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@mwitter80:  Sorry you’re in freak out mode right now! I know it can’t be easy, especially when someone gives you *THE WORST* news. I know you want to protect your little baby and don’t want anything to be wrong for it’s sake. Try to keep a few things in perspective though. that doesn’t take away your concern, but it might help you breathe a little easier.

1) Your midwife may have been having a bad day, and didn’t sound like herself because of that. Would it help your nerves if you called her back just to make sure you understood her tone correctly in what she was trying to convey? Some professional reassurance might put you at ease.

2) your bladder not being full enough may have skewed the images. In my mind, that almost makes the first ultrasound null and void until you get a more accurate image. And having been in a business where risk management is the preferred M.O. it’s better for them to send you to where there is better equipment to expedite the answers rather than risk another off-quality ultrasound. Or if there was even a question of baby, it’s easier to send you to where the higher quality equipment is and get it done in one fell swoop, rather than to do it again, examine it, and potentially have to send you off for a 3rd one. That doesn’t make sense. Being overly thorough is better than reinventing the wheel, if that makes sense. (I’m running a fever, so my intelligence is suffering right now)

Try to roll with the punches as they come. Don’t get ahead of yourself, because that’s not productive whatsoever. For now, there’s an errant ultrasound on the loose, and you’re going to get that addressed. Please please please don’t google. The longer you do it, the more likely you are to begin thinking you could have leprocy, have a brain tumor, and maybe even a superflouous 3rd nipple. Try to relax, and chat with us bees as much as you need to. Hugs to you. 🙂

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You have already gotten some great advice, but just want to reiterate that I hope everything is ok!  I would be reassured by the fact that they are not pushing me to come in ASAP!

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I don’t really know anything about ultrasounds, but just wanted to let you know that I’m sending good thoughts to you & the baby!

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I also had some abnormalities come up on my anatomy scan.  (Not the same ones, but still…) My doctor did the same thing.  She explained what they thought they saw in the anatomy scan, and she referred me to have a follow-up 2nd anatomy scan done at the hospital with a perinatologist.  On the 2nd anatomy scan, they did not see the same abnormalities.  The perinatologist was really friendly.  She explained everything about the results from the 1st anatomy scan, and put them in context of what she saw when they did the 2nd scan at the hospital.  It really put my mind at ease, and it turns out that there is almost definitely nothing wrong with our baby.

Hopefully you will have a similar experience! …and even if they do find an abnormality, the specialists are much more well equipped to explain what the ultrasound results mean. It’s pretty amazing what can be corrected with surgery and modern medecine, so it sounds like even in the worst case scenario, your baby will still ultimately lead a totally normal and healthy life.  I really do think that the radiologists who read the anatomy scans are just super cautious, so hopefully all your worry will turn out to be over nothing at all. 

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Oh gosh. I’ll definitely keep you in my thoughts, and hope that your next scan goes well and there is nothing to worry about. I DO want to add that (having worked for doctors at almost every job I’ve ever had), they are very quick to WANT to see something wrong so they can fix it. It is essentially their job. More often than not, the thing that they were looking for turns out to not even exist.

I remember a Pedi telling my sister-in-law that my nephew’s head was too large for his age and that they think there was fluid in his brain and something seriously wrong. He went through MRIs and tons of testing and it turned out to be NOTHING. The kid just has a big noggin. So please, please try not to worry and don’t stress yourself or your beautiful baby out until you know 100% that something is wrong.

Best of luck!

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I agree with PPs to stay away from Google! I hope everything turns out to be fine, I bet it will.

But if it does turn out that your baby does have intestinal atresia don’t panic, it will still be okay! My brother had this, but of course back then they didn’t have a way to tes for that sort of thing before birth so they did not find out till after he was born and was not taking any food and basically was going to starve. He had to have this surgery at just a day or two old. Of course my parents were very scared and worried, but he was 100% okay, recovered and healed quickly, and while he still had the scar from the procedure he has zero memory of it happening, it’s just something interesting that happened to him at birth that had no effect on his life whatsoever.

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@mwitter80: They had me do the same thing. I worried and spent a lot of money over nothing. Good luck and just remember it is probably nothing. It could be just a weird picture or the baby was positioned funny. Please try to stay calm and just do what they say and hopefully you will get the answers you want.

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I think everyone else has said it all but be sure to take care of yourself. I know it’s easier said than done but stressing out is just going to be worse for you & your baby.

I hope that everything works out and that the second ultrasound puts your mind at ease!

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I’ll be thinking of you and hoping all turns out for the best!  I can understand how scary this is as I am petrified I’ll hear that something is wrong at our A/S is wrong next week – it’s just what we do as parents I think, we find things to worry about!  

Focus on the positive – even if it is confirmed that there is something wrong, it is easily fixed and he will be just fine.   A good friend’s baby had a similar surgery a few days after birth and it was far more traumatic on the parents than it was on the baby!  The keyhole surgeries they do nowadays are amazing and so quick – the baby didn’t seem fazed by the recovery in the slightest, and she has a stoma as well.  

As others have said, I think a lot of times medical professionals like to err on the side of caution.  More than likely, everything will turn out to be just fine!   

I understand the obsession with Dr Google and I don’t think it’s a bad thing as it gives you a basic understanding so you can ask good questions if there does turn out to be something wrong.  Just recognise when you’re getting to the point of information overload and stop.  

Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you!

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@mwitter80:   Oh geez, I am so sorry you’re going through this.  I hope and pray all will be ok.  xoxo

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Praying that the LO is okay 🙁 gosh, any news like that makes your whole day freeze. Let us know when you have a chance, hugs!

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Fingers crossed that everything at your next u/s turns out okay and there was nothing to worry about. Let us know when your u/s is so we can continue to give you support (and cheer when everything comes back fine).

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Sending positive thoughts your way! The unknown is scary but I hope the ultrasound is uneventful & they send you home with a great report!

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