(Closed) In tears over the NBA final game possibly being on our wedding.

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They will live! They can record it, live stream, whatever… But if anyone left early, that’d be super crappy of them to put a basketball game ahead of celebrating with a loved one. 

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Unfathomably:  I’m from chicago and chicago has notoriously insane sports fans when it comes to chicago teams. The Blackhawks are currently in the finals and I know if this was my wedding and it was game 7 for the hawks, my guests would either be leaving early or watching on their phones, etc. It wouldn’t shock me in the least. But I would be that bride that would have a TV by choice lol.

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JEmery:  First, sorry this is another thing that could possibly stress out a mere and EXCITING 7 days before your wedding!!  Second, although it is rude for a guest to ask such favors, ever, as someone with HUGE sports fan family, friends and hubby, it would have inevitably come up in my circle too – if faced with the same potential outcome.  Third, even if it does not come full circle, I believe expecting all unexpected ‘things’ is best for any bride, so either we plan ahead, or come to terms with the fact that it may cause a bit of some concentration issues with guests (whether they leave to check the score, or are watching it at tables on their phones.  I can say that because we got married in May 2014 – the same day as the Kentucky Derby and actually had no shows who were too drunk to attend, because they celebrated that ANNUAL Derby race, let alone a run for something Cleveland has not seen in 30 years.  That does not mean you have to spend a ton of money to live stream it, or accommodate your guests in that way (because honestly, the love for wedding trumps the love of basketball for many, and the only thing that matter is the last few minutes, which will end at 12:30am anyways!!).

FINALLY, and this is thread jacking, but there are a lot of people with a crystal ball on here I see, telling you it could never happen anyways.  Which is why I needed to defend our town, and our basketball team (GO CAVS), who have done a pretty good job of holding their own thus far against the mighty Warriors, who have a full bench, compared to our injured bench, and who were declared the winners before the series started.  Whether it is overall hate for Cleveland, or Lebron, or the entire team – I am sick of everyone else’s predictions of Warriors in 6, when it COULD go to 7 games, and Cavs COULD take the Championship, thus making game 7, on your wedding a day a very real issue!!!  (as I leap off my pedestool now!)

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My wedding was during the World Series. 

One of the wives sat in the downstairs bathroom and watched the game with the restroom attendant.

There are no words for how much her choice didn’t matter to me.

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#allin I’m hoping for a win here at home on Tuesday. If it goes 7 games and the cavs win, as far as I’m concerned thats just more reason to celebrate. Enjoy your wedding day!!

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Put the TV in the photo booth!!

That way they can only watch if having their photo taken and you get the reaction shots in the photos and you can’t have as much crowding!

I am mostly joking, but it could work. 

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I didn’t read all of the comments, so forgive me if I am repeating someone. I am pretty sure that in the past 15 years the Finals have only gone to game 7 four times. The odds are in your favor!

I’d just tell people, “we’ll see what happens”

No need to defend a decision that you might not have to make. (if it happens though, stick to your guns!)

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You’re being totally reasonable and your friend is just beyond rude. What bride needs this stress a week before her wedding?! You can’t control whether there’s a game last night, so she shouldn’t have brought it up after the first polite inquiry. Your DJ compromise is great. 

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It seems I’m clearly in the minority here, but I would LOVE if my team was in Game 7 of a championship and I got to incorporate it into my wedding! I would be conflicted if the game was at home just because I know and understand that some of my friends and family would have the opportunity to be at the game. Heck, I would even consider figuring out a way to be at the game! 

This is coming from a totally biased KC sports fanatic, so take it how you will. And I honestly would probably have the game on somewhere no matter who was playing if it was a Game 7 just because that’s something I enjoy. But I say make it something fun. From the sounds of it, people aren’t skipping out on your ceremony and just want a chance to see history made and cheer for their team during the latter part of the reception. This is supposed to be a party–let people have fun! 

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Op, should it become an issue…. Anyone who would abandon your festivities and huge life celebration for a sports game isn’t worth your time anyway. Marriage of a person who cares enough to have you witness an intimate ceremony and then pay $$$ for your food or a sports game played by a team that doesn’t give a shiz about you or know you are watching? For any decent human being that shouldn’t be a choice 

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OUgal0004:  I honestly don’t think it’s hate for the Cavs or LeBron. Golden State has their own underdog story, as they haven’t seen a final or championship in 40 years. I think it’s just city pride in its own right, and not really any sort of hatred for anyone.

I personally am rooting for Golden State just because I’m a west coast gal and the Blazers didn’t make it past the first round. Also FIs best friend is Steph Currys doppelganger.

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You have to add the game to your wedding festiviteis!!!  Get a spread sheet or large chalkboard or white board and ask guest to predict the scores at the end of each quarter.  Have the DJ announce the score at the end of each quarter (when appropriate) and have a prize for the winners.  Make sure that the prizes are good to encourage people to stick around.

Also, Lock the doors to the room! LOL

I love basketball and would disappear at my own wedding for a glimpse at a great game.  

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JEmery:  I just checked the NBA playoffs TV schedule online this morning, and if it’s right, and my memory is correct, game 7 doesn’t start until midnight eastern time. It’s on the west coast. If you’re wedding is over before that, you shouldn’t have a problem. Win-win!

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Omg, I hate sports so much. It’s your WEDDING day, games will play and continued to be played. But you’re only going to have that wedding day ONCE, can’t they just record it and watch it when they get home? Jeeze. It’s your day, do you really want a bunch of people being glued to a tv instead of celebrating your wedding? I say don’t have a tv, let the ones that wants to come show up and let the sport nuts stay home. I’d rather them stay home than come and make the wedding about sports.

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2XMOB:  Think it’s 9pm ET 🙁

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