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@SoobySays:  I think that there will be an increased focus, for sure – I’m not just sure that it’ll all be positive. And definitely, people will be speculating on everything. One thing that I’m really happy about, though, is that William seems to be SUPER protective of her – I love that.

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I’m just not looking forward to her setting unrealistic standards for pregnant women.  She’ll be composed, classy, with a belly bump and a glow.  She’ll work out and do pregnant yoga. 

Meanwhile when I get pregnant, I’m already sure I’ll be a frazzled beachball who can’t stop crying and laughs at the idea of trying to touch my toes. Wink

I’m just saying, she’s way too perfect to have anything but the classiest pregnancy Laughing

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You raise some very good points, and although it would be wonderful if it changed media and infamy surrounding pregnancy to a more positive thing, I do not feel she will be exempt from the same criticisms every other ‘star’ faces. 

Pregnancy weight gain!  *gasp, THE NERVE!*.  Hospital stays for morning sickness! *gasp, how could she?!*.  The royal nursery! *how big will this babies silver spoon be?!*, and finally, how will Kate lose the pregnancy weight?! *because GOD FORBID she gains any :)* (insert sarcasm, of course!)

I think what this will validate for William and Kate is their continued dignity, classiness, and seeminly laid-back approach to their titles.

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@OUgal0004:  Agree with everything you said!

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@BeachBride2014:  +1

I’ve already been compared to Kate… I was complaining to my friend about morning sickness (I know, I should never have done this, I guess) because I was vomiting every day and just feeling like crap, and she said, “Well, you don’t have it as bad as Kate!” Nooooot what a pregnant lady who’s barfing wants to hear.

Kate is going to look perfect throughout the entire thing, and she will lose the baby weight in a flash. Guaranteed. Meanwhile, I have to commute an hour each way to work every day, do regular person household chores, bla bla. 

Ok, that was kind of a rant — not sure where that came from . Sorry! Long week. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kate & Wills & I hope that they’re just left in peace. And ugh, I *hope* no one starts in on the dreaded “So, what kind of birth are you planing?” questions…

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@SoobySays:  I didn’t even know she was pregnant.  I don’t give a royal rat’s ass, so I’m guessing it won’t change much for people like me.

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Princess Diana was very much in the public eye when she was pregnant, twice. Nothing muhc has changed in society as a whole, despite that coverage, and while no one has a mean word to say about Kate, she does not invoke the same level of emotional attachment from “us commoners” as The People’s Princess did. 

In other words, nothing changed after all the media hype and coverage of Diana’s pregnancies, and I can’t see Kate’s pregnancy being anything other than forgotten once something “shinier” catches the media’s eye.  No offense to Kate intended. It’s just not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

ETA: Kate is facing only a fraction of the media hype that Diana did. The papparazzi and busybodies really toned it down a bit after Diana’s death.  Not all the way, and not as much as they needed to, but there’s a little less of a three-ring-circus atmosphere since then.

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I just hope her diagnosis of HG brings the name out into the limelight, with the possibility of more research on it. There needs to be more research going on so they can really determine the cause and possibly a cure. Having HG is not something I would wish upon my worst enemy.

@stillme:  It sucks when friends say these things, but it’s also reversed for those with HG. So many people don’t take it seriously and continue to think you are just complaining about morning sickness and go on and on about how bad it was for them (when they weren’t getting IVs and having to take medication meant for chemo patients every day).

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Oh we are all just so ‘on trend’, being pregnant while the duchess is 😉

She just better not name her kid what I want to name mine! Gonna be some royal influence on that baby name list, for sure. Maybe even as much as Twilight has had! lol.

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I think it’ll mean much more fashionable maternity wear options

Her wedding dress sure caused bridalwear to get some updates, so I wouldn’t be surprised if her choices for maternity clothes sparked trends

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I had hyperemesis gravidarum and I lost my pregnancy (three healthy births ago).  I hope she’s okay.

(uh, yeah… I just realized I said nothing on topic.  Sorry)

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