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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Ugh, I know how you feel!  I was doing SOO well throughout the wedding planning process on not getting any and then BAM, like 2 weeks before the wedding out popped one.  It went away after I attacked it like crazy with the Aciclovir and Abreva.  Then guess what happened? Right after that one healed, I got another one RIGHT before the wedding! Luckily it was small since I attacked it the second I felt the itch.  I had a healing cold sore on my wedding day 🙁  That was my very worst fear and it came true.

Keep doing what you’re doing.  Other than also doing Abreva, which is probably the same as the cream your doctor gave you and the Aciclovir, there’s not much else you can do as far as I know. Just attack, attack, ATTACK! Hopefully it’ll start healing a little faster than normal and you’ll only have a slight scab as the worst of it. When I put my lipstick and lipgloss on for the wedding,  you couldn’t even tell I had a cold sore which i was SO VERY THANKFUL for. I did not want to see an ugly cold sore in my wedding pictures!  Oh ya, DON’T STRESS! Stressing over the cold sore will just make them worse.  So try and relax, don’t think about it and just attack away. Good luck!!  

ETA:  I’m not really sure how to stop the itching.  I would think the cream you’re putting on should help with it?  I also have my chapstick Herpecin L (what a lovely name lol) that I put on top of the Abreva continuously.  

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Honey bee

I get them also. Go to the drugstore and get Lysine, it’s a vitamin supplement. Take 1000-3000mg a day. The lysine will help heal the sore WAY faster. I always use that and Herpecin, it’s in a tube and you can get it in Walgreens.

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Blushing bee

Just an fyi..If your body is acidic=you get sick/cold sores (stress also causes an acidic body), you need to make it alkaline=healthy. L-Lysene makes your body alkaline which helps fight infections/viruses. Also oil of oregano and lemon balm. Both are antiviral/bacterial. Lemon balm also aids in healing tissue. Calendula (marigold) cream/ointment heals skin. Try these.

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Worker bee

i suffer from the occasional horendous cold sore, haven’t had one in years luckily. When I was in college I noticed one of my teachers came to school one day with a cold sore and within a day or two that sucker was GONE. I asked what she did and she somewhat sheepishly admitted she puts acetone (nail polish remover!) on a q-tip and applies it to the sore! She said it hurts like a you know what but it has always worked for her. I only noticed her cold sore in the first place because it was quite large and sore looking. I haven’t given it a try as I haven’t been cursed in a couple years! 

Good luck, it sounds like your doing a lot of told things right now.. Key is to try not to stress about it :S

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Blushing bee

Just an fyi..docs/pharmacists are like robots ..programmed to spit out info that was programmed into their heads in med school, so they might not aknowledge some of this info. I’m into alternative medicine and have to say I haven’t been sick in over two years since I have started taking herbs/supplements-maybe that doesn’t seem like a big deal but I work in a small office with everyone being sick several times a year but me. Something is working.

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Busy bee

+1 for lysine. I take 6 500mg a day when I have cold or canker sores. Works like a charm! 


ETA: Just saw the ranges, and I think I take way more than recommended. Not medical advice! Its just what works for me.

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Worker bee
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I used Abreva to treat them- they make patches now that you can use to cover them and to keep it from spreading. Also, (this was not reccommended to me by a Dr but it seems to work pretty well for me) I soak a q-tip or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and let it sit there as long as I can stand- it takes away all the itchyness for me.  I’ve never heard of the acetone thing, but I can see how it would work knowing that rubbing alcohol helps.

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Bumble bee
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another vote for lysine and abreva!  Lysine is an amino acid that has been studied for its ability to heal and prevent cold sores.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

I don’t get them but DH does. I dunno if I’ve been exposed (which I know is likely) and don’t get them or if I really never have been exposed.  I don’t remember me, my parents or even extended family getting them so it seems possible too. 

He starts popping vitamin C and eating foods with C as soon as it itches and sometimes it won’t even turn into a sore, just a irritated bump, like it halts and heals from there.  Turns into a dry area and the skin flakes off like a scab but never turns into a sore or oozes or even was a real scab.  He felt one coming on the day after the wedding 🙁 and of course it stayed lol… at least it wasn’t day of, I don’t know what I’d have done if we couldn’t kiss in the ceremony!

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Buzzing bee
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ExH was prone to cold sores, and he took Vitamin B blends along with the lysine to keep them away. One time, we ran out of B’s, and he got lazy about it for a few weeks. Wouldn’t you know it, he got one after a week without his vitamins.

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Buzzing bee
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@lanalnoco:  Rush an order of Trilex. Google. Read the reviews. I promise you’ll be fine by then, actually it really helps with skin/lips in general. I would take three capsules three times a day, then two three times a day and then one three times a day until its healed. Pay for rush shipping. 🙂



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