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Some symptoms are weight gain that is extremely hard to impossible to lose, excess hair on the body, and of course cysts on the ovaries. I struggle with PCOS and it is impossivle for me to lose weight, I also get bad cysts about every 6 months which the doctor does nothing about. They are PAINFUL. Doubled over in pain, sweating, needing to lay on the couch and not move for two days kind of pain. They can be controlled by hormonal birth control so I was assume when TTC the cysts could start appearing and that would be something to deal with. PCOS varies with TTC though, I know some things say that it’s much harder, but my doctor told me many women are able to concieve perfectly fine with PCOS. Sorry I dont have a ton of additional information, but my own personal experiences. 

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cpick:  Seconding the above post regarding the difficulty in losing weight and body hair, and add irregular periods (like mine were 3x per year before BC), higher risk of diabetes, acne, and hair loss. Yes, PCOS is a right bitch. 


Regarding TTC, many people will have issues with this. Often a DR will put them on Clomid or Metfornin (disclosure: I don’t know what either of these do but my DR suggested it for when I TTC before he knew we were CFBC) to regulate their cycles and get ovulating regularly which many PCOS women do not do. I know women who were able to get pregnant without these, but they were happy surprises rather than something that happened quickly while TTC. 


Regarding what you can do to help them…. Just be there for them. Talk when they need to, but I wouldn’t bombard them with internet research regarding what they should try next. Just being there as a shoulder to cry/lean on is helpful. 

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cpick:  The other bees have already given you a picture of how PCOS can be so I’m not going to add anything to that. However, I just wanted to say I do too have PCOS and concieving was a struggle for me. I even went on for medical treatments including 8-10 medicated cycles, one failed IUI and a failed IVF. But then everything else in my life changed when I got my BFP totally naturally last September, I’m going to be a momma of a baby boy in May 😀

I think the lifestyle choices you make with PCOS impact how fertile you will be. It is only last year I changed my diet ( less carbs, sugar – more protien) , proper sleep of 7-8 hours, lots of water, exercise etc. I tried this for a month or so before I concieved so you should not worry.

Good luck with TTCing whenever you go for it 🙂

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The biggest way it affected me before TTC was pain. About a year or 2 before finding out I had PCOS my periods stopped all together but it was the pain that made me keep going back to the doctors. 

I’d been having severe pain in both sides for years yet every doctor I spoke to said there shouldn’t be much pain and acted like I was making it up. Seriously they tested me for STD’s even though I wasn’t even sexually active!

When I finally had a referral for an internal scan the doc asked me what side was sore as thats what side the cysts would be on ‘if there was any’ I explained that both sides cause so much pain that sometimes I can’t even stand up straight. He gave me a blank look but surely enough – cysts on both sides.

Now I’m TTC and don’t seem to be getting anywhere. My periods have returned and are regular but still no luck on the pregnancy front. 

Oh and I have to wax my lady tash more often than I care to admit lol but that’s the only place I seem to get excess hair.

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PCOS can cause both missing periods, and an insane hemmorhage that never stops (like over 9 months massive bleeding, couldn’t leave the house, THAT bad).  PCOS can completely derail the patient’s sex life, and then intimacy drops, and it’s a downhill ride from there.

If you want to support someone with PCOS, try to be more accomodating. If you notice they stop going out as much, bring the socialization to them. They may be acting like a house hermit out of necessaity to be close to a bathroom.

Be patient with them, getting treatment for PCOS where I live has been nightmare, get bounced between gynos and endocrinologists because it crosses into both fields and neither specialist wants to take you on.  The impact on your life can be devastating.

The cysts can cause excruciating pain, insomnia, mental health issues, et cet.

Weight loss was impossible until making radical diet change and embracing a metabolic diet as my life from now on. And regular exercise.  The cysts can cause massive fluid retention in the ovaries which is painful and causes swelling, and a weight that just will not go away.

The nicest thing you can do for a PCOS patient in my opinion is don’t inquire about their lack of children or plans to breed. Chances are they have thought about this a lot and asking just re-opens the wound.

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I have PCOS but have not had cysts on the ovaries after scans. Odd, right? I am on the pill but maybe I should get that checked out again. I did have missing periods though. Sometimes for 2-3 months at a time. Time to get retested I suppose. 

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