(Closed) In what ways does your husband act like this mother and sister?

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Busy Beekeeper
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Sure! I’m talking more coping methods, mannerisms, and stuff. If they are raised in the same household its likely they will be similar!

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Buzzing bee

My Fiance is like his mother in that he is very paranoid.  My hand broke out in hives a few weeks ago and were really itchy.  The rash did not transfer to any other area of my body (so I’m thinking it was a reaction to some chemical), and did not get on anybody else.  So, I knew it wasn’t contagious.  Fiance freaked out!  He would not let me touch him.  About three days into having the rash, it was nearly gone and I touched FI’s arm.  He threw a bottle of water on me in a freaked out reaction! 

That personality trait of his is by-far the most annoying.  When we go shopping, he will not enter a store with a bag from another store because he thinks he’s gonna get arrested for shoplifting.  The other day we went to World Market and bought something.  Then, I was going to go in TJ Maxx to see something and Fiance hesitated at the door.  I was like, “Come on!” and he said, “No, I’ve got this bag, I don’t want them to think I shoplifted!”  WTF?!?  I grabbed the bag from him and marched right in the store. 

He second-guesses EVERY thing I say, too.  He’ll ask me if the hair straightener is unplugged, I’ll say yes, and he’ll go upstairs to check.  He’ll ask me what the weather is going to be, then he’ll go check the weather on his phone.  It is enough to make me wanna scream sometimes.

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Busy bee
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Yes! Fiance and his mom are both major smart asses. It’s really fun to watch them get into arguments with each other. Each comeback is more clever than the last.

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Bee Keeper
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Darling Husband USED to be like his mom in the fact that everything would turn back into a pity party for HIM… ie.. he be a jerk about something to ME and when I confront him about it, he turns in into be about HIM “oh.. I just can’t do it right..” kinda thing.

^This stopped pretty quick though as I pointed out that he needed to stop making my hurts about him and just apologize right.

Mother-In-Law still makes EVERYTHING about her but thankfully Darling Husband doesn’t anymore

Hope that made sense.. lol


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Blushing bee
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My FH is a younger version of his dad in more ways than one! But he will argue me down and claim that he’s the complete opposite. LOL. So many times he has sat around and complained about the way his father used to be when he was growing up…and Im thinking to myself…”babe you just described yourself” hahahaha

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Helper bee
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My Fiance is a lot like his mother. It’s so funny watching them together because they’re both just stress-heads. The slightest thing can set them off and then the world is ending! I can handle than in my Fiance cause he’s got major anxiety and is working through that but for some reason in his mother it drives me NUTS!

I’ve also picked up on the fact that Fiance and both his brothers have major anger issues from their father. They’ll all get so angry and worked up about stuff and act just like him which is weird because he was never around when they grew up.

As for me… i’m exactly like my mother in looks and personality and pretty much everything only i’m a little bit more outspoken and stubborn than she is. I get *that* from my father.

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Fi and his sister are both like their mom in that they are very unadventurous with food.  She could eat a plain chicken breast for dinner every night and I still find Fi questioning anything that’s new on his plate. 

He’s different in that he’ll at least try something new every now and then, but if he doesn’t like it, he’ll never eat it again.

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My husband is very different from his mom in a lot of ways, but in some of the most important ways, I think they’re very similar. They’re both very caring and compassionate people, and those are some of the traits I love best about both of them.

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