(Closed) In a rancid mood today for no apparent reason…

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Busy bee

Yes. It’s the weather.

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Sugar bee
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I was that way two days ago.

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Bee Keeper

I hate it when that happens. Hormones maybe? Gray skies perhaps?

My first go-to is always a piece of dark chocolate, the darkest I can find (even if it’s so dark it tastes like bitter chalk, it does something good to my brain). If I don’t have a headache to go along with my bad mood, I put on some high-energy music I really like.

If it’s the really weird PMS mood swing that makes me feel like I want to cry for no reason, then it’s to youtube to look at the puppies and kittens!

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I’m the same way. SO has a great night planned for us and I’m happy and looking forward to that, however at work right now I’m just pissy. I’m mad that I keep getting more work because my co-workers cannot keep up with the work load so more gets dumped on me, I’m mad I have a under the skin zit by my bottom lip that hurts bad, also my face is super oily.

I know it’s hormonal because I’m on the 3 month pill and will get my period next week for the first time in 3 months so until then I just have to deal with it.

Oh and I feel like I’m just always poor and have no money to do anything.

-End pissy rant-

Just remember…

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m getting there.

We’ve had a guy call here FIVE TIMES today for one of our parts guys. Now, I answer the phone, but I CANNOT SEE the parts desk at all. Anyone who’s been here before knows this (and this guy has). I put him on R’s line, but it went to voicemail. He calls back. I tell him that R is probably with a customer, and he tells me to page him. I put him on hold and page R. R doesn’t answer, so I tell the guy that R is most likely with a customer, but he’s not on the line anymore (still connected). He calls back AGAIN, and I tell him that I tried to tell him that R was with someone, but he wasn’t there. “Oh, I picked up another call,” he says. 

So then he calls back an hour later. I put him on R’s line and R doesn’t pick up. He calls back. I tell him that R IS WITH A CUSTOMER. He says, “You told me that last time!” I tell him, “I cannot see the parts desk at all. If he does not answer, I have to assume that he is with a customer.” So the guy is throwing a fit and trying to talk over me and I just want to slam the phone on the desk. Then he asks me to give R a message. The message is of ZERO importance and did not need to be relayed–he just wanted R to know that he was going to stop in to pick up something that he forgot this morning. WHY IS THAT SO IMPORTANT?! JUST COME BACK IN.

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Bumble bee
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@vorpalette:  Oh those people are the worst!  They have no clue!  My poor receptionist was saying she’s also been getting the crabby, annoying calls like that all morning. 
She’s convinced a full moon is coming.  It must be the day.  Hang in there….TGIF!!!

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Helper bee
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I am in a bad mood too… I just had to deal with our cable/internet company.  They were supposed to come at 8am to install internet in our new house. They said it should take around an hour to install internet.  They show up an hour late and take 3 HOURS to install internet.  Is it really that difficult?  So I missed one of my grad school classes AND I was almost an hour late for work.  I also have to come in to work tomorrow at 8am (yes, on a weekend) for a guest speaker.  I’m grumpy. Fiance wants to have a date night tonight, so at least I can look forward to that.  Just think – TGIF!

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Rancid mood – nice choice of words. Made me LOL 🙂

I’m crabby because yesterday the water company came to our door to let us know that the leaky pipe that’s been flooding our driveway is on our property, not the township property, so we have to pay for the repairs. Despite the fact that the pipe was fine until last week when the township came out to do work on the pipes. The leak started after their work was finished. CLEARLY they damaged the line while they were working but since it’s on our property (just BARELY, might I add – it’s literally right on the edge of our yard just a few inches away from the road) they’re trying to pin us with the repairs.

FI’s mom owns our house and she’s the one who called them about the leak to begin with. But do you think she’s offering to pay for the repairs? Haha. No. And money is way too tight right now and I have no idea how we’re going to shell out hundreds of dollars for this. Ugh!

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Busy bee

I think the realization that I was happier being a lurker on this site than an actual member is making me angry. 

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Busy bee
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It hasn’t necessarily been a bad day, just hectic and annoying.  Our entire customer care group is out of the office for one reason or another and we had to bring in a temp to answer phones – but she doesn’t know ANYTHING about our products and because I was the one responsible for her when she first got here, she keeps coming to me to ask questions.  I’m not in the customer service/marketing department at all so I don’t know any of the answers to her questions.  You’d think she’d get that by, oh I don’t know, the 12th time she asked me a question!  No joke..she has come to my desk and asked me something about nearly every phone call she has taken.  Gahhhh!  Then we have a candidate interviewing for a position, so as the HR rep, it is my responsibility to pick her up from the airport, take her back, etc.  Plus I had to order lunch for everyone in the marketing department so they could have a meet and greet with her.  THEN it’s one of our employee’s last day here at our company so we decided to order a cookie cake for him to wish him luck in his new job and I’ve got to take care of getting that ordered, picked up, etc. 

Just typing that out makes me tired haha!  Silver lining: I get free lunch and some cookie cake (don’t judge me…I’ll work out this weekend!) on the company’s dollar and hopefully all these activities will make my Friday go by a little faster 🙂  Hang in there my friend!  Just a few more hours to go!

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