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@CCarol:  i’m sorry you’re going through this.  but the simple answer is, your fiance should be on your side, no matter what. he should be defending you, fighting for you and not accusing you or taking his family’s side. i say this having lived through a situation where i’ve had to defend my fiance to hell and back, because he is my family now and you stick up for the one you love at all costs. he doesn’t seem to want to do that for you, and to me that rings alarm bells.

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I think your biggest problem is with your Fiance. He doesn’t support you – not in front of his family or in private. That would be a huge red flag for me. You should be with someone who puts you first. 

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@CCarol:  Wow, from hell is right. But how come your fiance isn’t defending you?! Is this what you want your whole life to be like? To have his whole family shun you guys, and him tell you to shut up and take it?

If it were me, I would have told him a while ago that if he doesn’t defend me to such insanity, we are done.  I would tell him that now. You don’t need a life where your own family outright refuses to talk to you, then calls you annoying, rude, slanderous, whatever. 

Don’t think this will get better after marriage. My granny hated my mother and made her life hell for probably a good 25 year’s worth of my parents’ marriage before becoming a bit nicer.  

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So sorry to hear you are embroiled in such a negative experience. Wedding planning and planning for the rest of your life together should be a joyful experience, not one filled with despair. 


No one here can tell you what to do, but here is some food for thought:

1. If you are feeling alone and like your Fiance is not supporting you, that should be an alarm bell

2. They say you marry the man, you marry the family. If you can endure such a hostile inlaw family, you are stronger than I. I worked very hard to make peace with my future inlaws, who are crazy rednecks, because I knew they would be a part of my life. Luckily they felt the same way.

3. If you intend on having children, do you really want your kids to visit these people and have their hostility spill onto them and affect them? Also, do you want your children to face the same rejection that you do right now?

I wish you the very best of luck. You sound like a lovely person and NO ONE can judge you for that darkest hour when you can rationalize and go through with trying to end your life. That is the scariest thing someone can ever face and no one has the right to judge you for it


Good luck! xoxo

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@CCarol:  You are not the weird one. If I were you, I would push the date back – not for him, for YOU. Please do not enter into a marriage with these as the circumstances. Do not let him or his family walk all over you like this.

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I don’t think you should marry this man. It’s bad enough the his family will make you miserable, but the fact that he takes their side is unacceptable. marriage is a life partnership where both people need to have each others back. Telling you that depression doesn’t exist and that you should just shut up and let his family be mean to you does not indicate to me that he will be a loving and supportive husband. get out while you still can.


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Your fiance really should be siding with you. For whatever reason it seems like you and his family are never going to get along well, so the very least he should be doing is supporting you and defending you. Don’t take their comments to heart, they seem to have a problem with you but don’t think it’s your fault. Their problem could be with your fiance, your culture or something that’s nothing to do with you!

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Please don’t marry this guy. Please, please, please. I know he’s the only guy you’ve ever been with so it’s going to be really difficult for you to truly realize how wrong all of this is and to break it off and move on, but your future will be SO much happier and better if you can work up the guts to leave this guy. He isn’t on your side, and if you stay with him you’ll spend the rest of your life having his family treat you like crap and him blaming you for it. Don’t do it!

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You need to drop all of these toxic people from your life.


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This is tough. I definitely feel what you are going through. My soon-to-be fiance and my dad weren’t talking for MONTHS and I was in the middle of it all and it was very painful. 


You need to first and foremost ask yourself if you want to put yourself through a lifetime of misery with these people. Unfortunately, when you marry someone, you also marry their family whether you like them or not. For whatever reason, they have decided to all despise you and your relationship from the get go, and there is little hope, from what I can tell based on what you wrote, that they will change their minds anytime soon. Nothing you say or do will change their attitude or thoughts on you two being together, so please stop trying to apologize or make up for what they claim you did. Don’t give them any more foder. Be cordial if you happen to be in the same room, but don’t reach out anymore. They’ve made it clear, so let it go.


Imagine how hard this must be for your fiance…his own family must be giving him hell. Is he the type that will bend to their will eventually? If so, watch out. It can turn really ugly really fast. In the mean time, understand that he is struggling with this. I’m sure he wants his family to love you like he does, and it’s really hard to have people you love dislike someone else you love. He’s going to have to ultimately choose, and I’m sure he’s realizing that with much pain and anguish. If your relationship is strong enough, you will both see this through. He needs to be be a man and tell his family that this is his life, he is choosing to have you in his life, and if they can’t handle that, then they can choose to not come to your wedding and to not be in your lives. Until they get with the program, you two need to focus on you two, not them. They’ve made it clear that they don’t want to be a part of your lives together, so let them be miserable without you.


You and your fiance need to be in communion with your stance on this serious issue with his family. Set aside a few hours and SERIOUSLY talk about this. Discuss anything and everything and don’t hold back. Not saying to fight, but if he can’t even do that, then you need to run because it’s not going to get better from here. You both should have a game plan together. Forget trying to make good with his family. They’ve got to extend the olive branch at this point. You’ve tried and failed and that’s ok. They’ve got issues with their own reality that they need to figure out and maybe not showing up to your wedding and alienating themselves from your lives for a while will be a good lesson for them. It’s amazing what a few months of silence from the other end of the phone will do to people (personal experience here).


My bf and I have this little saying that sums up how we should always defend each other and support each other NO MATTER WHAT. “If you say the sky is red, I agree, it’s red.” Meaning, even if what you are saying is stupid or ill-thought out, we defend each other when it comes to dealing with others, be it family or friends or whomever.  

It’s going to be tough, no doubt. But you both need to support each other through this. Be good to yourself always. If you’re feeling like you are alone in this, be wary because he should be your biggest cheerleader at this point. Take care.


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@CCarol:  you deserve better.

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First of all….please don’t hurt yourself.  If you feel those horrible, overwhelming feelings of depression and wanting to end it all, call someone.  Even having those little glimmerings about wanting to hurt yourself is a scary warning sign.  Check in with the doctor about getting your medication tweaked, and try and get into a see a counsellor.

My advice is this…. put everything on the back burner.  Tell your fiance that you’ll talk about wedding plans later.  Your priority…your ONLY priority is to make sure you’re mentally safe.  The other stuff can wait.  Those nasty inlaws can wait. Even your fiance can wait.  The only person you should be concerned about is you.  When you’re depressed, anxious and upset, you’re not in a good place to be making life decisions anyway.  Hold off, everything will still be there later when you’re stronger and healthier.  You won’t be able to enjoy a wedding or charm your inlaws if you’re dead.

Please be careful with yourself.  Depression can be deadly.  No one and no event is as important as you are.

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woah …. a lot of issues here 

This is probably what you dont want to hear but I would advise you to postpone the wedding. Push it back to a later date to give you and your Fiance time to get some counselling and sort things out. You dont want to go into married life like this, it will only get worse.


They dont matter but you and him do – he needs to learn how to support you

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