(Closed) in desperate need of advice/help for allergies!!!!

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@Stace126:  Please try to start using a neti pot twice a day. You will feel like a completely new person!!!!!

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I am doing allergy shots for seasonal allergies.  I have been doing them for a few months now and I’m almost to maintenance now.

Have you tried nasal rinses?  That clears everything out without medications.

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I second the netipot! its kida gross but CHANGED MY LIFE! seriously try it!

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First for your sinus infection, use neilmed nose rinse (the same idea of neti pot).  Since I have been using that when I had a cold, my cold didn’t turn to be a sinus infection anymore.  Regarding your allergy (I have indoor or year round allergy for almost 20 years), the nose spray works the best for me.  I’m off of the nose spray right now and using Cetrizine (half tablet a day) while kind of keeping me off allergy about 80% at a time.

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I would recommend immunotherapy. Also known as allergy shots. I’m biased, because allergy shots are what I do for a living, but I have seen them work absolute wonders. Go to an allergist and discuss your options. Anything has to be better than feeling like this! 🙁

OK, here’s where I plug the services my company provides. I RECEIVE NO COMPENSATION FOR THIS. I work for a company called United Allergy Services (UAS), and we partner with doctors to help patients who sound like you. You pretty much sound like the perfect candidate. Allergy shots are contain nothing but saline, a little glycerin, and the very same things you’re exposed to already. Basically, you inject yourself with microscopic amounts of what you’re allergic to, and over time you will build up a tolerance. The process takes 2-5 years, but when you are done with the shots you are done with allergies. Like, DONE. No more shots, no more medication, no more allergies. I don’t know how things usually go at an allergist’s, but if you’re working with UAS then allergy shots don’t need to be terrifying. They’re given with a very small needle, in a fatty spot instead of a muscle, and are virtually painless. You will learn how to give your own shots and do them at home rather than at the doctor’s, just like someone who takes insulin.

Here’s the catch – right now, the only doctors in Pennsylvania who have provide allergy services through UAS are in Glenolden, York, Reading, Southampton, and Ardmore. These are all more than a four hours’ drive from Pittsburgh. But if you go to an allergist in your town and they won’t help you, it can’t hurt to look into taking a road trip. Again, I’m not getting paid to plug UAS. I just think that if you started your immunotherapy treatment this spring you would see an entire WORLD of difference by next September. Good luck!

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i have terrible year round allergies that have been kept under control with singulair until a few months ago.  now nothing works because i’ve been on every antihistimine on the market.  i had sinus surgery last year so i haven’t had any sinus infections since the surgery.  my sinuses now drains better and my turbinates wwere trimmed so i’m not as congested all the time.  i also had mucosa thickening from all the infections and allergies that my ent had to remove.

back in february, it was so bad, i begged my ent to give me a medrol shot.  this helped quite a bit because it helped with the inflammation.  however, it’s not a long term solution.  the side effects are awful.

i will start the immunotherapy at some point but i couldn’t get off of antihistimines long enough for my allergist to do the skin prick test.  i had it done a few years ago and we could use the results from that but i’m afraid i have new allergies that did not show up the last time.  i decided to put it off until after the wedding because i didn’t want to worry about it during wedding planning and plus i didn’t want the test to leave marks on my back since i will be wearing a strapless backless dress.

my allergist gave me a 50/50 sinus spray mix and changed my nasal steroid from omnaris to nasonex and it’s really helped.  i also use neilmed quite a bit.  every so often, when it gets bad, i schedule a cranial sacral/lymphatic massage to aid in draining and headaches.

i know that immunotherapy shots are probably in my future.  it just takes so much time and costs so much money.  local raw unfiltered honey is supposed to do the same thing if it’s seasonal allergies.  unfortunately i also have indoor allergies (cats).

i know it’s awful.  good luck!

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Be careful with the netipots or any other product like them.  If not used properly they can cause infections. 

I also slowly developed issues with allergies last year and it got to the point that I was coughing so much I couldn’t breathe.  I went to a general practitioner a few times and just got antibiotics for bronchitis, steroids, a nasal spray like nasonex but generic, and an inhaler because I was diagnosised with asthma.  I finally went to an allergist this January and it was pretty pricey but I was basically told that I had allergy induced asthma and to continue the inhaler, the nasal spray, and the otc antihistamine.  I did the inhaler for the month and stopped and continued the nasal spray for about two months and continued the antihistamine for the entire time.  I have been 99% better. 

I went back for a check up and was told to continue the nasal spray because I still have sinus drip and the symptoms I still had would be cleared up with the spray and not the otc antihistamine. 

I also did the back prick test for allergies and I was basically allergic to 85% of the things they tested for.  The doctor said I could do the shots and my insurance covers them but it is a big commitment and I think if the nasal spray and otc continue to work it would be worth it to me.

I think you should go to the allergist and see if a nasal spray might be the fix.  I am also not a fan of drugs but it got to the point that the coughing was waking me up at night and that I did have to go to the walk in clinic in the middle of the night because I couldn’t breathe.  I also didn’t want to be hacking walking down the aisle for my wedding so it was a must do. 

Good luck.


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@rbabyrolle:  You beat me to it. The Netipot must only be used a certain way or it can be very dangerous.

I know you don’t want to see an allergist, but htey can prescribe stronger medications than OTC. And I have seen wonders with regular allergy shots. My best friend who is allergic to cats now owns two of them after getting regular shots.

Saline sprays are also excellent and can be used daily with sinus problems. I also suffer from seasonal allergies and use a sinus spray when needed.

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Allergy shots literally CHANGED my life. I was so miserable every spring until I started them. This spring I had mild symptoms for only about a week, I’ve been doing allergy shots for about 1.5 years. See if your doctor thinks they might be beneficial to you. They are NOT medication, they are immuno-therapy, basically conditioning your body to slowly being able to handle your allergens without symptoms. 2 years ago, I took daily allergy meds, as well as like 3 types of eye drops and occasional benadryl for really bad days. This year I don’t need any of it… so I can’t sing the praises to allergy shots loud enough!

I’ve also heard great things like PPs wrote about the neti pot, but make sure you clean it thoroughly or it can make sinus infections worse!

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I was having a similar issue. It felt like I couldn’t breathe, and I was stuffed up (like 100%!) for months. They all told me to take OTC stuff, and finally I’m like NO. You need to prescribe me something. A had to run through a Z-pak and a 10 day course of augmentin just to clear the infection, and then a combo of Omnaris nasal spray and an inhaler. FINALLy cleared it.

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A nettie pot is the only thing that has ever helped.  I used to get such bad infections (I have chronic sinusitis because my nose just doesn’t have enough room in there and is constantly inflamed) that I would be in bed – completely wiped out- several time a year.  Now I flush my nose with salt water as soon as I feel any kind of closure, stuffiness, pain, or if I have been around bleach or any of the other things I am allergic to.  It really helps and it is super cheap!

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@Stace126:  Clariton D (which you need a perscription for) works SO much better then the OTC Clariton. I don’t go to an alergist, I jus asked my Dr. for it after I couldn’t take getting the 3rd degree from the local drug store everytime I wanted to buy sudafed. (Here you need to present your ID and can only buy 1 box every two weeks!)

sudafed always worked for me too. It’s not the same stuff as Clariton D, but they both have been very effective.

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@Stace126:  Oh, hun!  I feel for you!  I have suffered from chronic sinusitus and allergies (mainly cat) for ages.  I know how it can make you feel miserable, so much that all you want to do is stay in bed all day.  That is definitely not the way you want to live your life.  Because of this, I would strongly suggest that you see both an ENT and an Allergist.  There is a strong possibility that your sinuses are impacted and/or swollen and that is why you’re suffering from multiple sinus infections a year.  I have had three surgeries to open and reconstruct mine and I have received much relief after my last one!  My ENT is a sinus specialist and he has encouraged me to use the NeliMed (like a NetiPot) as well.  At times, he’ll have me use steroids in the mixture or even a half teaspoon of baby shampoo (burns like hell, but works) to open the passages and/or kill the bacteria.  Like many of the PP’s have mentioned, make certain that you use sterilized water or heated water to prevent further problems!!  Seeing an Allergist is not as bad as you think.  Sure, it’s not a delightful feeling, but you have to focus on the purpose (similar to seeing a gynecologist).  Imagine how it could help you and make your life much more pleasant.   I’m hopeful that you get some relief soon!!

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