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  • poll: Is it ok for a parent to slap a teenager child?
    Yes : (104 votes)
    37 %
    No : (175 votes)
    63 %
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    @anonybee56:  Holy cow. What your mother did was beyond unacceptable. It’s pretty clear that your mother is taking out whatever issues she has on your sister. She shouldn’t be forcing her to participate in a sport she doesn’t want to, especially trick her into doing it. The hitting is just so unacceptable and despicable. And if I recall correctly, you mentioned this isn’t the first time your mother has hit your sister. It’s time to step in on your sister’s behalf. She doesn’t deserve another moment of this.

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    Under normal circumstances, no.  But I think that sometimes, nothing else works at all and it might be necessary.  My sister was rebellious and violent as a teen, and I honestly think my parents should have slapped the CRAP out of her.  They didn’t, but I think she deserved it.

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    No, it’s not okay to slap your child.  It’s actually not okay to slap anyone, In My Humble Opinion.

    You know how parents tell kids, “Use your words”?  Well, I’m pretty sure parents should be setting the example and using words, not physical abuse, to get their point across.

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    For me, I guess it depends on the type of discipline that works the best on your child. I’m a firm believer in spanking. But if time outs work better for my kids, that’s what I’ll do. If grounding works, that’s what I’ll do. I want to pick the form of discipline that will get it through my kids head that they shouldn’t do what they did again. 


    Now are these slaps in the face? Or on the arm and such. I’m not so sure how I feel about slaps in the face. I think that would be a little uncalled for. But….if it’s on the arm, hand. eh. Is she doing this when she’s ticked off? (I’m assuming yes) If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be okay with it. A parent should be in their right mind when disciplining a child. Anger gets in the way of that. My parents always sent me to my room, so they could calm down before one of them administered the punishment. 


    I just think it’s case by case.

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    If it’s not OK to slap your partner, why would it be OK to slap your child? Are they less of an person? Are they property to be treated however you wish? Hitting is either wrong, or it isn’t.

    Based on the specific incident you recounted, it sounds like your mom’s emotions are out of control, and she’s taking them out on the closest defenseless person – your sister. At the very least, I would have a talk with her. 

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    i see nothing wrong with it… as long as it is not used out of necessity and not out of anger. sometimes, the shock of a physical smack is the only thing that will get through to someone.


    i was slapped a couple times as a teen. never hard enough to leave a mark. just enough to shock me into silence, since the reason was usually me going off on a loud tirade with curse words.


    different kids need different forms of discipline. and physical discipline is not the same as physical abuse. 


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    IF you feel that spanking is ok at any age, I don’t see why that changes when the child becomes a teenager. If anything, it is probably more appropriate to physically punish someone of that age and maturity rather than a small child who may not really understand the correlation between misbehavior and pain.

    IF you don’t believe in spanking, I presume you don’t believe in hitting for any reason and I can see why this would be appalling. Even more so, if it seems that the mother is only doing this to take out her anger from her divorce or whatever.

    I believe in responsible corporal punishment. My fiance does not. We’ve never argued about it because I realize that it is not essential. 


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    I personally don’t think it’s ok to ever stike another person, unless in self defense

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    I think sometimes kids need a smack when growing up – for example if the hit a baby brother or sister they get smacked! HOWEVER it depends on the smack! there is smacking a child so they are thoughtful about what they have done and there is SMACKING and really hurting them! I think if you know the difference then its okay! 


    Although Teenagers – I dont think it is approprate to be hitting a teenage at this age you are trying to show them respect – no voilence etc! this is stuff that could be damaging later on in life!! 

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    Wow I’m really shocked by the poll result.  I was expecting 90%+ to be “No”!

    This totally confuses me.  How is a teenager going to learn anything from being slapped?  If you think they will learn, then why stop at teenagers?  We should all be slapping each other when we get out of line!  LOL!!  Weird.



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