPs suggested, probably the non-hormonal one. 

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