(Closed) In-ground pool: Yay or Nay?

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  • poll: If you own a pool, is it worth it?
    Yes, it's the best thing ever : (30 votes)
    25 %
    Yes, if you don't mind all the extra costs : (46 votes)
    38 %
    No, the cons outweigh the pros : (28 votes)
    23 %
    No, you won't use it as much as you think : (16 votes)
    13 %
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    Busy bee

    Pools are a TON of work and money to maintain. If you have the money for repair for the filter, chlorine, pH testers, maintenence (cleaning out the pool) then go for it. I personally would much rather prefer a backyard with a wide open grassy space than one with a pool. If you want to use a pool or go swimming you can always go to a public pool/lake/beach (if there are any around you.) Pools are more of a headache and they are rarely every even used.

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    We had a pool and I loved it. Maintenance is really not a big deal if you so it on a daily basis. Having an automatic skimmer and keeping leaves and other debris out of the pool helps to maintain the correct pH.

    I also used to tell kids that we had added a chemical to the pool that would make a purple circle around them if they peed in the pool, so everyone would know!

    A pool can be an asset or a detriment when you decide to sell, depending on who the buyers are at the time.

    Liability is  a huge concern,as it would be deemed an attractive nuisance. Check local bylaws and make sure your pool is fenced off.Having a fence around the back yard is not adequate.

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    Commenting to follow along… We’re actually in the OPPOSITE boat. I reallllly want a pool and have been looking at properties large enough to put one in if it doesn’t already have one. 🙂 Curious about personal experiences.

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    I know my cousins switched from chlorine to a salt water pool and they say the upkeep is a lot easier. They use it all the time and love it and would never get a house without one at this point!

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    I dunno. We bought a house with a hot tub and I really regret it. It’s a PITA . . . and before I owned one, I would’ve said I loved hot tubs. I can’t even imagine how much work a pool is.

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    Honey bee

    I guess it depends on what is important to you. We had a pool growing up and LOVED it. Our forever home will have a pool. However, it can be a lot of work and can be expensive. The pros outweigh the cons in my opinion, but I have a lot of friends that want nothing to do with a pool.

    If you do decide to get the house, can a home inspector check out the pool for cracks in the lining?

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    Bumble bee

    My sister inherited a house with an in-ground pool and said she would never buy a house with one again.  Too much work.  

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    Can I just say…..


    Between our homeowners insurance being higher, the cost of maintenance/utilities, stressing about future child proofing, neighbors wanting to come over, and frogs trying to breed in the cover every spring, I would LOVE to just fill it in with concrete! I definitely regret it. We will never have a pool again.

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    My parents had a gorgeous pool growing up and I LOVED it. It was a massive additional cost, however. Running the pumps/filters/vacuum etc cost them a few hundred a month (I think? Not sure) and it also had three large rock waterfalls that cost quite a bit to run as well. We had a wooded lot, so leaves would fall into it constantly, resulting in them hiring a pool man to come clean it every week. This was also in Texas, so my dad eventually installed an expensive bug spray fog system so we could get rid of mosquitos enough to actually enjoy the pool in the summer without getting eaten alive.

    A lot of that may not apply to you guys — but I say it to make the point that a pool can be a catalyst to bringing up a bunch of other costs you may not realize thinking about a pool on its face. The attorney in me also insists on pointing out potential legal issues — you need to make sure your yard is adaquately fenced in at all times for obvious reasons and make sure it’s up to code the HOA or city may have in place for homes with pools. You could always have it covered if you don’t want to pay to have it removed.

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    @ellebeerob:  HAHA we had frogs breed in ours too!! our pool guy took care of it but it was… interesting when it happened.

    I agree with others — honestly I would only have one again if we could/wanted to pay to have it professionally maintained by an outside company.

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    Sugar bee
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    I have one word for you:  SKINNYDIPPING.

    I’m totally in favour of the pool.  Fuck the expense… you can SWIM NAKED.

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    I don’t know. My cousins have a pool and they almost never use it even in a family with adult kids! The climate is a little cooler up here in Canada though so summer is really the only time to use it. Unfortunately it is not heated (way too expensive!) so it is ice cold when you get it. It costs so much to drain and fill it, and cleaning it is a chore. They have to have it covered all the time so getting the pool ready for use takes almost an hour in removing the cover, cleaning it and adding the appropriate chemicals.

    I have a friend who knows someone who used to be in the pool building business, now they are in the pool filling business. More people in our region (where the economy is strong, no less!) are having pools filled in than are having them built. I suppose for most people it’s a safety issue (small children) as well as a bit of a money sink.

    If you are positive you will use it a lot, okay to spend the time and money on it, and able to build a fence and secure it for when you have kids, then go for it.

    Personally, eehhh I would stay far away. I’d probably just get a hot tub instead! Even then, who knows how often I’d even use it. 

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    Our hot tub is broken and I miss that.  But the pool?  I want to tear it down – I’m so over it.  Ours is above ground, which, to me, is an even bigger pain in the arse.

    I grew up with an in-ground pool, and my parents still have it.  They maintain it and still swim, etc.  We DID NOT SWIM IN OUR POOL ONCE last summer.  What a waste.  We have busy jobs and are usually out of town or busy with other stuff on the weekends in the summer.  And we’re just not pool people.

    It’s more attractive to me if I had kids (we don’t), but I’d rather pay for a membership to the Y than the money I pour into the pool. 

    In the 6 years since he bought the house we’ve replaced both covers, added a reel, and replaced the filter plus all the hoses, etc.  That’s in addition to the ~$200 of chemicals it takes every year.  Added to the increased insurance we have to carry I’d place its cost (only $$-wise, not the time we waste) at about $500 per year.

    In the end, I probably wouldn’t walk away from the perfect house with a pool.  Above-ground pools are easy to tear down, and in-ground pools look nice and I know how to maintain them.  It does get you outside.  🙂

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