(Closed) In the spirit of creepy stories…Campfire time!

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Gosh, that story you heard from your mom is really weird. I wonder what was causing that to happen. 

I don’t have any stories to share. 

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Ok, mine starts as a creepy story….

Two years ago my parents rented a small townhome in our hometown (teehee), and I still had a room because I had just moved home after graduating.  These were practically new, when my parents had moved in just three years prior they were actually getting the model home!.So we were the first to ever live there.

We have 3 dachshunds.  And suddenly, for a couple days in a row, two of my dachshunds would wander into my room in the mornings when I was getting ready.  They would sit beside my bed, facing the wall at the head of the bed, and look up into the corner where the wall met the ceiling… and just staaaarreee.

I thought it was weird!  I have heard stories of dogs being able to “see” what we can’t, and I started wondering if they were seeing some sort of spirit! Freaked me out a bit. And then the one morning I decided to stand still, watch… listen….. and I heard a very, very quiet, low growling noise.

I was waiting for some sort of apparition to show itself when I realized the growling was coming from them!!!!!!! Now I almost had a moment of panic until, I realized…



They weren’t staring up into the corner of my wall/ceiling.  They were SIDE-EYEING the HELL out of each other, noses up, and growling… because on the bottom shelf of my nightstand I had a box of Cheez-its. They kept coming into my room in the morning and having their own little standoff over the box of Cheez-its. So much for my creepy ghost story!!!

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@RenoSweeney24:  Hahaha almost, but even softer, I guess they knew they were in a long-term showdown and wanted to spare their “voices” hahahahaha.

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@Sunnyday278:  hehe! I was freaked reading this until the end myself, LOL! So funny!

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@Sunnyday278:  This was my exact train of thought! “..well I guess I really don’t need to sle— hahahahahah!”

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I don’t really have one from me personally, but have you guys heard of creepypasta stories?I usually go to creepypasta.wikia.com when I want a good scare 😉  I guarantee you won’t sleep if you read them, but they are so entertainingly creepy! Try Penpal, Abandoned by Disney, Ben Drowned, Lost Episodes, and Ted the Caver, to name just a few. Penpal was actually really well written and I loved it, and was turned into a full-length novel, but I haven’t read it yet.



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Ah Im eager to see what other creepy stories are out there!

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Gonna be long, but here we go!

Let’s start with my scary story:

When I was about eleven, I was staying up late in bed reading a Harry Potter book and just minding my own business. In my parents’ house, mine and my brother’s rooms were directly across from each other at the very end of the hall, so we could see each other leaving and going into our rooms all the time. I remember that for some reason that night I felt this strange urge to look up from my book and when I did I saw a dark figure leaving my brother’s room. No big deal, it was dim and he was wearing dark pajamas so it made sense that he looked weird… right? Well, being the little shit of an eleven year old that I was, I called to my mother and tattled about him being out of bed. She went into his room to verify my story and came out with a confused look on her face and said, “Your brother’s right here.” I insisted to her that I saw him leave his room and so she got my dad and told him that I saw someone leave my brother’s bedroom and walk down the hallway. They both went down there together and searched the whole house. Nobody was there and my brother was fast asleep in his bed.

Now, to a better story:

My three cousins used to tell this great story that was SUPER freaky until the end. Backstory is that there are three sisters, so we’ll call them 1, 2, and 3, and they live in a pretty bad area of my state with lots of break ins so the fear was totally justified in this case. The night after sister 2’s 14th or 15th birthday party, sister 1 wakes up in the middle of the night because she hears what she swears is the sound of someone walking, or shuffling, around on the carpet. Immediately she thinks it’s sister 3 so she sits up to tell her to go back to bed and sees that she’s still asleep along with sister 2 (they share a room). The noise keeps going and at some points it grows louder and other times it becomes softer, like the person is walking up and down the hallway or into other rooms. Feeling totally freaked out now, she gets up and creeps out of their bedroom and tiptoes next door to their parents’ bedroom, practically leaps from the doorway to the bed and jumps on her dad, begging him to come check out the noise because she knows there is someone is in the house. So her dad, not really believing her, gets up and follows her back to her bedroom. He sits on the bed and listens and lo and behold, he hears the noise too! But instead of getting up to investigate, he sits and listens some more and as his eyes scan the room he notices that the fan is on and not too far away from it… Are some birthday balloons. Rubbing together. Like feet do on carpet.

Needless to say, I’m still pretty freaked out by my parents’ house and my cousins all have a good laugh at sister 1’s expense to this day!

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