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Helper bee

I could write a novel about my awful Future Mother-In-Law, and besides my fiance, the rest of her family just goes along with her craziness and keeps telling us to just drop it.

Honestly, you don’t have to tolerate toxic people in your life. If you feel it’s gone too far, tell your man that while he can have whatever relationship he wants with his family, you are cutting them out of your life.

I did exactly that, and we’re having Thanksgiving with my family.

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Busy bee
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I feel a little guilty because my in laws are very nice to me. But…I don’t like to be around them because they are so crass and mom in law is a major complainer. The siblings seem to compete for who can say the most shock value vulgar jokes or comments. And almost every conversation with mom in law is about how awful everything is in her life and how she is barely making it through, etc.  Or how everything in life is against her and it’s big companies or her bosses or other people who are to blame for everything.  It’s so negative.  I know life can be unfair but I also am easily annoyed when people only blame everything and everyone else for their problems. And even when we call her it’s at least hour conversations and usually about the same things.  So I feel bad but I would rather avoid time with them.

And I swear somehow it brings out the worst side in my husband for a few days too. I end up being very eager for visits to be over and us back to our usual routine and him to mellow out to his easy going positive self again. 

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His side? 

Recovering alcoholic mil. She hit the hospital again this summer. Fingers crossed she stays sober. In the past it would be knock out fights with every grudge from the distant past coming out at the holidays. Then again, she was drinking split bottles of champagne in the powder room back then… She hid alcohol all over the house for herself. Road to recovery has been hard on her but good for her overall well being. 

Future fil that ignores problems and just plays video games in his office. So, he barely says a word to anyone. Very welcoming.

Future brother in law has his head on and a fab future fiance (he just got the ring!!). I adore him. Even if when he lived with us 6 years ago he basically left a half eaten burrito on the coffee table and floor most nights after his drunken shenanigans. (Ever try to get melted, shredded cheese out of carpet?)

Future sil… She is very smart but not really driven. She used her mothers credit card to pay for  a parking ticket after telling her parents she paid for it. She stayed with us for a summer after college and told us her parents said not to get a job while telling her parents no one was hiring (we got an interview for her at a local coffee shop. Told us she went, she didn’t.). She would tell us she didn’t have any money to do things and would get depressed, so we’d take her out. When she left at the end of summer, she mentioned how excited she was to get her own place when she got home… With the thousands of dollars her parents sent her all summer (close to 5k). When we got engaged, her only comment was her new boyfriend bought her a diamond necklace. They became engaged in May. She decided to have their wedding one month before ours.(I know, i know. We get one day. But come on…) Instead of a registry they want “donations”. Not to like a honeyfund or a group/org/nonprofit  they support, they have let everyone know they prefer cash. I sent them very nice crystal champagne flutes when they got engaged and she called me telling me they wanted to take them back… To get the cash…whatever. Did i mention i was a bridesmaid and almost every idea i shared with her before her engagement has been set in place for her wedding?  Tell people nothing, bees.

My side for him?

A passive aggressive aunt who breaks his balls. Ugh. It’s bad and I feel so sorry for him.

Mean aunt who puts down his work while go on and on about her sons. One is in jail and the other cant hold down a job. (I get it, she’s insecure…) 

My uncle who does not speak and acts like it is a chore to be there. 

My grandmother who is so sweet but whose dementia means she thinks my fiance is an ex I dated over 15 years ago. They look nothing alike. 

I can’t wait, y’all! Popping the bottle of Maker’s tonight. 

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timethief :  

I feel you with the Future Mother-In-Law issues. Mine is not only horrible to me but also takes advantage of her own sons and could care less about their well-being. It seems that my SO is just now realizing this about her (I have known for a long time but I wanted to let him come to it on his own time so he would never be resentful of me). Luckily my man is always on my side. I feel that’s the only ways to survive crazy in-laws :/. Anyway, your advice to create boundaries for yourself by cutting them out is great. I’ve done this just recently and it feels amazing! I told my SO he can have any relationship he wants with her so long that he is always on my side πŸ™‚

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naturelovebee :  I feel you!

My side:

Aunt and female cousin who treats my hubby really rude (not saying goodbye to him at our wedding, he stood right next to me!) And not being able to be proven wrong. Even if they are present with facts set in stone it can’t be right in their mind, especially the female cousin. “Cause she went to university and have a masters degree”. Oh, she loves to flaunt the degree although she doesn’t even work. Everyone else in the world is doing things wrong and their way is the right and only way of doing things.

My father who sometimes speaks before he thinks. I inherited that from him a bit I am afraid-.-

I am sure hubby could list much more from my side if he were writing this though, hehe πŸ˜›


His side:

Father-In-Law (who is no longer living with my MIL) said he couldn’t make the ten hour trip to our wedding as he wanted to give us a wedding gift instead. Fine by us, but we would rather have him there than a gift. He never gave us a gift though, or came to the wedding.

Mother-In-Law and all four of hubbys siblings acting like he can do nothing right, can’t be happy for his successes, and acting like we are not there when we visit. None of them relly speaks to either of us. And none makes contact unless they need something (money).

The tree last times we have visited Mother-In-Law we havent even gotten hot food for at leat two-three days. No dinner and only bread in the house to eat for all meals. I am diabetic and it is hell, but she doesn’t believe startches are bad for me. I bring my own tomatoes and munch on them when she is not looking πŸ˜€ When they visit us Mother-In-Law call from the car on their way here to ask if we have prepared hot dinner for them.

Mother-In-Law asked my hubby if he’d not rather borrow her boyfriends shoes for our wedding as she didn’t care for the colour of hubbys wedding shoes. Hubby has feet three sizes bigger then her Boyfriend or Best Friend yet she never remembers that. She always offers up the shoes of her BFs.

Mother-In-Law also anounced her engagement months before our wedding and got married just months after in a dress strangely similar to mine. Their cake way better than the one she made for our wedding and told us was a wedding gift, but we still had to pay for it. The location very similar to ours. The only thing that made their wedding different were the plastic diamonds she always decorates her party tables with.


Can you tell I have quite a bit to say about my Mother-In-Law, Haha:D And I know some of it might be petty on my side but they treat hubby so badly it ads up and every bit of them anoys me.




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Busy bee
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My Future Sister-In-Law is extremely attached to my SO. I mean, I understand close sibling relationships but with how dramatic she can get you’d think she and my SO were conjoined and I was separating them. 

This is basically a giant blanket issue stemming from having him pretty much all to herself for 29 years and being somewhat of a mother figure. Sometimes she only addresses SO when greeting us, she buys him things (like swim trunks) she would buy (and did buy) for her husband, she sometimes has a tendency to compare her relationship with her brother to my relationship with him as a SO, which can be creepy and off-putting, etc.

A lot of times if SO and I choose not to hang out with her or “the group” as we call them, and it’s somewhat of a gut feeling that she blames me and thinks I’m making these decisions and being controlling, keeping him from her. It’s a deep jealousy, but interestingly sometimes she’s perfectly fine and other times it’s borderline unbearable. She has gotten a lot better as time has progressed, however now she is pregnant so I suppose she has a new distraction. 

Luckily SO realizes that she can be a b*tch and she will at least be out of town with her husband’s family for Thanksgiving.

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neaira :  

WOW that sounds terrible…. Especially the wedding and the cake wtf? Your Mother-In-Law is so insideously rude. 

I am quite confident that my Future Mother-In-Law will either be wearing a white dress to our wedding or a tight short literal bodycon dress (I saw her do this at someone else’s wedding)…. ugh. So at this point do you still kill them with kindness or have you started standing up for yourself? At this point, I’ve cut her out of my life (without directly telling her that) and whenever I must interact with her I basically kill her with kindness. Once we get married I will probably start calling her out directly. Until then…. I am so reliant on my SO to stuck up for me -.-


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Busy bee
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Mil pushed me backwards off a set of steps on to concrete because she was pissed off at me. I have really bad balance but managed to just avoid cracking my head open. When I told her to piss off (understandably I feel) she stormed in to Fil and Darling Husband to tell them I had told her to fuck off and called her a c*nt. I wish I had!! She’s done many things but that’s the one that really sticks in my brain as everything else has just been nasty/rude/mean that’s the only time she physically hurt me so I remember it well!! We don’t speak to them anymore. 

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Hahah I wrote a post like this yesterday no one responded. 

Where do I start with mine?! They are truly awful. 

When we were dating I was not welcome to family events.

After we got engaged I was invited but not welcomed if that makes sense.

When we got married not ONE of them showed up except my Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law. However Mother-In-Law left right after ceremony and Father-In-Law stayed til dinner (we did that first) not even the cake.

They try to get in our business with his ex. She will text them sob stories how we don’t want the kids. Mind you we have never NOT taken them and we try to get them as much as we can. They live 6 3 hours away each way so it makes it difficult to see them all the time. I have a great relationship with them and she should be happy he found someone to take on 4 kids.

It’s awful. They make it sounds like I’m a homewrecker but she got engaged right after we started dating and she got married 5 months in to our relationship. She moved on first but his family LOVES her and has no interest to get to know me. 

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Busy bee
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My FI’s mother screamed “F you” to us multiple times out front of her house as we were leaving on Christmas 3 years ago. This is because my Fiance suggested we sit at the bar top to eat dinner  because the dining table was too small to accommodate everyone. Mind you, the table and bar top were both located in the kitchen, 3 feet apart. Apparently he ruined Christmas for making the suggestion. We haven’t seen his parents since.

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Helper bee

So this isn’t my Mother-In-Law, but my sister’s Mother-In-Law was a real crazy lady.

My sister and her husband lived on a farm and her Mother-In-Law lived in a seperate house on the same property. She didn’t like the animals…so I’m not sure why she lived on a farm. LOL. She hated my sister’s dogs, sheep, horse, etc. She had a huge issue with the dogs digging in her flower bed. I can see how that would be annoying but that does not justify what happened next.

The Mother-In-Law broke a bunch of glass bottles and buried them in the flower beds. Sure enough, the dogs came home with blood streaming from their snouts and front feet. EVIL. She admitted to everything and said it was only fair.

A few months after that my sister’s horse came down with an undiagnosable stomach problem. She spent a fortune on vet bills trying to figure it out and eventually had to put the horse down. My sister swears that her Mother-In-Law poisoned her horse and I believe her. That woman was INSANE.

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My future in laws are Jehovah’s Witnesses, so oh boy, I have horror stories. They’ve threatened to not come to our wedding because FI’s best man is gay, they sat us down for a 3 hour lecture when Fiance and I moved in together because we weren’t married yet, they recently told me that if we had a gay child they would disown our family, they constantly try to convert me even though I myself am a Christian but they don’t recognize my beliefs as valid…..AH

The one good thing about them? They don’t celebrate holidays so we don’t have to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas with them, thank goodness. I mean, Fiance obviously loves his parents but they drive me NUTS

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I honestly don’t have a single story to tell about current Mother-In-Law or Father-In-Law because they are amazing!

However, my ex’s parents were the spawn of the devil.

– Mother-In-Law used to walk on me in the shower to talk “business” (I used to work for her)
– Mother-In-Law used to walk in on us
– Mother-In-Law used to call my mum a c**t, a bitch, and useless almost everyday
– Mother-In-Law threatened to bash my mother
– Mother-In-Law went to the dr to find out if she could be our surrogate (I was pregnant at the time, and we were only “trying” for 2 months prior to this)
– Mother-In-Law banned my mum from coming to my house
– Mother-In-Law said she would not allow my mum to have anything to do with my baby
– Mother-In-Law caused a scene at the hospital because I wouldn’t name my baby after her
– Mother-In-Law labelled me a slut at my bridal shower
– Mother-In-Law did not allow my family to attend the wedding
– Mother-In-Law would eat all my ‘cravings food’ so I wasn’t able to eat it
– Mother-In-Law would belittle my family and friends
– Mother-In-Law would get overlisten to my phone conversations
– Mother-In-Law would pay me for 10 hrs work but would insist on me working over 45 hours
– Mother-In-Law would not return my heriloom ring (was given to me by my grandmother, and handed down to her from her great-great-grandmother)
– Mother-In-Law used her fortune to ensure I did not get my portion of the house ex and I bought and equally contributed together for (I ended up with $45k out of a $250k asset pool)
– Father-In-Law would just take Mother-In-Law lead on everything

this is just a few examples…


lol so glad I’m out of that toxic environment! At least your partner is supportive, my ex was abusive with me instead. Just focus on what’s important – you and your SO! πŸ™‚


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kelly3790 :  My Future Mother-In-Law asked my fiance if I was pregnant or if it was the “freshman 15” during our freshman year of college.

Side note: It was the freshman 5, not 15. πŸ™‚

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