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Blushing bee

Nothing’s wrong with missionary if that’s what you like! For us, it always gets the job done even after other positions. Have you ever had an orgasm, or never? Try having your partner stimulate your clitoris slowly until it gets hard, then have him go a little rougher. Idk, that’s what works for me when I’m having an off day. Good luck!

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Bumble bee
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Some woman just can’t through sex alone. Have you been able to with other guys? Can you get off on your own? You said you are still getting used to being married… do you mean to say you were a virgin when you got married or at least with him?

The good thing about sex is that it’s free any night of the week. If you are still getting used to it, then play! Don’t look at it as a challenge- you’ll just get frustrated. Try new things, it’s all a trial-and-error thing.

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Buzzing bee
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It takes a long time sometimes, maybe 20-30 mins or more depending on the person. if you know how to help get yourself there it can be just a few mins. So you may just need to be more persistent! Go past the point where it feels really really good, maybe you’re just giving up too soon. and try tightening your pelvic muscles when it gets to that point too. 


Also, don’t look at a vibrator as a last resort! It can be fun and sexy and definitely can get you there. 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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Definitely get a vibrator…once your body knows how to orgasm, it’s generally easier for you to orgasm during sex. This was my experience at least. 

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Sugar bee
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I’ve been having sex for 25 years and I have had an orgasm during sex ONCE (without manual stimulation, I mean). It just doesn’t happen for me unless I make it happen. 

But OP, it sounds like maybe you’ve never orgasmed? I’d get a vibrator and go slowly with it. Practice by yourself if it’s more comfortable. Then when you get the hang of it, you can figure out how to make things work with both of you.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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em370:  Try masturbating by yourself to figure out what works.  Have him join in once you get the hang of it.  If you don’t know what works for your, how can you direct him?  Also, I very rarely get off during vaginal intercourse without additional stimulation from his fingers or tongue.  Do not feel inadequate if you can’t achieve O during vaginal because most women don’t.

P.S. Use a vibrator as the last resort because once you start using one it’s difficult to stop becaue it can desensitize you to manual stimuation.

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Busy bee
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Try masturbating. You have got to figure out what works for you before you can show him. I think you also need to learn to relax. I don’t always have an O when my finace and i have sex but i always enjoy it. 


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Bumble bee
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Try masterbating to see what works for you. Maybe have a glass of wine first to relax. I’ve been pretty lucky in the O department. I’d suggest trying a pillow under your bum during intercourse as well. The change in angle feels amazing.

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Blushing bee

em370:  I’ve never had a guy give me an orgasm.  Fiance was a bit bothered by this for awhile, but we eventually found a rhythm that works for us.    I have a small vibrator that I can use during sex or I use it before or after while he stimulates me in other ways.  That way he’s involved so it’s still very intimate.

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Bumble bee
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I agree with PP, but in addition, I wouldn’t give up on different positions just yet!  I couldn’t imagine only doing missionary, in fact we barely do it anymore… we just think there are so many better ones out there.  I love being on top, I used to feel awkward with it at first too and now I can orgasm in 5 minutes flat every time… it’s all practice practice practice!  

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Busy bee

em370:  Well, do you masturbate? I couldn’t orgasm with my partner until I taught myself how to orgasm by myself. No vibrator needed, my hand is my best friend. Seriously, orgasming gets easier with practice. After a decade of having sex, I’m a total pro. 

Besides, if you get good with your hand, you can still touch yourself in various positions and men really like the visual. 


EDIT- It’s really important to realize that MOST women can’t come from simple vaginal penetration. Clitoral stimulation needs to happen during or he can do oral or manual with his hand. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Echoing a few other PPs: try masturbating. I also waited until marriage for sex, but did masturbate beforehand so I knew what worked.

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Helper bee
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This may sound strange, but orgasms take a lot of concentration for me, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to experience one during sex.  Sex is too “in the moment” and I just don’t think I could stop and concentrate on the just the orgasm.  I would kind of have to tune him out and that really defeats the purpose of sex.  

If you’ve never had one, don’t expect it during sex.  Try to fantasize while he is stimulating you. Concentrate on your own body and what feels good.  Give him direction.  Some times I need direct clitoral stimulation, sometimes indirect. If he is stimuating my clit directly, it actually hurts a bit at first.  Not pain, exactly, but almost like I want to back away.  I have him go gentle, but slowly apply more pressure.  SOmetimes, I also get a ticklish feeling that I want to get away from, but if I push through it, it becomes pleasurable.  If you find yourself getting frustrated, just stop trying for the time being and just enjoy the sex and the fun stuff without looking for the “O”.  Good luck!  You’ll get there.  Its amazing when you do.

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