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Busy bee
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Ha!  I know the feeling.  My friends keep checking out my belly and are so excited for me to start showing.  I’m like ‘Hold up!  This is my body and it will likely not be the same for at least a year… let’s not get to anxious’ πŸ™‚

I’m 17 weeks and def have the belly starting.  Even at week 13/14 I felt like the chic at the gym that was trying to lose that last 5-10 pounds πŸ™‚  Plus I noticed I started resting my hand on it all the time!  Now it’s uncomfortable to button my jeans so I wear the belly band when I go out and sweats at home!  Luckily I work from home so don’t have to worry about ‘nice’ clothes.

It kinda scares me when I see myself in the mirror when I’m changing.  Like ‘whoa’ that’s starting to look like the body of a pregnant woman!  Am I ready for this?

Surprisingly even though my body is changing so much I’ve only gained 2 pounds so far.  Not really sure how that is possible.

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Honey bee
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I felt pretty fat during one stage! I just wore bigger shirts so that is wasn’t so noticable!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I thought we were talking about cute fat babies, lol.

What about any of the blousy style clothes? My friend has been wearing her belly band to work. She says it’s a miracle worker. She’s STILL in her regular jeans. But we work in manufacturing type units so we can get away with jeans every day which makes it easier. She just showed me some of the nicest looking yoga/dress type pants. THey look insanely comfy….surely your dress code is a little more relaxed at your office if you’re pregnant?

When a coworker of mine was pregnant, she just wore dresses ALL the time. The same 3 or 4. Target and Gap sale racks apparently, lol.

My friend was just telling us how she’s at the 5.5 month mark and she’s hit the “insanely jealous of all the skinnier women” phase even though she’s obviously pregnant and adorable. I just pointed out her awesome new rack and that seemed to distract her, LOL.

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It’s nice to be out of the “fat” stage but not yet in the “I look like a whale” stage.  The mid to end of second trimester is definitely the best so far!  πŸ™‚

I started wearing maternity pants early, even though they were too big.  I just wanted to be comfortable.  Most days I wear jeans to work anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal; but on the days I had to dress up (meetings, interviews, etc…), I wore wrap dresses.  I have four from Old Navy that were all bought off the clearance rack, and they are still comfortable (even with my very obvious tummy). 

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Buzzing bee

haha, I’m 13 weeks and hoping my coworkers “just think I’m fat”  πŸ˜‰

I used to only wear jeans on Fridays, but sometimes I wear 1 other day now…so, here is kinda of where I’m at for clothes


maternity jeans from Gap – down 1 size still a little loose

dress pants from JCP – fit great, not noticeable maternity wear

other “big” pre pregnancy pants – varies from rubberband + belt to hide all the way up to no where near buttoning plus bella band…mostly I wear the black one and if the pants aren’t black, wear a black tank under my blouse


old blouses are getting way too tight, as they were already kind of snug in the chest

maternity blouses — too obvious

getting away with a lot of longer tops w/ cardigans — “luckily” I’m tall, so I can buy some stretchy tall shirts (from Old Navy) and layer w/ them, still wear them post-baby

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Bumble bee
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Hehe I am not pregnant or trying, but i know i’m gonna have this stage. Not going to be like one of those cute little pregnant girls with the basketball belly – nope, I’m going to look like I ate too much at the Olive Garden. 

On a similar note I had a friend who every time i saw her was a little chubbier, but also she was always eating chocolate (like king sized bars), so i really did think she was just getting heavy… turns out she was pregnant! :-p

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Busy bee
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When I was like 6moz pregnant this girl in my class told me.. Oh, you don’t even really look pregant.  I said; so I just look like I’ve gained 20lbs then?  And she was like, yeah. I just calmly walked away, but I wanted to punch her in the mouth.. lol.. She was a friend and I don’t think she had any idea that what she said was hurtful on my very delicate mental state.

I wore a lot of non-maternity shirts that were empire waisted.  Also, I would mix in a few of hubby’s dress shirts with a cardigan over them.  I actually got compliments wearing one of his cowboy style button up shirts and jeans.  I guess I was pulling the grunge look off well… lol..

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Busy bee
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Oh, the “fat stage,” it seemed to last forever! It seriously looked like I ate cheeseburgers all.day.long. Don’t worry though, it will all change soon enough. I’m nearing the end of the second trimester and I definitley look “with child” right now. I always thought this would be something I would love. But you know what? It’s sort of weird. I’ve noticed that all of the sudden everyone stares at me… and everyone asks me about the baby and no one seems to ask me about, well, me. When out in public I actually feel sort of vulnerable… I don’t know it’s just sort of odd.

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Bee Keeper

I bought the maternity jeans early since my jeans stopped fitting.  But they have belly bands at Motherhood Maternity that you can wear with your regular jeans.  You just don’t zip them all the way or button them, then you put the band on over it so they stay on and you can’t see it.  Wear a long shirt untucked and ther you go!  I never got one though, because I was afraid of my jeans falling off.  In a very sad twist of fate, the day after I bought three new pairs of regular jeans, my belly started to bulge and I had to slide into maternity jeans.  I’m wearing the same jeans I was wearing at 17 weeks, they have stretched with me.  Love Motherhood Maternity!

(So I guess my answer is you should buy some maternity clothes like a couple of the long t-shirts or tanks and a pair of comfortable pants, either jeans or slacks.)

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Sugar bee
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I definitely went through the fat stage and it really did feel like forever but to make my work clothes last a bit longer I did use the belly bands and they were perfect as long as I could still zipper the pants up more than half way. If my shirts weren’t long enough, it looked as if I was wearing an undershirt.

I too am not those cute skinny women with the basketball belly. I looked pretty pudgy but luckily most of my current weight gain has been all belly and boobies. Some may think I have blown up but honestly, I didn’t get pregnant at my most desirable weight. Whoops.

Anyway, when I finally outgrew the pre-preg clothes, I went shopping at Motherhood Maternity. I found that place to have the cutest pregnancy clothes for work and play and they really don’t look like pregnancy clothes. Not to mention, their prices really aren’t that bad. I thought I would hate preggie pants, but I find them quite comfy and the fact that I no longer have to worry about them being too tight or wearing a belt or showing some crack, makes me more comfy.

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Sugar bee
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I may be wrong but Motherhood Maternity is connected with multiple stores, like Pea in the Pod and probably Destination Maternity. Kind of like how Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic are connected.

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